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[NL] [F1225699] 荷兰求购车用空气清新剂(Car air freshener) (04-08)
  Hallo, ik ben geïnteresseerd in deze producten.Wat is de beste prijs die u kunt bieden?
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[US] [F1222658] 美国求购车用空气清新剂(car air freshener) (03-04)
  I am submitting a request for quotation for 100 customized scented car air fresheners including packaging with my Logo. Logo ***
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[US] [F1217873] 美国求购车用空气清新剂(Car Scent Smell Air Freshener) (12-26)
  Hello, I want something like this for my car detailing company.I want 100 pieces to start with and want to try the qualityI can do 1000 maybe if the shipping is cheap, but otherway around then 100.I u...
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[CA] [F1216507] 加拿大求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener ) (12-11)
  Hi,I'd like a quote for 500 car fresheners of my company logo ***, but hoping you can change the to an orange colour. Size around 65mm height and 80mm wide.A small white border around the image would...
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[CA] [F1215315] 加拿大求购车用空气清新剂(absorbent hanging car air freshener) (11-27)
  Hi there! I'm interested in purchasing interior accessories from your company. Could you please let me know what the minimum order quantity is for these products? Thank you for your time and assistanc...
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[ES] [F1212321] 西班牙求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener) (10-26)
  Hi, we want to buy 500 units for our brand, can you send whatsapp message. Ship to spain how many days?
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[PE] [F1211994] 秘鲁求购车用空气清新剂(Car air freshener) (10-23)
  I need to place an order with my logo design Size: 10*10*10mm -- 100*100*100mm Material: Absorbent paper + Logo printing both sides + String + Scent Colors: Customize. Shape: Customize. Fragrance...
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[AU] [F1209743] 澳大利亚求购车用空气清新剂(car air freshener) (09-26)
  Hi,We would like to do a trial order of a paper car air freshener. 1000 units with Sandalwood scent.Our company is in Australia. The shape we want is the face of the Frill Necked Lizard (see *** photo...
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[BG] [F1209386] 保加利亚求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener Custom Logo) (09-22)
  Hi, we want to make air freshener with this logo. What will be the shipping cost to Bulgaria for 1000 pieces? The color should be as on the picture.
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[CA] [F1208836] 加拿大求购车用空气清新剂(custom logo car air freshener) (09-18)
  We are looking for custom logo car air fresheners from qualified suppliers. The product should be made of high-quality materials and have a long-lasting fragrance. We are interested in quotes from sup...
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[PR] [F1208127] 波多黎各求购车用空气清新剂(car air freshener hanging) (09-07)
  Item: Car air freshener Material: Absorbent paper+Logo printing both sides+Rope+Scent Thickness: 2mm Fragrance: Vanilla,New car,Lemon,Strawberry,Pineapple,Jasmine,Mint etc HS code: 3307900000 Sam...
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[US] [F1207552] 美国求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener Custom Logo) (09-01)
  I would like for the product to be circular like the logo. What is the shipping cost? and the estimated time of delivery
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[UK] [F1206768] 英国求购车用空气清新剂(car air freshener) (08-23)
  Hello dear can i order 100 pieces of this Item: Car air freshener Material: Absorbent paper+printing both sides+Rope+Scent Fragrance: More than 40 scents Lasting time: 7 days Size: 10*8cm(customi...
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[US] [F1203538] 美国求购车用空气清新剂(Car air freshener) (07-14)
  what is the full list of scents? Item: Car air freshener Material: Absorbent paper+Logo printing both sides+Rope+Scent Thickness: 2mm Fragrance: Vanilla,New car,Lemon,Strawberry,Pineapple,Jasmine,...
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[PL] [F1200292] 波兰求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener) (06-05)
  Hi, Im interest to buy 1000 air freshers with details and logo my company. I send in *** logo of my company. Can you tell me please how long I must wait, how look payment, cost for all air freshers wi...
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[US] [F1196288] 美国求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener) (04-18)
  hello I would like to get a quote. White backdrop with my logo on it, shaped the outline of my logo, size 5 or 6 inches x 4 inches. new car smell if possible. 500 car air fresheners shipping to Missi...
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[SE] [F1194996] 瑞典求购车用空气清新剂(Car air freshener) (03-30)
  Item:Car air freshener Material:Absorbent paper+Logo printing both sides+Rope+Scent Thickness:2mm Fragrance:Vanilla,New car,Lemon,Strawberry,Pineapple,Jasmine,Mint etc HS code:3307900000 Sample t...
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[PL] [F1193104] 波兰求购太阳能汽车空气清新剂(Solar Car Air Freshener) (03-08)
  Hello, we are importer the goods from China to Poland-Europe.I am interesting your articles CAR AROMATHERAPY.Could you send me on my email: regardsJacekModus company
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[ES] [F1193058] 西班牙求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener) (03-07)
  Name:Custom Paper Car Hanger Car Air Freshener Main port:ningbo,shanghai,shenzhen Sample Time:About 5-7 Days Material:paper Color:Customized Colors Shape:Customized Logo:Customer Logo Applicati...
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[CA] [F1191232] 加拿大求购空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener) (02-14)
  Hey there, I am looking to have some custom air fresheners made. I will *** a copy of our company logo which we would like to have the main feature be, and then our phone number and website underneath...
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