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[IT] [F1168958] 意大利求购本特利传感器(BENTLY NEVADA) (06-24)
  BENTLY NEVADA 330704-000-050-10-02-05 ; 2 PIECESBENTLY NEVADA 3500/15-07-07-00 ; 2 PIECESRegards
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[IQ] [F1168586] 伊拉克求购Autel传感器(Autel Sensor) (06-21)
  Hello I want programmable sensor autel device, alternative sensor, I want cheap price
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[PK] [F1168582] 巴基斯坦求购高斯计/电子通量计/力链接传感器(Gauss Meter, Electronic Flux Meter, Force Link Sensor) (06-21)
  1 Gauss Meter (Manufacturer: Dexing Magnet Model DX-103) 1 2 Electronic Flux Meter (Manufacturer: Dexing Magnet Model DX-201) 1 3 Power Supply (Dual Output Channels (0~60V, 10A. (AIM-TTI Instruments...
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[IT] [F1167146] 意大利求购二氧化碳计传感器监视器(Co2 Meter Sensor Monitor) (06-09)
  dear I need to buy 100pcs but before i need to have 3 samples to test it. Please contact me on Regards
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[BR] [F1163165] 巴西求购传感器(sensors FS-N11P) (04-28)
  Hello, Ye We use a lot of these sensors FS-N11P ,Can you give us a good price around 10 USD ?we will but 20 pcs now and everymonth thanks Send us the quote also permail ok
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[RU] [F1160487] 俄罗斯求购传感器(analog sensors) (04-02)
  Hello. Could you tell me if you have magnetic analog sensors with an output of 4-20 mA installed on pneumatic cylinders that react to a magnet on the cylinder piston? European analogues in the ***...
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[PK] [F1154749] 巴基斯坦求购传感器(VIBRATION SENSOR) (02-11)
  <1000 USD quantity: 3 Piece/Pieces Pakistan 3 Piece/Pieces 订单预算: <1000 USD CPT KINDLY QUOTE FOR THE FOLLOWING C&F KARACHI WITH 5% COMMISSION VIBRATION SENSOR Type: PCH-1272, S...
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[US] [F1154285] 美国求购传感器(mini aluminum load cell) (02-08)
  Hello... I would like to test one of each loadcell:- 20gm- 30gm-50gm-100gmIf they work I will buy more. Can you quote me price to ship one of each to the following address as soon as possible?
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[JM] [F1152758] 牙买加求购传感器(Wave Sensor) (01-14)
  We are in urgent need of below product specification, kindly reply via business so we can proceed. Application: Solid, Liquid, Slurry Measuring Range: 0-30m Process connection: Thread, Flange F...
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[PK] [F1152604] 巴基斯坦求购传感器( electronic boom length & angle sensor for crane fr) (01-13)
  What is your min. order quantity?1pice how much money
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[NL] [F1152179] 荷兰求购传感器垫(Rubber & PVC Pressure Sensitive Switch Sensor Pads and Mats) (01-10)
  quantity: 500 Piece/Pieces Turkey 500 Piece/Pieces Hello,We are a cargo company located in the Netherlands ( As part of our services, we would like to measure the weight distri...
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[MA] [F1149641] 摩洛哥求购康明斯新型废气压差传感器2871960(Cummins New Exhaust Gas Differential Pressure Sensor 2871960) (12-13)
  Cummins New Exhaust Gas Differential Pressure Sensor 2871960 for Freightliner Cascadias Hi dear how are you i sent you a list of spare parts .ASK FOR AQUOTATION Please sand for me the price The...
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[SA] [F1147323] 沙特阿拉伯求购传感器(Mass Air Flow Meter MAF Sensor for Bmw) (11-17)
  Hi, Pls offer Mass Air Flow Meter MAF Sensor for Bmw 13621718521 / 13621733678 / 0280212010 / 0280212025 , and send me your price list, specification and photos. Then we can confirm the QTY we need ...
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[AU] [F1147266] 澳大利亚求购故障指示器传感器(Fault Indicator Sensor) (11-17)
  Need quote for the sensors and verify if we can connect it to our LoraWAN Sensor Interface .
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[VN] [F1146327] 越南求购连接器 继电器/电感器/传感器 二极管/三极管(Connector Relay / inductor / sensor Diode / triode) (11-08)
  Hello I would like to purchase your products. Connector Relay / inductor / sensor Diode / triode Please contact me.
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[ES] [F1144806] 西班牙求购传感器 KDS-25D(sensor KDS-25D) (10-26)
  Good morning, I would like to request a quote for the sensor KDS-25D and have further information about the production (if it is recommended for new designs). Also, what is the minimum order and...
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[BR] [F1140900] 巴西求购开关电感式接近传感器(Switch Inductive Proximity Sensor) (09-15)
  I would like to know prices for 5,000 inductive proximity switch as per the specifications below 24 volts Pnp NO Sensing distance 4 mm 3 strandsCable size 350 mm length IP 67 protection
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[US] [F1140664] 美国求购自动清洗光学浊度传感器(Auto cleaning Optical Turbidity Sensor) (09-13)
  Hi, I am interested in your Y511-A Auto cleaning Optical Turbidity Sensor. We request a price for five of these units for delivering to Pennsylvania.  Thank you in advance. Sincerely,
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[IN] [F1138429] 印度求购立达传感器(RIETER sensors) (08-16)
  Hello We Are Textile Spinning Mill Sparepart dealer in Gujarat, India. We are Interested to Import Some RIETER sensors from China. Please connect at email
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[MY] [F1137492] 马来西亚求购传感器(wire small square inductive proximity sensor) (08-04)
  Hi, i want to ask about product 102.5 NO and 1004 NO with output NPN NO and sensing distance 4mm.what is the selling price.Please contact me with below
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