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[HK] [F1168998] 香港求购不锈钢药草储藏罐(Stainless Steel Stash Jar For Herbs) (06-24)
  Hi, Our company is looking for stash jars for herbs. Please see below the information: Material: Food-grade stainless steel Surface furnishing: Color powder coating with matted and smooth surfa...
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[DE] [F1136146] 德国求购不锈钢罐(stainless steel tea canisters) (07-18)
  Dear sirs, I am a machine dealer in Germany and am looking for stainless steel jar for a customer. This is intended for ice cream. The ice cream is pushed out from above through the star on the bot...
[LY] [F1101173] 利比亚求购不锈钢罐(Stainless Steel 18/10 Tanks 2000 Liter) (09-18)
  Dear All, Greetings of the day , I’m looking for minimum 5years verified Manufacture on Ali baba , that can supply me with Olive Oil stainless steel18/10 tanks size 2000 liter each 7 pieces , that...
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[IN] [F1089831] 印度求购搅拌器不锈钢罐(STAINLESS STEEL JAR FOR BLENDER) (06-23)
  we require non magnetic stainless steel j4 20 gauge and 20 gauge jars for blenders. i can send you the full specs and also if required samples to check the cost. we need 3 different types and quanti...
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[PK] [F1042544] 巴基斯坦求购不锈钢罐(Stainless steel Tank) (07-30)
  I am in need of a quotation for water supply tank with capacity of 4000-5000 lit , stainless steel and can be carry on trolley. Send me the best quotation.
[CA] [F914244] 加拿大求购新不锈钢罐(New stainless steel canister) (05-06)
  I am looking for something like this with a faucet to use as a pancake syrup dispenser. The capacity should be 1 gallon minimum. Doyou have any thing like that. My reuirements are substantial.
[AE] [F889162] 阿拉伯求购不锈钢罐(stainless steel tank) (07-31)
  we talk together before about Hear electric Jacket tank with mixer . I have some question before we talk about prices . I hope you send to me all detail for it 200 L 300 L 400 L How many heater for...
[US] [F727711] 美国求购不锈钢罐(55 Gallon Stainless Steel Drums) (04-17)
  We are seeking a supplier of stainless steel drums 200-210 liter drums. We will need to import these drums to our production facilities in Paraguay, South America to store and ship the sugar cane alc...
[US] [F296606] 美国求购不锈钢罐(stainless steel canister) (02-07)
  Looking for company to make stainless steel canisters with screw on lid aprox. size 8 cm dia. x 18 cm high, thickness of 0.8mm in quantity of 2000 pieces, more as orders increase FOB to address below ...
[US] [F278270] 美国求购不锈钢罐(stainless steel tank) (11-09)
  Quote on 2-4500 gal ss tank used for crop protection products.Plese include delivery and setup as an option.Thank you.
[US] [F271587] 美国求购不锈钢罐(SS ISO tank) (10-25)
  I am a mechanical engineer working for the University of Wisconsin looking for a 25000L SS ISO tank. The tank would be standard except I would have some special requirements for ports and port locatio...
[US] [F271389] 美国求购不锈钢罐(stainless steel tank) (10-25)
  Like to know if you can build a stainless steel tank (roughly 12' x 8' x 6').
[US] [F82511] 美国求购不锈钢罐(steel tank) (04-15)
  Please quote a 3000 gallon stainless steel water tank. for us Please quote 5 pieces with price and delivery and packing specs.
[JM] [F77064] 牙买加求购不锈钢罐(tainless steel tanks) (12-25)
  the stainless steel tanks ,be used in a fermentation process and not for cooking. We would like to find out about sizes from 1000 Gallons to 1500 Gallons size tanks
[ZA] [F75580] 南非求购不锈钢罐(stainless steel tank) (12-13)
  Please provide pricing on Wine Tanks 500L to 5000L

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