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[IN] [F1044304] 印度求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (08-07)
  Hi, Thanks for your email, We require zinc ingot. Kindly give your best CIF price for Mundra port, India. Also send photographs and test reports for the same. Looking forward for your reply.
[IN] [F1044301] 印度求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (08-07)
  Dear, Thanks for your kind eMail. We need ZINC INGOT 99.99 % and quantity need 15M /Tons immédiate, Please give your competitive prices of good quality zinc Ingot, Also please give brand Name of ...
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[US] [F1044293] 美国求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (08-07)
  Thank you for your email Please send me zinc ingots CIF/D2D price. And also send me photos and videos of zinc ingots.
[IN] [F1044228] 印度求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (08-07)
  Hello, how are you, I am interested in this style of High purity Zinc ingot 99.995% for sale and in doing business with you. What types of packaging do you usually use for this product? If you have...
[BD] [F1043188] 孟加拉国求购锌锭(Zinc ingot 99.995%) (08-02)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Zinc ingot 99.995% for sale, I would like some more details: What is the best price you can offer? I look forward to your reply.
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[MW] [F1042903] 马拉维求购锌锭(Zinc ingot 99.95%) (08-01)
  Dear Sir/ Madam, We are a company from Malawi. We have seen your website and we are interested in your hot sale purity Zinc ingot 99.95%. Here is the informations about the product that we need: gr...
[HK] [F1042696] 香港求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-31)
  Hi, I’m interested in your productpurity Zinc Ingot 99.95%, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.
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[TR] [F1042593] 土耳其求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-31)
  Hi My name is ali and I am interesting about zinc Ingot my request is 1000 tons per month so please contact with as soon possible you can add me on wechat my wechat is my full name hasanalitulunay ...
[KR] [F1041818] 韩国求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-26)
  HELLO... Nice meet you ..My name is from Korea 。。 I want to purchase the ingot of zinc,tin,lead.. Pls send the quotation of these items. Thank you
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[TW] [F1041412] 台湾求购锌锭(Zinc Ingot) (07-24)
  hi, we are looking for Product: SHG Zinc Ingot Purity: 99.995% min Dimension: 2,5cm Diameter and 3cm lenght Zinc ingotts (Zinc segments) Quantity: 5 or 10 or 15 Tonnes.
[IN] [F1041375] 印度求购锌锭(Zinc ingot 99.995%) (07-24)
  Hello Supplier, We are an importing company based in India. We are interested in your High purity Zinc ingot 99.995% for sale, so we contact you through ***. We kindly ask you to send us the informa...
[US] [F1041166] 美国求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-23)
  Dear Sir/Madame: I have a client looking for 100MT+ per month of Zinc. They have been in the business for over 20 years and pay by L/C, DLC, SBLC etc. Please send details, pricing, terms, procedures....
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[SA] [F1041165] 沙特阿拉伯求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-23)
  Dear Mr / Mrs, It is nice to write to you. This is Hisham from Saudi Arabia. I would like to buy Electrolytic zinc ingot99.995%/Aluminium ingot. May I know more information about product such as: A...
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[TR] [F1041152] 土耳其求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-23)
  Dear Supplier, We are a company from Turkey. We have found your High purity Zinc ingot 99.995% for sale from *** site. Here is the informations about the product that we need: Alloy Or Not, Weight...
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[IN] [F1041141] 印度求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-23)
  We are an Indian company engaged in the business of Zinc ingots for almost a decade. From your website, we came to know that you are manufacturing Zinc ingots of 99% and 99.9% purities. Incidentally, ...
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[KR] [F1040595] 韩国求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-19)
  Hi, Could you please give me your price for 10ton quantity, FOB and CIF to Jakarta for Zinc Ingot per ton? Also, please let me know if it is non-toxic, lead-free, cadimuium-free.
[VE] [F1040472] 委内瑞拉求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-18)
[US] [F1040302] 美国求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-17)
  Hi I need to know the price of Purity zinc Ingot 97,98,99.7%. Would you please sent me the information. Thank you
[UK] [F1040296] 英国求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-17)
  Thank you for the mail. Can you give information on FOB price for the zinc in volume of 300 tonnes per month? Can you also give you location and certification documents? Kind regards
[RU] [F1040288] 俄罗斯联邦求购锌锭(zinc ingot) (07-17)
  Hi I would like to know about the price of zinc ingot 98% 10 tons

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