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[US] [F1198305] 美国求购集成电路(WIZNET W5500 250) (05-12)
  Please quote WIZNET W5500 250 pieces delivery to Shenzhen. Please reply to
[US] [F1193870] 美国求购集成电路(NCV301LSN30T1G) (03-17)
  Hi, we are looking for NCV301LSN30T1G (or the similar NCP301LSN30T1G) with a target price of USD$0.35 but this part is no longer manufactured. How many pieces are really available? How are they packag...
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[IN] [F1192817] 印度求购集成电路(MICRO CONTROLLER STM 32 F746 ZG) (03-03)
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[MM] [F1192098] 缅甸求购集成电路(pic16f677) (02-23)
  Hi everyone, I want to buy Micrichip pic16f677 dip type 1000 pcs with DHL.
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[GR] [F1191579] 希腊求购集成电路(Sony UPP-110 HD) (02-17)
  Dear Sally hello this is medical gate ltd, from Athens, Greece interesting for sony paper UPP-110 HD ones (110m X 18 or 20 m length) for 10 boxes (provided that each box contains 10pieces if i am not ...
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[AU] [F1189250] 澳大利亚求购集成电路(Hand piece purchase) (01-13)
  Hello. My company repairs hand pieces and machines in Australia. You make the machines for The Global Beauty Group in Australia. We have clients who need new hand pieces and maybe parts. Can I buy the...
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[US] [F1188106] 美国求购集成电路(TPS259827LNRGE) (12-28)
  Looking for 100 pcs of the TPS259827LNRGE; shipment by air to USA or to Europe (preferably). Best regards What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost? When you can ship? Lead...
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[UA] [F1186962] 乌克兰求购集成电路(SOM CYCLONE V 5CSXFC6 1GB ME-SA1-C6-7I-D10-R3) (12-14)
  Hello! I need 150 pcs. What is the price for such quantity and what is delivery terms? thanks! Regards,
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[PS] [F1186481] 巴勒斯坦求购集成电路(Arduino / Raspberry / component) (12-08)
  measuring devices component Raspberry Arduino Boolean circuits capacitors resistors Development boards sensors ic pic
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[MD] [F1185637] 摩尔多瓦求购集成电路(integrated circuit IGBT Module) (11-30)
  Hello!My name is Vitalie and I'm supplying agent representing OILTECH SRL from Republic of Moldova.I address to you with a request to send us the price offer for the following item:IGBT Module FS450R1...
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[IN] [F1185624] 印度求购集成电路(integrated circuits) (11-30)
  i need S29AL016J55TFNR2 make spanion preffered if not then cypress make and model must be 2020 or above my emaill address
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[IN] [F1185516] 印度求购集成电路(SN65LVDT2DBVT (IC Components Fast Delivery) (11-29)
  SN65LVDT2DBVT 500 quantity DC 21+ NEW AND ORIGINAL
[IN] [F1184772] 印度求购集成电路(DSPIC33FJ64GP310-I/PT Microchip Microcontroller) (11-22)
  Please send your lowest quotation for below item Microchip make microcontroller DSPIC33FJ64GP310-I/PT Qty : 100 Nos. Thanks !
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[DE] [F1184489] 德国求购集成电路(5AGXBA3D4F27C4N) (11-18)
  What is the best price you can offer? What is the Shipping Cost?Do you have certificate of authenticity? Best regards,
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[PT] [F1183452] 葡萄牙求购集成电路(integrated circuit) (11-08)
  We are looking for Seat occupancy emulator/sensor Mercedes,1000pcs
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[TR] [F1183449] 土耳其求购集成电路(integrated circuit) (11-08)
  Need Molex-530471510, CONN HEADER VERT 15POS 1.25MM Type:integrated circuit,300pcs
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[IN] [F1182515] 印度求购集成电路(GS2986-INE3) (10-31)
  GS2986-INE3 6 nos required
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[QA] [F1182449] 卡塔尔求购集成电路(Isolater) (10-28)
  quantity: 2 Piece/Pieces Qatar 2 Piece/Pieces Urgent materials add
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[US] [F1181189] 美国求购集成电路(SAK-TC297TA-128F300SBC) (10-18)
  Hello, I am interested in SAK-TC297TA-128F300SBC and SAK-TC297TA-64F300SBC. Please let me know how many parts you have available. Datasheet:Contact us at
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[BR] [F1179884] 巴西求购集成电路(ATTINY414) (09-30)
  Dear suppliers, I'd like to request your help to find the following part numbers These ones are in rolls ATTINY414-SSNR ATTINY414-SSFR We could accept the offer in tubes as well ATTINY414-SSN A...
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