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[PT] [F1125506] 葡萄牙求购温度传感器(temperature sensor) (04-07)
  Nissan temperature sensor 22630G2410
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[HR] [F1077971] 克罗地亚求购信标温度传感器(beacon temperature sensor) (04-08)
  Hi , we are providing smart home systems for large property developers in Europe and the USA. Generally, our systems are including smart thermostats but we would like to have multiple room temperatur...
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[AE] [F1075627] 阿联酋求购排气温度传感器( EXHAUST TEMPERATURE SENSOR) (03-20)
  Hi, This is Angel Nita from Gateway Ventures FZC. Please find the below enquiry of your product. Kindly send us the best price/Availability /Unit weight. Please be forward along the quote w...
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[KZ] [F1075059] 哈萨克斯坦求购额头温度计,温度传感器(Forehead Thermometer, Temperature sensor) (03-16)
  Good morning This is madame Anastassiya savina from Global Media Production in Kazakhstan. I'm writing because i saw your post on linkeldn in which you're looking for a company who can supply you ...
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[IR] [F1074357] 伊朗求购红外测温仪(Otp538u infrared temperature sensor) (03-11)
  Hi, this is Kami from Parse WG , we are sourcing/procurement company I need part OTP538U non-contact infrared temperature sensor Qty : 500 Pcs We have agent & forwarder in China , so pealse cons...
[HU] [F1053326] 匈牙利求购温度传感器(Temperature Sensor) (09-27)
  Sensor type water pipe temperature Temperature range -30-130 Accuracy 0.7K Working temperature 20 ° C Installation type bundle Package / housing plastic Material mixture
[US] [F1052109] 美国求购温度传感器(Temperature Sensor) (09-20)
  Sensor type water pipe temperature Temperature range -30-130 Accuracy 0.7K Output type NI1000 Working temperature 20°C Installation type bundle Package / housing plastic Material mixture Appli...
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[US] [F1050470] 美国求购温度传感器(Temperature Sensor) (09-11)
  Features: High sensitivity, short thermal response time, good linearity, reliable operation and easy installation. Main Specifications: Temperature measurement range: 0 ° C ~ 140 ° C; Conditions o...
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[HU] [F1049232] 匈牙利求购温度传感器(Temperature Sensor) (09-03)
  Technical indicators: ◆ Nominal resistance value: R25 = 100kΩ ± 1%; ◆ Insulation resistance: 500VDC in air, greater than 100MΩ; ◆ Line length: 1000mm ± 20mm.
[SA] [F1034474] 沙特求购温度传感器(Industrial Usage and Temperature Sensor Theory thermowell) (06-05)
  quote the following item ROSEMOUNT RTD, 0078R25N00A075T26E6, 100?, Platinum, 0.00385 temp coef, dual wire, 316SS sheat, 0.25" ?, 1/2" NPT, 9" element, spring loaded, c/w tappered thermowell, ...
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[UK] [F1000135] 英国求购防水温度探头(Temperature Sensor Usage and Resistance Sensor Theory water proo) (07-19)
  采购数量: 100 Pieces| 发布地点:United Kingdom I am looking for as supplier for PT1000 temperature sensors 5mm x 50mm probe length, stainless Hex screw, silicon or teflon cable 3m length. Bare cable ends (n...
[HR] [F960787] 克罗地亚求购温度传感器(TEMPERATURE SENSOR) (06-13)
  Please send me FOB price on TEMPERATURE SENSOR! Hello, please send me information about price and payment method for 1 piece outside temperature sensor for FORD FUSION car Applicable models: 6M...
[PK] [F849904] 巴基斯坦求购温度传感器(Temperature Sensor) (06-06)
  I want to buy DS18B20 Temperature Sensor. If you are suppliers of the above goods, please send me details and information of your products for my evaluation. I am looking forward to hear from you ...
[IN] [F826194] 印度求购温度感应器(Temperature Sensor) (12-22)
  Thank you for contacting me for marketing your products. May I have the quotation for some temperature sensor you have? You can vissit our website for details.
[CZ] [F750913] 捷克求购传感器(Temperature Sensor) (12-08)
  Temperature Sensor Sensing element: Pt 1000 / B temperature range 40 .. +120°C Stem: stainless steel ANSI 304, diameter 5.7mm + 0.1mm, length 120...
[JM] [F722555] 牙买加求购温度传感器(Temperature Sensor) (03-14)
  Inquiry Temperature Sensor ,we need price list with details , 2 terminal, Thread Size : M12 x 1.5
[UK] [F721598] 英国求购温度传感器(Temperature Sensor) (02-27)
  we are an importer of the auto part ,and then ,at present we need the Temperature Sensor with good quality ,pls contact us for your details,tks.
[HK] [F705381] 香港求购温度感应器(Buy Temperatur Sensor) (08-16)
  We wan buy temperature sensor, TC, RTD, j k, e, . . .
[KR] [F595607] 韩国求购Pt1000温度传感器(Pt1000 temperature sensor) (12-11)
  Hello. My name is in South Korea. I have been using the temperature sensor regularly. I have to lower our product cost recently. Pt1000. 150mm. Class B Pt1000. 30mm. Class B Pt1000. 30mm. ...
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[KR] [F543853] 韩国求购温度传感器(temperature sensor) (07-12)
  We are looking for temperature sensor the application is curling iron , pls check picture The temperature in curling iron is around 200 If you have similar product, pls send me the quotaton for 10...

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