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[KR] [F1167648] 韩国求购托盘(Pallet) (06-14)
  Dear Sir. One of my customer now finding *** Pallet reliable supplier. Item: Pallet Quantity: 20ft and 40ft HQ 2kinds quotation need. Need Film faced plywood sheet total quanty & LVL Timber tot...
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[CA] [F1165846] 加拿大求购托盘(pallet) (05-26)
  Hi , I'm interested in NV9382890639 PALLET;METAL, POWDER COATING, DIMENSION: 120CM (L) X 100CM (W) X 15CM(H), WEIGHT:23.95KG, 2/4WAYS
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[DE] [F1154538] 德国求购托盘(pallet) (01-26)
  do you have equipment like shown below, suitable for container load dimensions. Pallet size 1075x760mm? Or can you offer quite similar out of standard?
[DE] [F1154450] 德国求购托盘(pallet) (02-09)
  Dears, I'M A Project buyer responsible for transfer of automotive components from CN to Serbia. I search for adapted design of pallet 1050x760mm suitable for container loads, so stackable. Further on ...
[DE] [F1153981] 德国求购托盘(pallet) (01-27)
  We are looking for 33 pallets/ one truck of Nutella 750 gr. Please send us a quote. EXW or CIF Berlin/ Germany Looking forward to hearing from you.
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[IT] [F1141732] 意大利求购托盘(pallet) (09-24)
  Good morning, we are interested to buy pallet epal used 1 class. Price with delivery to Suave
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[LK] [F1112745] 斯里兰卡求购托盘(Pallet) (12-25)
  Hello. Please send best price proforma to. We need 500 units. Will u give free logo on all pallets for this qty? we also require warranty for the purchase order we are about to place
[IN] [F1111804] 印度求购托盘(Pallet) (12-19)
  I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me
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[DZ] [F1093754] 阿尔及利亚求购托盘(Pallet) (07-23)
  Details: We are from algeria and we searching a wood supplier for palette production. a lower qualitie. ..
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[BG] [F1060374] 保加利亚求购货盘(pallet) (11-06)
  want a crane jib that will reach out 18 feet, and fit on the pallet forks of a telehandler/forklift.
[SK] [F1043253] 斯洛伐克求购托盘(pallet) (08-02)
  Hello, I'm interested in pallet hinges: dimension L = 400mm L = 100mm.
[IL] [F995939] 以色列求购托盘(pallet) (06-08)
  Can you quote the pallet you produce with the following dimensions: L: 56, W: 44, H:5,1/8.The quantity is aproximatly 10.000 pallets.
[VN] [F990435] 越南求购托盘(Heavy Duty HDPE Pallet EHS 1212 DRSS-3 with Gia Cuong Steel) (04-10)
  Tôi cần 500 cái pallet loại dành riêng cho thùng phuy thép 200 lít. Vui lòng gửi thông tin sản phẩm cũng như giá tốt nhất bạn ...
[TW] [F984749] 台湾求购托盘(pallet) (01-24)
  Extrusion grade: MI 6~15 2. Color: Transparent clear, MI 6~15 3. Granule or pellet
[RU] [F979996] 俄罗斯求购托盘(pallet) (12-13)
  Can you quote the pallet you produce with the following dimensions: L: 56, W: 44, H:5
[US] [F833932] 美国求购托盘(Pallet) (02-21)
  Inquiring re: pallet removal: minimum number for pick-up fees involved and condition of pallets required. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you soon.
[CA] [F833223] 加拿大求购托盘(pallet) (02-15)
  Hi could you please give me a quote on pallet 015 and 016 and any other information regarding similar pallets. We will be needing roughly 40 of these type if we decide these are what we need. Thanks
[US] [F831341] 美国求购托盘(pallet) (02-06)
  I am interested in knowing what your minimum quantity would be- we typicall require them multiple times a year but in relatively small quantities (up to 25 or so at a time), price and terms.
[CO] [F822565] 哥伦比亚求购托盘(pallet) (12-05)
  Hello. Can you quote the pallet you produce with the following dimensions: L: 56, W: 44, H:5,1/8. The quantity is aproximatly 10.000 pallets. Can you detail if it would be FOB and where, or if you can...
[US] [F813401] 美国求购托盘(Looking for Rope Lighting all sizes and shapes by the pallet) (08-12)
  My supplier of rope lights now is acting strange and im looking for a new supplier. I want mainly clear rope lighting, but will take any other color if the price is right. I want to buy a few pallet...

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