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[SG] [F1163327] 新加坡求购厕纸(Toilet Paper) (04-29)
  Dear Sir, We are sourcing for Toilet Paper for my USA company. Can we have your email address so that we can send the enquiry to you? Awaiting your response. Thank you.
[ZA] [F1133603] 南非求购卫生纸手动带锯(Toilet paper manual bandsaw) (06-22)
  Good day Please send your product information sheets /technical specifications / videos of the toilet paper manual and automatic bandsaws that you manufacture. Kindly email to: Regards,
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[DO] [F1119662] 多米尼加求购卫生纸包装机(The packing machine for toilet paper) (02-26)
  we need to purchase one set packing machine for single toilet paper with two layers (4/8/12/24 units per plastic bag) pls check the related Video in the ***ment if you have this packing machine,pl...
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[AU] [F1119411] 澳大利亚求购卫生纸(Toilet Paper) (02-25)
  Hi . Can you please send pictures and quote on Xmas Toilet Paper Roll How many sheets and sheet size We are a giftware importer and wholesaler in Melbourne Australia. We have imported this prod...
[US] [F1110026] 美国求购卫生纸(RFQ - Toilet Paper) (12-03)
  100% Virgin 2-ply Embossed Toilet Paper Sheet Size: 10.1cm x 10.8cm # of Sheets: 235 per roll # of rolls / bag and carton: 45
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[KR] [F1096267] 韩国求购厕纸(toilet paper) (08-11)
  Dear Sir One of my customer now finding *** colorful toilet paper reliable supplier. Quantity: Blue 20,000pack/ red 20,000pack Quality: Need Layer: 3Layer. If you are real manufacture, please s...
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[UG] [F1095900] 乌干达求购厕纸(Toilet Paper) (08-08)
  Good day, I am desperately trying to cource training for 58 people in the making of nappies (diapers), wet wipes, tissues and toilet paper.
[IT] [F1084005] 意大利求购洗手间用纸(Toilet paper) (05-17)
  Toilet paper 1000 Bags prezzo x una borsa cif a catania x grosse quantita.
[NZ] [F1077047] 新西兰求购卫生纸(Toilet paper) (03-31)
  Hi, Im interested in your proct Hot Whosale Cheapest Toilet Tissue Paper, I would like some more details. I need 1 x 40hc container, please quote fob price, 10 pack and 20 pack. Kindlyme quote on ...
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[US] [F1074956] 美国求购厕纸(2 Ply Layer and Core Core Toilet paper) (03-16)
  Dear Manufacturer, Trading Company, Im interested in your product, I would like some more details. I look forward to your reply. Also, I have a few questions for you. 1. Can I get the sample with my...
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[PG] [F1069057] 巴布亚新几内亚求购卫生纸(toilet paper) (01-10)
  Material:Virgin Wood Pulp or mixed Size:Standard Roll Core:Core 2 ply double layer toilet paper ( 100g 3 ply double layer toilet paper ( small roll Customised packed
[ZA] [F1064151] 南非求购卫生纸(toilet paper) (11-27)
  Hi, I am interested in setting up a toilet paper & baby diaper, so I would like you to send a full quatation and business plan so that I can immediatly start applying for funds from CEDA.
[BR] [F1058322] 巴西求购卫生纸(toilet paper) (10-28)
  Hi, Im interested in your product Best price superior quality compressed toilet paper, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. Regards,
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[NL] [F1033827] 荷兰求购卫生纸(toilet paper) (06-01)
  Dear Sir/madam, We are a sales platform with more than 30 resellers and more than 1.5 million b2b customers. We would like to receive your product catalog and your price list taking full mix trucks....
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[ZW] [F1021398] 津巴布韦求购厕纸(Toilet Paper) (03-08)
  Gooday We are looking for toilet virgin paper in white or yellow.
[US] [F1003306] 美国求购厕纸(toilet paper) (08-17)
  looking for HIGH QUALITY virgin pulp parent rolls,200-250 metric tonsPER MONTH These will be regular orders. We need a good, honest, reliable supplier. Since our import taxes are 36%, we need an e...
[TR] [F998151] 土耳其求购卫生纸(toilet paper) (07-03)
  Hello there ; I am the owner of a large company that sells wholesale paper turkey. I came to the city of odesa to do toilet paper trade from Ukraine. I am in Shu'an. I want to buy 1 container paper fo...
[US] [F991749] 美国求购卫生纸(toilet paper) (04-25)
  Dear Sir, would you like please to send me your good quotation for: Recycled toilet paper size as ***. weight for each roll 150g 2 ply single wrapped, 12 roll/handbag 4bags/ master bag. for Californ...
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[QA] [F978589] 卡塔尔求购化妆品(Toilet Paper) (11-14)
  Please send us your products listings with technical specs
[QA] [F975895] 卡塔尔求购厕纸(Toilet Paper) (09-01)
  Please send me specific quotation for this 4 item of Ultra Premium Soft Bath Tissue Toilet Paper 36 Huge Rolls as exactly description mentioned below, quantity is half 20feet container(as marketing sa...

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