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[CY] [F1165776] 塞浦路斯求购太阳能组件(Solar Panel) (05-26)
  Dear sirs,Our plant is located in a town called Mesagne which is 15 km from Brindisi, Puglia. We have *** the annual weather information and sunlight hours for this location.We have a roof of 5000m2 w...
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[IN] [F1165246] 印度求购太阳能电池板(Mono perc solar panel 550 watt 300 kilo watts ) (05-23)
  Without battery 300 kilo watts needed Mono perc 550-600 watt per panel
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[IN] [F1164733] 印度求购太阳能组件(Solar panel) (05-17)
  We need quotation for 1000kilowatt ongrid system price with shipping charge to Nigeria . We are planing to install in Nigeria. Thankyou
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[RO] [F1164194] 罗马尼亚求购太阳能电池板(solar panel pv module half cell) (05-11)
  Dear Sir/MadamMy name is Gabriel and I am writing to you on behalf of the Euromin Frig company based in Romania-EU. We are interested in buying 60 pieces of photovoltaic panels from the warehouse in R...
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[SE] [F1161592] 瑞典求购太阳能电池板制造设备(equipments for manufacturing solar panel) (04-13)
  i'm contacting you on behalf of our company.( Advance Technology Consortium Ltd )I would like to inquire about your products needed from our client,contact;
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[PY] [F1159147] 巴拉圭求购太阳电池板(solar panel) (03-22)
  We are interested in acquiring a solar panel, please if you can send us your prices to our address.Best Regards/Best Regards,
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[IT] [F1158840] 意大利求购太阳电池板(solar panel) (03-18)
  Please can I have a quote of solar panel with power close to 450W vs numbers?please send to
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[IN] [F1154823] 印度求购太阳能板(Rollable Amorphous Full Flexible Solar Panel Silicon) (02-11)
  Renogy Pet Small Carton Customized IP68 3 Months CIGS 110W-130W 200-230W quantity: 10000 Piece/Pieces India Renewable Energy 10000 Piece/Pieces Hello.Kindly send me small solar small flexibl...
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[MD] [F1154295] 摩尔多瓦求购550w太阳能电池板(550w solar panel) (02-08)
  Good Day, My name is Vasili, i am from Republic Of Moldova. We search now for 550w solar panel. We want to install a photovoltaic park with a power of 200 kw. I have request to send me a price of...
[MY] [F1153569] 马来西亚求购太阳能电池板清洁机器人(Solar Panel Cleaning Robot) (01-22)
  我是Ray,来自马来西亚吉隆坡。Solar Cleaning Robot1) 批发价是多少?2) 您在马来西亚有销售伙伴吗?
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[ES] [F1152353] 西班牙求购太阳能电池板和逆变器(Solar panel and inverters) (01-11)
  Hello, Please find the *** complete specifications for Solar Panel & Solar Inverters. Kindly offer the highlighted ASAP. Thank you. please add my wechaat for quick response.
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[BE] [F1151772] 比利时求购太阳电池板(400VDC ETFE solar panel) (01-06)
  Mister Parker Fang , Please , For 48V Install , Have you ETFE ~60V 300W panels ? Have you for other application possibility for 400VDC ETFE solar panel ? Can do you delivery by train ? Many thank's .
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[SA] [F1150937] 沙特求购太阳电池板(Solar Panel) (12-27)
  Dear,I am interested in dealing your solar panels in Lebanon. I have an EMP company which has solar energy as part of its activities.I am ready to purchase what is equivalent to more than 100,000 W im...
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[ES] [F1149243] 西班牙求购太阳电池板(solar Panel) (12-08)
  Dear Sirs, I have to buy 10 units of solar Panel LONGI monoflo PERC 540Wp Bifacial. Could you pls. send me a proposal as soon as you can? Thanks in advance.
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[US] [F1148206] 美国求购太阳电池板(Solar Panel) (11-26)
  Hello,Please quote price and availability for the *** solar panel.Is this something you can supply?If so, I would need to purchase 1 unit for evaluation.
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[US] [F1148072] 美国求购太阳能组件(96 cell monocrystalline 500w solar panel) (11-25)
  quantity: 1500 Piece/Pieces United States 1500 Piece/Pieces Hello,Please quote price and availability for the *** solar panel.Is this something you can supply?If so, I would need to purchase...
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[CA] [F1147087] 加拿大求购太阳电池板(solar panel) (11-15)
  Hello,We are looking for solar panel for our company’s building which locate in Rochester, NY USA, the panel size is 58’’x45’’ 2000 units, please provide your production’s specification and quotatio...
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[IN] [F1142584] 印度求购太阳电池板(solar panel) (09-30)
  Dear Sir,I am from india, I am looking for solar panel. Please share your product details to my
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[PK] [F1141406] 巴基斯坦求购太阳电池板(Solar Panel) (09-22)
  Hello, I am interested to purchase 100000Watts, Can you please share your best prices and also the Shipment charges to deliver in Pakistan. Regards
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[US] [F1141241] 美国求购高瓦太阳能电池板(high watt solar panel) (09-18)
  Hi there looking for a high watt solar panel. something in 600-700w range. I need 150 panels to start and then probably more for other jobs that I have. I have excellent credit and am ready to buy. Th...
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