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[IN] [F1137005] 印度求购铝锭(Aluminum Ingots) (07-29)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Aluminum Ingots. Can you help? If yes, please let us know. Thank you.
[VN] [F1132841] 越南求购铝锭(Aluminum A7 Ingots) (06-15)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Purity Aluminum Ingots A7 (99,7) 2-Aluminum alloys ADC 12, Aluminum alloys 6063 Port of Delivery: CIF Seaport Hai Phong, Vietnam Packing: Ingots on Pallet is bundl...
[US] [F1129349] 美国求购铝锭(Aluminum Ingots) (05-10)
  Dear Sir, We are seeking the following products and terms. Direct smelter or distributor who can accept NON- Transferable DLC. - Pure Aluminum Ingots Al99.7 (P1020A) + Al99.8 Origin: Primaril...
[IN] [F1126808] 印度求购铝锭(Aluminum ingots) (04-10)
  We are looking for A7 and ADC 12 Incoterms EXW price Qty 2000mt each month for each product Buyer ll use own logistics till HK And i want to repeat procedure. 1. Buyer first ll take small pie...
[UK] [F1109408] 英国求购铝锭(Aluminum Ingots) (11-30)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Long term agreement to import Aluminum Ingots different purity at a competitive price. Please send price quotations FOB / CIF and other details. Best Regards.
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[EG] [F1107690] 埃及求购铝锭(Aluminum Ingots) (11-16)
  Aluminum Ingots Product – weight 25 kg/ING. chemical Chemical Composition Al 99.7% NON ALLOY. NON SECONDARY 10,000 MT Spot with rollovers to 12 (twelve) consecutive months is this specs is as you...
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[IN] [F1106613] 印度求购铝锭(Aluminum Ingots) (11-09)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Scraps as follows : 150 MT to 5000 MT, we need only serious suppliers who want to work a long-term basis. Order #1 : Taint Tabor Aluminum Scrap: 100 MT [monthly b...
[TW] [F1104620] 中国台湾求购铝锭(aluminum ingots) (10-22)
  Dear Sir/Madam We bear all the company’s responsibilities and rights, and confirm that we are ready, willing and able to purchase the following products according to the terms and conditions of the t...
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[US] [F1103648] 美国求购铝锭(Aluminum Ingots) (10-14)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for better conditions than this fco terms 1. 4,000 mt of Aluminum Ingots (AL00) per month, 12 months contract 2. 4,000 mt of Aluminum Ingots (AL99) per month, 12 months...
[AE] [F1099837] 阿联酋求购铝锭阴极铜(Aluminum Ingots & Copper Cathodes) (09-08)
  Requirement of Aluminium Ingots & Copper Cathodes. Please advice. Thanks.
[AZ] [F1098521] 阿塞拜疆求购铝锭(aluminum ingots) (08-27)
  Dear sir We need secondary aluminum ingots (AD31 and 6063) 1000 tons per month. After 3 months it will be 3000 ton per month. The contract will be signed for a year. Please give us the price with CIF...
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[RO] [F1088083] 罗马尼亚求购铝锭(aluminum ingots) (06-11)
  Hello We are interested in 2000T /Month aluminum ingots Please check the specifications and reply by Our Office from Shenzhen will contact you after we receive your proposal for detail
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[KZ] [F1086914] 哈萨克斯坦求购铝锭(aluminum ingots) (06-04)
  Hello, I need a fob price for aluminum ingots AB-87 and AB-91
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[CZ] [F1080310] 捷克求购铝锭(Aluminum Ingots) (04-23)
  Hello, send me details about Aluminum Ingots, require 580 MT/month of 99,7% purity.
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[AU] [F1078852] 澳大利亚求购铝锭(Aluminum ingots) (04-14)
  Product Name: Aluminum Ingots Quantity Required: 20000 Ton/Tons Weekly Shipping Terms: CIF Destination Port: Brisbane, Australia Payment Terms: Bank Transfer Looking for suppliers from:
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[US] [F1077756] 美国求购铝铅锭(Aluminum, Lead Ingots etc) (04-06)
  Dear Sir, Our company is ready to purchase, on CIF terms, the port of Busan: Aluminum, Lead, Tin, Zinc, Nickel in Ingots. A scrap of rails up to 1.1 meters. A copper ingot, a cathode, a scra...
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[AE] [F1076423] 阿联酋求购铝锭(Aluminum Ingots) (03-26)
  I need 99.7% Aluminum Ingots purity materail
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[RO] [F1074822] 罗马尼亚求购铝合金卷/铝锭(Aluminum Alloy Coil /Aluminum Ingots) (03-13)
  Dear Sir I am Amnis Remus, Purchasing Director of Alucol ALUMINUM Holding Co., LTD. We are requesting for these particular products mentioned (Aluminum Alloy Coil /Aluminum Ingots and Equipment’s...
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[IR] [F1071760] 伊朗求购铝锭(Aluminum ingots 99.99 ) (02-21)
  Hi good day We require the following: Aluminum ingots 99.99 Steel ingots Steel ingots 304 Delivery fob Thanks

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