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[BR] [F1214944] 巴西求购冰箱(fridge) (11-23)
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[IN] [F1214907] 印度求购冰箱(fridge) (11-23)
  Fridge for home, 1pcs
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[IN] [F1214859] 印度求购冰箱(fridge) (11-22)
  solar fridge for home looking, contact me for more info!
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[IN] [F1214856] 印度求购冰箱(fridge) (11-22)
  Fidge for home, 1pcs only.
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[IN] [F1214853] 印度求购冰箱(fridge) (11-21)
  Need 1pcs fridge for home,dear
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[ES] [F1214849] 西班牙求购冰箱(fridge) (11-21)
  Need solar fridge, 1pcs to Spain. Gracias
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[ZW] [F1214838] 津巴布韦求购冰箱(fridge) (11-21)
  fridge for home, 1pcs only.
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[NG] [F1214834] 尼日利亚求购冰箱(fridge) (11-21)
  fridge looking, 1pcs for home.
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[LB] [F1214833] 黎巴嫩求购冰箱(fridge) (11-21)
  fridge, 1pcs only.
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[CV] [F1214832] 佛得角求购冰箱(fridge) (11-21)
  Need 1 unit of fridge, Chika Steve
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[SA] [F1214831] 沙特求购冰箱(fridge) (11-21)
  Home appliance, fridge, freezer
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[RU] [F1208297] 俄罗斯求购冰箱(about: refrigerator) (09-11)
  Hello! What kind of compressors are used in your refrigerators:type, manufacturer-name of company, models. What is estimated time of work of compressor and refrigerators you produce? THANK YOU.
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[TO] [F1207906] 汤加求购冰箱(Fridge) (09-06)
  we are interested in your product fridge compressor scrap. Kindly send full quotation.
[GH] [F1191863] 加纳求购冰箱(Deep Freezer) (02-21)
  Looking for Small size deep freezer
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[AE] [F1190059] 阿联酋求购冰箱(Refrigerators) (01-31)
  Dear Sir, We require to buy Refrigerators. Specifications: Good Condition, Top Freezer, Multi Air Flow, No Dent and Scratches, Open Box. Also require Microwave Oven. Specifications: Multi...
[SA] [F1188618] 沙特求购冰箱和电视机(Refrigerator and TV) (01-06)
  I would love solar energy with most of the machine eg, TV, fridge, charging, cooker, light
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[UK] [F1188166] 英国求购冰箱(refrigerator Goods in UK) (12-29)
  Please give me an email address to contact with regard to KGD goods that we are holding in the UK.
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[GH] [F1187477] 加纳求购冰箱(Refrigerator) (12-20)
  I want to use it in my room
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[LC] [F1187049] 圣卢西亚求购冰箱(Refrigerators) (12-15)
  Full size refrigerator, 12 cu/FT or equivalent 12V/24V. Please submit with CIF, Port Of Castries, St
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[ID] [F1184194] 印度尼西亚求购冰箱(Undercounter Refrigerator) (11-15)
  The material is 201 / 304
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