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[IN] [F1071425] 印度求购燃油(Fuel Oil) (02-18)
  We require Fuel Oil, Furnace Oil, Light Diesel Oil & materials like Solvent. Quantity will be 1 or 2 container in 1st business trading later on according to requirement and quality. Anticipa...
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[ID] [F1071419] 印度尼西亚求购燃油(Marine Fuel Oil) (02-18)
  We need Marine Fuel Oil (MFO) to produce alumina. We need information about prices and its specifications of the product as well as the method of payment. Thanks & Response.
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[IN] [F1018684] 印度求购燃油CST 180、D2和工业用油(FUEL OIL CST 180, D2, AND INDUSTRIAL OILS) (02-18)
  We are looking for Fuel Oil CST 180 QNTY : 50,000 MT x 5 Shipments per month Target price : Less :20/=usd -Dubai/Any Mediterranean Platts - CIF - Chinese Port. The LOI, ICPO and AOL for soft Ban...
[IN] [F1014851] 印度求购燃油(fuel oil and petroleum based solvent) (01-04)
  This is Ranjith from Chennai, India. we would like to buy recycled fuel oil and petroleum based solvent with density less than 0.86. we are importer from Chennai based and doing import similar oils. s...
[IN] [F1009952] 印度求购燃油(JP54) (07-18)
  Dear Sir See our New Zim Buyer'S request. Buy only 1000 Quadrillion ZIM or more in 50T or 100T notes. Procedure as below: Currency Reset & Historical Assets 10162018 #1 This is an ...
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[ES] [F992676] 西班牙求购燃油(fuel oil jp54) (05-07)
  We need JP54 2,000,000 BBL X 12 contract with maximum immediately liftable quantity for first month.
[US] [F915580] 美国求购燃油(Fuel) (05-16)
  I'm currently working with a group that buys Jet Fuel JP54 and Diesel Fuel D2 for the the Major Oil Company in the Trading House. We seek interested sellers who can adopt the Major procedure in closin...
[US] [F915575] 美国求购燃油(JP54) (05-16)
  I need D2 and JP54 SPOT contract offers with rollovers and extensions for my Major Buyers. FOB Houston or Rotterdam. 10-20% liftable. Seller must be willing to work with the Major's procedures and clo...
[SRB] [F915573] 塞尔维亚求购燃油(JP54) (05-16)
  JP54, JPA1, D2 Under Exact Procedures URGENTLY Needed.
[US] [F876859] 美国求购燃油(fuel oil) (02-19)
  HI NEED 150 ,000 IFO 380 PLEASE EVERY MONTHS send to me information asap thank you very much.
[HK] [F870145] 香港求购燃油(Fuel Oil) (11-22)
[MT] [F861983] 马耳他求购燃油(Fuel oil) (08-17)
  Pls quote us fuel oil,thanks
[UA] [F779810] 乌克兰求购燃油(Fuel Oil) (12-10)
  "Fuel Oil (mazut) M-100 " "Fuel Oil (mazut) M-100 "
[BH] [F779606] 巴林求购燃油(M100 fuel oil) (12-08)
  " M100 fuel oil " i would like to buy M100 fuel oil whom to contact for that how i can buy
[US] [F779600] 美国求购燃油(JP 54 D-2 Fuels) (12-08)
  " JP 54 D-2 Fuels " mandate only jp 54 sales,d-2 no chAINS
[IS] [F775804] 冰岛求购燃油(D2 - JP54) (08-24)
  We have buyers of D2/JP54 contract/spot FOB Houston/Rotterdam - 100% of the deliveries in tank. Seller provides buyer with authorization to dip test 100% of the tanks during the spot/contract duration...
[US] [F769611] 美国求购燃料、汽油、燃油(Jet Fuel, Gasoline And Fuel Oil) (05-27)
  Please be inform that we have buyers for the following products: jet fuel, gasoline and fuel oil. We are interested in doing a business with your establishment. If you are interested, please furnish u...
[US] [F768972] 美国求购燃油(JP54 and D2) (05-21)
  Need buyers of JP54 and D2 have a group that is selling large quantities of JP54 and D2 and looking for a source closer to the buyer. Please respond with the following 1. How close are you t...
[UK] [F768935] 英国求购燃油(D2-JP54) (05-21)
  We are looking for buyer of D2-JP54 We have the following from refineries to sell to direct end users: - D2 100,000 m/t up to 3 millon m/t per month - Any amount on contract $20 below European Pl...
[TW] [F764130] 台湾求购燃油(fuel oil) (04-10)
  buying M100 fuel oil we are looking for Russia refinery for M100 , D2 , JP54 ! M100, 1 Million mt x 12 month to Asia , target price @$ 190 /mt D2 , 10 Million mt X 12 month to Asia , Europe ,ta...

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