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[IN] [F964650] 印度求购医药原料(2-amino-tetradecanoic acid) (09-22)
  I would like to know how much is 100mg
[US] [F964649] 美国求购医药原料(N-Acetyl-S-ethyl-L-cysteine) (09-22)
  I am looking to purchase 100 grams
[BD] [F964598] 孟加拉求购医药原料(AL-LAD) (09-21)
  how much for 10g sample
[US] [F964593] 美国求购医药原料(5α)-3-Methoxy) (09-21)
  please quote me CIF price 10KG
[IN] [F964513] 印度求购医药原料(apsicum oleoresin) (09-20)
  looking for 60 % capsicum oleoresin,through paypal.
[AT] [F964472] 奥地利求购医药原料(Prolintane HCl) (09-19)
  we are interested in 5 grams of prolintane Hcl
[IT] [F964469] 意大利求购医药原料(1-3-Benzodioxol-5-yl-propan-2-amine-hydrochloride) (09-19)
  We'd like 10g to start,then 1KG per month.
[CH] [F964286] 瑞士求购医药原料(Lycopodium L) (09-13)
  Samples and quotation 5G please
[BE] [F964284] 比利时求购医药原料(Z)-N-9-octadecenylpropane-1,3-diamine) (09-13)
  please contact me if you can offer me regular quantity with high-purity.
[BE] [F964282] 比利时求购医药原料(1,1-Dimethyl-2-selenourea) (09-13)
  How much does this cost? Our requirement is 50g.
[NO] [F964279] 挪威求购医药原料(1-Methyl-2-morpholin-4-yl-2-phenyl-ethylamine) (09-13)
  we need a quotation for 60 kg
[KR] [F964242] 韩国求购医药原料(2-Mercapto bezimidazole) (09-09)
  please give me best CIF Korea price 1 ton
[US] [F964138] 美国求购医药原料(naphthalene-1,4,5,8-tetramine) (09-08)
  Could you please send me a price quote for 100 gram ?
[PL] [F964084] 波兰求购医药原料(2-one, 1,1,1-trichloro-4-methoxy-) (09-06)
  What is the price for 50g?
[UK] [F963942] 英国求购医药原料(SDIC) (09-01)
  we will need for 100MT.please send us FOB price.
[DE] [F963880] 德国求购医药原料(3-azidopropan-1-amine) (08-30)
  I would like to know the price of 10 grams of 3-azidopropan-1-amine
[IT] [F963327] 意大利求购医药原料(Fludarabine Tri phosphate) (08-22)
  Fludarabine Tri phosphate 1G sample is possible?
[IT] [F963326] 意大利求购医药原料(Triacetyl Aloe-emodin) (08-22)
  Pls quote for 500 mg
[GR] [F963269] 希腊求购医药原料(1,1-diphenylbutan-2-one) (08-19)
  I would like to know if you have 1,1-diphenylbutan-2-one for sale?
[UK] [F963230] 英国求购医药原料(25I) (08-19)

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