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[UK] [F1237907] 英国求购降噪真无线蓝牙耳机(Earphone with Mic Speakers) (07-12)
  Hello My name is Brandon Ord, I am the CEO of We are currently looking to add a physically product range into our stores. We are a meditation and a Hypnotherapy based Audio company. People listen to ...
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[CN] [F1230062] 中国求购蓝牙耳机(Bluetooth headphones) (05-16)
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[AE] [F1220211] 阿联酋求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (01-25)
  We need buy Bluetooths 5.0 Wireless Earbuds With IPX7 Waterproof,what is the best price for 100 pieces?
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[JO] [F1219921] 约旦求购蓝牙耳机(Bluetooth earphone) (01-22)
  I like Factory direct selling X7 mini TWS wireless earbuds Blue tooth ENC earphones,I want to sell this ,what is the best price?
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[AM] [F1219660] 亚美尼亚求购睡眠头戴蓝牙耳机眼罩(bluetooth earphone sleep headband eye mask) (01-18)
  I'm looking for Wireless Bluetooth Headset Sport Sleep Headband Eye Mask for Side Sleeper Fone Bluetooth Earphones Earbuds Wireless Headphones. Product specifications: ·transmission range: 10m ·Usa...
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[MX] [F1219657] 墨西哥求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (01-18)
  Hola, estoy interesado en estos productos.¿Cuál es el costo de envío?
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[IN] [F1219643] 印度求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (01-18)
  I am seeking bluetooth neckband earphone ,is your product good sound quality?how long can I use it?Any warranty?
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[PK] [F1219639] 巴基斯坦求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (01-18)
  We like your bluetooth neckband earphone,can you ship to Pakistan?how long and how much is the shipping?
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[TZ] [F1219638] 坦桑尼亚求购蓝牙挂脖耳机(bluetooth neckband earphone) (01-18)
  We are looking for bluetooth neckband earphone,we would like 15pcs,what is your price?
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[SN] [F1219637] 塞内加尔求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (01-18)
  I am interested in your product,I need 20pcs,can you give me discount?
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[PT] [F1219630] 葡萄牙求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (01-18)
  AirPod 2nd generation pro With serial number Like real one we need 100pcs
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[US] [F1219628] 美国求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (01-18)
  Hi,I'm Sidra from Leezada LLC's HR department. We would like to buy this product from you with ASIN B0CLXZFHSV of Bluetooth as a sample with a minimum order quantity of 100 unit, and we plan to buy ...
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[US] [F1219525] 美国求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (01-17)
  We are looking for advantage bluetooth earphon and like your product,what is the best price if we buy 20pcs?
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[SN] [F1219523] 塞内加尔求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (01-17)
  I am looking for tws bluetooth earphone and like your product,I would like 10pcs to try .
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[IQ] [F1219516] 伊拉克求购蓝牙挂脖耳机(bluetooth neckband earphone) (01-17)
  I need bluetooth neckband earphone ,60pcs,I have agent in Yiwu,what is the shipping cost?
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[BO] [F1219270] 玻利维亚求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (01-12)
  We are interested in F9-5c-auriculares 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone,what is the best price?
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[SA] [F1219184] 沙特阿拉伯求购蓝牙挂脖耳机(bluetooth neckband earphone) (01-11)
  Hi, I'm interested in this product,what is the 1000pcs DDP price to Saudi Arabia?
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[LK] [F1219167] 斯里兰卡求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (01-11)
  We would like to test Wholesale Portable Hifi Stereo LED Display TWS Wireless Earbuds ,can we require several samples?
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[ZA] [F1219098] 南非求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earbuds) (01-11)
  We are looking for suppliers of wireless earbuds. Product specifications: · Brand: Any · Battery Life: Up to 48 hours · Noise Cancellation: · Connectivity: bluetooth Ios and Android compatible ...
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[US] [F1218895] 美国求购蓝牙耳机(wireless earphone) (01-09)
  Good morning.I am interested in purchasing 100 to 500 units of this item. You Could Write to Me at What App 7866048567.Thank You. I await your message to negotiate the product since I am very interest...
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