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[OM] [F1168297] 阿曼求购羊肉(Mutton) (06-20)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in buying Mutton, Lamb Products CIF Sohar port, Regarding the Mutton, Please send us the price 6 way cut and 3 way cut under, 25 to 30 kg. Also the lamb we are looki...
[TZ] [F1167414] 坦桑尼亚求购羊肉(Sheep meat) (06-13)
  Dear Sir, We require Sheep meat /mutton Destination : Qatar, Doha Quantity : 2 tons We want prices per kg, the price should be overall. Thank you.
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[PK] [F1154326] 巴基斯坦求购羊肉(Goat Meat) (02-08)
  Dear Sir, We are planing to source Goat Meat to DXB & South Africa. We also need Honey & coffee to Qatar & Pakistan. Please provide your quotations and your requirements. Thank you.
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[TZ] [F1154186] 坦桑尼亚求购羊肉(Goat Meat) (02-07)
  Dear Sir, We are planing to source Goat Meat to DXB & South Africa. We also need Honey & coffee to Qatar & Pakistan. Please provide your quotations and your requirements. Thank you.
[AE] [F1153679] 阿联酋求购马里诺羊肉(Marino Lamb Meat) (01-24)
  Dear Sir, We are looking to buy Marino Lamb. Qty: 3 ton by air CNF to Dubai or Sharjah Airport. Interested parties may please contact with us. Regards.
[MY] [F1151547] 马来西亚求购羊肉(Goat Meat Carcass) (01-04)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Mutton Lamb Or Goat Carcass. Qty : 3 ton by air. Price : CNF to Dubai or sharjah airport Kindly send us your best prices. Thank you.
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[BH] [F1143033] 巴林求购羊肉类(Beef & Lamb) (10-09)
  Dear Sir / Madam, We have a serious demand for Beef and Lambs from Dubai who need from 5-15 tonne per week. Please we need to know your procedures for CIF Dubai, price and modes of payment. T...
[US] [F1141889] 美国求购羊肉(Lamb Meats) (09-25)
  Dear Sir, We were wondering is it possible to buy whole Lamb Meat fresh and frozen to Denmark. What is the Price pr kg and do your company have Halal Certification ? Please do respond. Best...
[AE] [F1141871] 阿联酋求购羊肉壳(Mutton Carcass) (09-25)
  Dear Sir, We need Mutton Carcass 200 kg daily, Dubai. Please quote accordingly. Thank you.
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[IN] [F1103287] 印度求购羊肉(Omasum and Meat) (10-12)
  Dear Sir, We need Omasum and Meat for export purposes. We seek reliable suppliers. Thanks.
[SA] [F1088809] 沙特阿拉伯求购冷羊肉(Chilled Meat Lamb & Goat) (06-16)
  We need the Lamb or Goats Full carcass every week. Qty : 3000 kg Please contact us as soon as possible.
[UK] [F1084286] 英国求购羊肉(Sheep Meat) (05-19)
  supply SHEEP MEAT. can contact us through E-mail
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[TN] [F1081334] 突尼斯求购清真羊肉和牛肉(halal lamb and beef) (04-28)
  Dear all , We are a trading company from Tunisia and Thailand We have order of sheep and meat and after our search we find your company here Our order is : - Sheep slaughtered halal . 3000-4000 ...
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[RU] [F1063377] 俄罗斯求购羊肉(sheep) (11-22)
  Ladies and Gentlemen, . Please let me know condition and price of sending sheep in Israel. I ask you to provide a price list for live sheep Regards Dima
[KZ] [F1035207] 哈萨克斯坦求购羊肉(Lamb Meat) (06-11)
  Order for Lamb Meat, in unlimited quantities. Always fresh. NEEDS MUTTLE EXTERIOR 60 TONS PER WEEK. And so the same ram skins.
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[US] [F1029578] 美国求购清真羊肉(Lamb Carcass) (04-29)
  Hello.. We need Fresh Chilled / Frozen Halal Lamb Carcass specifications: Halal ( slaughtered according Islamic manner ) , whole carcass in 6 cuts ( without fat tail , without head and viscera ju...
[EG] [F1002193] 埃及求购牛/羊肉(HALAL Certified Fresh Frozen Cow/Lamb Beef Without Bones/Body Pa) (08-08)
  For Export 采购数量: 12 Tons 采购人: 发布地点:Egypt Hi, I’m interested in your product HIGH QUALITY HALAL FROZEN BONELESS BEEF/BUFFALO MEAT FOR EXPORT, I would like some more details: What is the best price ...
[SA] [F993467] 沙特阿拉伯求购冰冻去骨羊肉(Frozen boneless lamb/ sheep meat) (05-14)
  Dears .. Good morning / evening I would like to import the product into the specifications below: Lamb / sheep meat without bone - Halal Frozen Without head and without bowels Average age is ...
[IN] [F977788] 印度求购羊肉(boer goat) (10-13)
  Hi, I’m interested in high Quality Livestock Full Blood Boer Goats throughout the year..I would like to know the best price the sellers could off I look forward for an immediate reply.
[OM] [F972418] 阿曼求购羊肉牛肉(Mutton and Beef products) (06-23)
  Importer and Distributor of Fresh and Chilled Mutton and Beef products.

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