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[TR] [F1222319] 土耳其求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (02-29)
  The request is
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[AR] [F1222188] 阿根廷求购3D打印机(3D printer) (02-28)
  3D printer
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[TR] [F1220911] 土耳其求购3D打印机( 3D Printer) (02-05)
  I want the highest quality products. We will start on a trial basis and then expand this business. We need a company that will support us. Recommend the best-selling products to us
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[BY] [F1218487] 白俄罗斯求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (01-04)
  For the production of plastic products
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[RU] [F1217105] 俄罗斯求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (12-16)
  Size of parts 400 × 600 mm.
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[SD] [F1216723] 苏丹求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (12-12)
  Kindly find *** list for your quotation
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[RU] [F1215848] 俄罗斯求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (12-04)
  Large Fgf Pellet 3D Printer 4000*9000*3000mm
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[US] [F1215810] 美国求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (12-02)
  I'm looking for 3D Printing
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[KE] [F1215069] 肯尼亚求购3D打印机(3D Printing) (11-24)
  I want to print electronics enclosure using ABS material
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[CO] [F1215068] 哥伦比亚求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (11-24)
  One that is for cheap desktop. Una que sea para escritorio bar
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[UA] [F1214640] 乌克兰求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (11-20)
  Creality Ender-5plus Creality CR-10 Smart Creality Ender-5 Creality Ender-3 S1 3D printer Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer Creality CR-6 MAX Ender 3V2Neo Creality Ender-5PRO 3D Creality Ender-5plus...
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[VN] [F1213290] 越南求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (11-05)
  Material: Plastic Type: Manual or semi-automatic
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[MG] [F1213251] 马达加斯加求购3D打印机(3D Printer?) (11-04)
  What is your best price for Brightness CNC Milling Components Polishing Machining Aluminum Parts For 3D Printer? Made in Madagascar send me aide
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[IN] [F1211103] 印度求购大型标识字字母3d打印机(large sign word letter 3d printer) (10-14)
  we are from optical industry in EYEWEAR, Kindly suggest for Eyewear.
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[PK] [F1208432] 巴基斯坦求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (09-12)
  Ender 3V2 neo
[IN] [F1202681] 印度求购3D打印机(Wax 3D Printer) (07-04)
  Medium size 3D printer with wax resin for direct cast.
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[RO] [F1201633] 罗马尼亚求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (06-20)
  Industrial 3D Printer Product Name: 3D Printer Category: Digital Printers(Old) Quantity: 5 Unit/Units Details: Hi, I would like to know the price for Modix BIG-120Z Industrial 3D Printer 2020. I am i...
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[BG] [F1198701] 保加利亚求购3D打印机(3D Printer) (05-17)
  - Printing from our own printing mixtures of polymer and powdered aluminosilicate with viscosity from 100 to 1000 PA/s - Double extruder for pastes and ceramics with nozzle diameters between 0.5 and ...
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[RU] [F1194640] 俄罗斯求购3D打印机(Anycubic Vyper 3D Printer) (03-28)
  Hello dear supplier! I would like to buy 10 PCS Anycubic Vyper 3D printer. Could I ask you some ques: 1) how much be price for the one PCS? 2) can you ship me parcel by cargo? 3) if can: Pls cacl s...
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[US] [F1190809] 美国求购安德7 FDM 3D 打印机(Ender 7 FDM 3D printer) (02-08)
  Creality Ender-7 High Speed 3d Printer ender7 Metal Structure Core-XY 3d printing machine 250*250*300 ender 7 impresora 3d
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