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[JP] [1189613] 日本求购口罩(mask) (01-28)
  N95 Face mask. 3ply Face Mask Prevent cross-infection Protect users from infection
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[ID] [1189610] 印度尼西亚求购口罩(mask) (01-28)
  Disposable Mask, earloop, model KN95 with FFP2 approval, 5 ply, soft material, with customization ( brand and aporovel is printed at product and packaging box), 50 PCS/box, 20 box / case. FFP2 Certif...
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[SA] [1189388] 沙特求购鼻条、口罩( Nose Strips, Face Mask PRODUCT INQUIRY) (01-17)
  Hello, I am writing this to acquire information regarding the products. I am Taimoor Malik, and I work as the Product Manger for our esteemed company RABAE AL JAMAL TRADING CO. (Saudia Arabia ) . I a...
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[US] [1189062] 美国求购眼罩(eye mask) (01-12)
  Hello,I am interested in the eye mask for my website. I wanted to get a sample of quality and packaging, but it says the minimum order quantity is 10. How can i receive a sample of one or two?
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[HK] [1188645] 香港求购N95口罩( N95 Face Mask) (01-06)
  woven fabric material for a 3-ply mask, earloop material, and nose clip
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[HK] [1188642] 香港求购防新冠三层口罩( Coronavirus Face Mask 3-ply) (01-06)
  I am looking 3 Ply medical mask and 3M masks with certification document proof to ship to Hong Kong and some hospitals in China. We are looking for 1 millions mask, 50pcs/box. or individual pack is al...
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[HK] [1188641] 香港求购KN95口罩( KN95 Protective Mask) (01-06)
  Dear Sir, My company is Umeddex Limited and we are a PPE and medical supply distributor based in Hong Kong and Thailand. We currently have a great demand for KN95 masks and are looking for new supplie...
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[HK] [1188638] 香港求购医疗三层口罩( Disposable Non Woven Face Mask 3) (01-06)
  三層外科醫生口罩 30000 個
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[HK] [1188636] 香港求购三层医疗N95口罩( 3ply Surgical Face Mask/3m N95 Surgical Mask) (01-06)
  we would like to order 5000-10000 box, 50 pcs/box surgical face . standard need n95 urgent confirm delivery date by return
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相关买家: 三层医疗口罩; N95口罩; 3ply Surgical Face Mask; N95 Surgical Mask;
[HK] [1188635] 香港求购3M N95口罩(Quotation For 3m N95 Mask / 3ply Surgical Face Mask) (01-06)
  Dear Mr Mascarello, We are a firm in Hong Kong specialised in trading for over 30 yrs. We are now having RYMCO standard earloop face mask in stock, also the same model we were purchasing for Hong Kong...
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[HK] [1188634] 香港求购医疗口罩和防护服(Surgical Face Mask and Protective Suits) (01-06)
  3 PLY EARLOOP SURGICAL FACE MASK with BFE > 95% or above Coverall protective suits (size XL or above)
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相关买家: 医疗口罩; 防护服; Surgical Face Mask; Protective Suits;
[HK] [1188632] 香港求购医疗三层口罩( Face Mask) (01-06)
  Looking For Face Mask. We are importing in Hong Kong. We need a USD $0.1 per Pieces price for Face Mask. Quotes from suppliers of Taiwan and Japan would be better. We need approx 1500 Pieces initially...
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[SH] [1188293] 圣海伦求购口罩机(Revolutionary device for mask production to increase 30% efficiency) (01-03)
  We have invented the displacement correction device and tensioner specialized for mask production in 2020 and we achieved a breakthough very recently! With our latest EPC and ETR mask machine tensi...
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[PK] [1188005] 巴基斯坦求购N97 口罩( N97 Mask) (12-27)
  N95 mask i need the N95 & breathing mask
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[PK] [1188003] 巴基斯坦求购三层口罩( 3 Ply Mask) (12-27)
  Sir We need 7 million 3 ply surgical masks urgently.Can you provide quote per million.
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[PK] [1188002] 巴基斯坦求购3M 1860和N95口罩( Face Mask N95 3M 1860) (12-27)
  I want one20ft container
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[PK] [1188001] 巴基斯坦求购白色三层医疗口罩(White Surgical Medical Procedure 3 Ply Earloop Mask) (12-27)
  I require 100 million face masks 3 ply disposable, payment will be done As soon as possible via bank transfer kindly email me so that we can confirm order
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[PK] [1188000] 巴基斯坦求购3M 1860和N95口罩( 3M Respirator Mask / N95 /1860/8210) (12-27)
  1 millions pieces needed
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[EG] [1187230] 埃及求购***口罩( Face Mask) (12-16)
  Greetings, Thanks for your email. You can consider me as a honesty broker, I help buyers to get the best price from the manufacturers. We are already got our suppliers. Thanks for your time and intere...
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[EG] [1187229] 埃及求购N95口罩(Quotation For N95 Face Mask) (12-16)
  I am Youssef from AMJ Co. I import and export medical face masks and I can supply you with whatever amount you want with a good price. Looking forward to hearing from you and I am sure we can reach a ...
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