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[BH] [F1158775] 巴林求购金属(Pigments) (03-18)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Pigment for our plastic factory Kindly contact us for further details & discussion. Thank you.
[TR] [F1142144] 土耳其求购颜料(pigments) (09-27)
  Dear Sir/Madam , We are manufacturer firm of plasticizer , soft pvc compound and PVC air blowing slipper in Turkey . In our air blowing slippers we need pigment powder . The most important fa...
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[IN] [F1141513] 印度求购颜料(REQUIREMENTS OF DYES AND PIGMENTS) (09-22)
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[MV] [F1117299] 马尔代夫求购颜料(pigments) (02-02)
  Dear Sir/Madam I am a wood turner from the Maldives and am interested in going for turning wood and resin casting. I would like to know what are the different types of pigment you are producing th...
[ID] [F1083630] 印尼求购着色剂(pigments) (05-14)
  Hi Sir, We are looking for pigments for surface coatings, printing ink etc. Can you supply? Thanks.
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[UK] [F1035949] 英国求购染料(pigments) (06-14)
  Dear Ms Lee, We are Viewpulse Limited, a British procurement company based in London. We have a client who is looking for a range of pigments for use in the manufacturing of paint. In particul...
[UK] [F1011587] 英国求购矿物性颜料(mineral pigments) (12-05)
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are very interested in your Qinghai regong thangka painted traditional mineral pigments Budget 500 $. what do you have to offer ? Looking forward to hearing from you. With Be...
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[MX] [F1006599] 墨西哥求购颜料(PIGMENTS) (09-20)
  PIGMENTS ORGANIC power FOR USE IN INK FOR FLEXO AND PLASTIC HIGH AND LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE YELLOW 12, 13 ,14,ORANGE 13, RED 48:2,49: 1 , 53: 1 ,57:1,81, 112 BLUE 15: 0,15:1,15: 3,29, GREEN...
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[UZ] [F989636] 乌兹别克斯坦求购氧化铁颜料(Iron Oxide Pigments) (03-28)
  Dear Manufacturer My name is Alisher Sadiev from Tashkent/Uzbekistan. I am a Manager for Foreign Facility Activities of LLC GAMMA COLOR SERVICE. We are one of the biggest Manufacturers of Pain...
[RU] [F986112] 俄罗斯求购色素(pigments) (02-06)
  -- Добрый день. Dear Sirs, I represent a Group of Companies "SKT-STANDARD", company profile - production construction chemicals (additives for concrete, grease for formwork, etc., read more at t...
[CL] [F860854] 智力求购颜料(Pigments) (08-07)
  Pigments,Vitrifiable Enamels And Glazes, Engobes (Slips) And Similar Preparations
[US] [F817178] 美国求购磷光涂料和颜料(phosphorescent paints and pigments) (11-07)
  Hello, I am an artist from Cincinnati that is working on a prototype for use in outdoor art. The forms to coat are polycarbonate spheres (I am painting on the inside for maximum durability) and alumin...
[IN] [F812807] 印度求购颜料(Pigments) (07-28)
  Organic & Inorganic pigments & Dyes required for our roto gravier printing machine
[IN] [F809646] 印度求购颜料(Pigments for Plastics) (05-27)
  require pigments for polypropylene ropes in shades like red, yellow, green, golden yellow
[IN] [F809470] 印度求购氧化铁(Pigments, Organic pigments, Inorganic pigments, Iron Oxides) (05-23)
  need pigments for coatings, ink, rubber plastic, construction and for other uses.
[IR] [F808843] 伊朗求购颜料(Pigments) (05-12)
  Dear sir/maam We need these pigments with high quality and want with high quantity. 1-Pigment Blue 15, CI 74160 in paste for Soap 2-Pigment Yellow , CI 11680 in paste for Soap ...
[US] [F790647] 美国求购钛白粉( Pigments, solvents and other chemicals) (10-29)
  We are looking to deal with a manufacturer able to provide the following: 1. All kinds of pigments: organic and inorganic:Chrome, Molybdate , Ultramarine, other 2. Carbon Black 3. Titanium ...
[IN] [F788439] 印度求购立德粉(pigments) (07-23)
  regular requirement of green7, greenb, beta blue, yellow12,voilet23 and ultramerene blue, zinc cromate, lithopone.
[ZA] [F775073] 南非求购颜料(Pigments) (08-12)
  Pigments and Dyes Wanted Afterglow Pigments,Anticorrosive Pigments,Antifouling Pigments,Oil Soluble Dyestuffs,Organic Chipped Pigment

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