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Calcium chloride buyer & importer

[RU] [F1166162] 俄罗斯求购氯化钙(calcium chloride) (05-31)
  Dear sirs, Please kindly let us know of availability of calcium chloride solid. Purity in the range of 80 ?97% Package: big-bags Our overage monthly demand is 2930 tons per month. In total we n...
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[UA] [F1163038] 乌克兰求购氯化物(calcium chloride) (04-27)
  Good day, for production needs, calcium chloride is needed in the amount of 60 tons. Please make an offer. Delivery terms FOB CHINA. Thank you.
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[EG] [F1154844] 埃及求购氯化钙(Calcium Chloride) (02-14)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Calcium Chloride food grade 77%. Qty : 25 ton Please quote us on CIF Domiatte, Egypt. Thank you.
[IN] [F1101944] 印度求购氯化钙(calcium chloride) (09-25)
  Dear Mr Frank, we need CALCIUM CHLORIDE 5000KG Quantity Required : 5000 Approximate Order Value(INR) : From 50001 To 100000 Want to Buy : Immediate Requirement Type : Regular Requirement Requirement F...
[ES] [F1100382] 西班牙求购氯化钙(calcium chloride) (09-11)
  Respected Sir/Madam, Inquiry details : Buyer is looking for ''calcium chloride'. Description : Calcium chloride :- CALCIUM THIOSULPHATE Purpose : Industrial use . Delivery Port :- Further ...
[PK] [F1096089] 巴基斯坦求购氯化钙(Calcium Chloride) (08-10)
  Hello Sir, Send me Rats for calcium Chloride Made by Japan. Thanks.
[MY] [F1087882] 马来西亚求购氯化钙等(Calcium Chloride etc.) (06-10)
  Dear Sir, We need Calcium Chloride Dehydrate, Magnesium Sulphate & Sodium Bicarbonate (Food grade) for use in mineral water. Please suggest if you can supply. Thank you.
[SA] [F1082589] 沙特求购氯化钙(Calcium Chloride) (05-08)
  Calcium chloride, Minimum 77% purity , SG 2.24 Please send your best offer to CIF Dammam, Saudi Arabia Qty: 200 MT Mention if you are a manufacture or trading please reply to myas below;
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[EG] [F1052476] 埃及求购氯化钙(Calcium Chloride) (09-24)
  Please send us quotation of 1000 MT of Calcium Chloride 94-96% Shipping Location: CIF Alexandria Port, Egypt.
[AE] [F1044372] 阿联酋求购氯化钙(Calcium Chloride) (08-07)
  we are looking to import 500mt of Calcium Chloride 94% pellet in 1000kg. jumbo bag to Abu Dhabi, UAE Mamoun Sobhi zuama group Abu Dhabi, UAE.
[ID] [F1038468] 印度尼西亚求购74%氯化钙薄片(calcium chloride 74% Flakes) (07-03)
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[TW] [F1033201] 台湾求购氯化钙(Calcium Chloride) (05-29)
  Interested in Calcium Chloride 74%94%.
[IN] [F1029763] 印度求购氯化钙(Calcium chloride) (05-05)
  Thank you for your email. I already add your we chat. pls confirm. We are trading company chemicals in Viet Nam. We are findingin Cacl2 Anhydrous 10043524 1FCL in your country. If you can, pls chec...
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[IN] [F1029521] 印度求购氯化钙(Calcium Chloride) (04-29)
  We are interested to import Calcium Chloride 90% 100 MT in powder form ... Kindly confirm your most competitive CIF Kolkata price, packing, detailed COA, earliest shipment schedule & payment terms
[PK] [F1024198] 巴基斯坦求购氯化钙(Calcium Chloride) (03-26)
  Hello Sir, Send me Rats for calcium Chloride Made by Japan.
[ZA] [F999492] 南非求购氯化钙(calcium chloride) (07-16)
  We need your calcium chloride. please quote your best price.
[RU] [F979516] 俄罗斯求购化学原料(food grade calcium chloride) (12-04)
  CAS No.:10043-52-4
[CL] [F975744] 智利求购化学原料(Calcium chloride) (08-30)
  30 Metric Ton
[ES] [F975667] 西班牙求购化学原料(Calcium Chloride) (08-28)
  94%Food grade
[IT] [F974129] 意大利求购化学原材料(calcium chloride) (07-27)
  Hello,I need 2g Calcium chloride

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