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[AU] [F1169650] 澳大利亚求购安全手套(Waterproof Safety work Gloves) (07-01)
  Hi, I am enquiring about your work gloves, we manufacture concrete sleepers and we use a large number of working gloves similar to the ones you manufacture.Can you let me know how many pairs come in ...
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[PL] [F1169532] 波兰求购安全手套(Affordable Cut Resistance Glove) (06-30)
  Hi .Could you confirm me the MOQ and price gloves by mail?My mail is Thanks
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[US] [F1168644] 美国求购安全手套(Construction Gloves Working) (06-22)
  NMSAFETY Free Sample PPE Factory CE 4X42C A3/Cut Resistant Gloves for Work/Nitrile Coated Glove oil/Construction Gloves Working
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[US] [F1168279] 美国求购安全手套(Work Gloves) (06-20)
  Hello,we are sourcing 13 gauge gen purpose gloves,please check the ***ment for more specification. Please quote via if you can provide.Kind regards Hose
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[KR] [F1166226] 韩国求购安全手套(Cotton glove) (05-31)
  Dear Sir. This is ,Owner of Sourcing Factory Inc. from Korea. One of my customer now finding *** Cotton glove reliable supplier. Item: Cotton glove Quantity: 10,000pairs Logo: No logo no need pri...
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[IT] [F1164722] 意大利求购安全手套(metal mesh cut resistant butcher gloves) (05-17)
  Hello, we are PINNA Srl of Brescia in northern Italy. We have been marketing PPE since 1970. We are interested in these cut resistant gloves. I need this information: Are the gloves ambidextrous? What...
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[AU] [F1163137] 澳大利亚求购安全手套(disposable black gloves nitryle) (04-27)
  Hi I would like to buy sample of 100 box disposable black gloves nitryle, size L, to check if it will fits our stanard and purpose. If you could email me with price and shipping cost to sydney austral...
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[US] [F1157331] 美国求购安全手套(PU coated working gloves) (03-04)
  Good morning, I am looking to order 200-300 pairs of size large gloves for our company. I would like black gloves with the red like pictured. I will *** my logo that I wish to have added.
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[US] [F1157192] 美国求购切割保护HPPE安全手套(safety glove for cut protection HPPE) (03-03)
  Hi Dear, We are interested to purchase from you safety glove for cut protection HPPE, 7/S, 8XL, 11XXL as per our profile plan and technical specifications. kindly advise where the glove is produced...
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[US] [F1157053] 美国求购安全手套(PU Gloves Polyurethane Palm Fit Safety Glove) (03-02)
  SRSAFETY EN388 2110X blue Black Guantes de Trabajo Palm Coated Nylon PU Gloves Polyurethane Palm Fit Safety Glove touch Gloves Hello I need 500 pairs in royal blue with my logo
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[PK] [F1156419] 巴基斯坦求购安全手套(Stainless steel chain mail gloves) (02-25)
  quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces Pakistan Sarfaraz Hussain Lakhani 1000 Piece/Pieces Stainless steel chain mail gloves looking for 1000 pcs pls quote your best and add me on my W/chat Pls add ...
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[MY] [F1155668] 马来西亚求购安全手套(gloves) (02-18)
  Nitrile $3.2 Latex powder 3.0 Latex powderd 2.5
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[KW] [F1154549] 科威特求购安全手套(Hyflex Gloves) (02-10)
  Dear Sir, We need Hyflex Gloves 11-500 Ansell Brand and Hyflex Gloves 11-727 Ansell Brand. Please quote us your very best possible price of above mentioned Models of Hyflex Ansell Brand Gloves...
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[PH] [F1152562] 菲律宾求购安全手套(PENCO FIRE HELMET, FIREBOOTS & FIRE GLOVES) (01-13)
  quantity: 380 Piece/Pieces Philippines 380 Piece/Pieces Hi Catherine,We would like to inquire for the updated price of your Personal Protective Eqpt (PPE). The last time we ordered it's alread...
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[PK] [F1152295] 巴基斯坦求购安全手套(Custom design gloves) (01-11)
  Im waleed raza. From daker Industries, we want to work with you. We are manufacting all items related to sports product.and we give you lower quality product with customer design and logo. If you wan...
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[PK] [F1152101] 巴基斯坦求购安全手套(Custom design gloves) (01-10)
  quantity: 25 Piece/Pieces Pakistan 25 Piece/Pieces Im waleed raza. From daker Industries, we want to work with you. We are manufacting all items related to sports product.and we...
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[US] [F1152006] 美国求购安全手套(vinyl gloves, and latex gloves) (01-07)
  Dear Sales Director, We’re in the search of a manufacturer of disposable bouffant caps, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, and latex gloves. Currently we are looking for a trustful partner to supply us w...
[PK] [F1150942] 巴基斯坦求购安全手套(Nitrile Latex Gloves) (12-27)
  Thanks for your email. We need without powder filled latex gloves both in medium & large size. Can you pls share specs & size chart.
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[US] [F1149089] 美国求购安全手套(safety work gloves waterproof) (12-07)
  need oversize logo on both gloves and hang tags on each glove. at once delivery with logo.. 1. RIGHT HAND LOGO -OVERSIZE-under neath dog. NYC BUILT /-ON TOP: UNION STRONG, UNDERNEATH 2. LEFT HAND ...
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[SG] [F1144002] 新加坡求购安全手套(red cuff bleached cotton gloves) (10-19)
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