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[VN] [F1076041] 越南求购火柴(matches) (03-24)
  Hello Company I come from Vietnam I want to buy 5000 boxes of matches,With 5 different colors. : 1000 White,1000 green, 1000 blue,1000 yellow,1000 Brown. I do not need the packaging. I use the p...
[CA] [F1075005] 加拿大求购火柴(safety matches) (03-16)
[MX] [F1075002] 墨西哥求购火柴(safety matches) (03-16)
  Hello, im intrested in a matchbox type box of the next measures: Length = 6.6cm Width = 8cm Height = 1.6cm With a specific printed design
[US] [F1074986] 美国求购火柴(safety matches) (03-16)
  Dear Daisy, Thank you in advance for your time in reading my email. I appreciate your consideration of my proposal. Our company is based in the greater Philadelphia, PA, USA area and is anticipatin...
[ZA] [F1074609] 南非求购火柴(safety matches) (03-12)
  51x35x14mm 40 sticks Inner matchbox of blue inner Important Belgium popular splints with Carbonized 10s pop / paper packing 10x10 pop packing 10x10x10 multi colour cartoon This specificatio...
[KR] [F1068491] 韩国求购火柴(safety matches) (01-03)
  您好, 我们是在韩国做生意的人。 我们想向贵公司问几个问题: 1. 单价是多少? 2. 订购的最少数量是多少? 3. 可不可以发货到韩国? 4. 最少数量内、 需要选一个样式? 还是其中可以选别的样式呢? 5. 如果不要火柴盒的话,可不可以只批发买火柴? 6. 请给我门回e-mail。 () 谢谢。
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[KR] [F1068223] 韩国求购火柴(safety matches) (12-31)
  采购数量:20,000 박스 您好, 我们是在韩国做生意的人。 我们想向贵公司问几个问题: 1. 单价是多少? 2. 订购的最少数量是多少? 3. 可不可以发货到韩国? 4. 最少数量内、 需要选一个样式? 还是其中可以选别的样式呢? 5. 如果不要火柴盒的话,可不可以只批发买火柴? 6. 请给我门回e-mail。 谢谢。
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[AU] [F1068222] 澳大利亚求购火柴(safety matches) (12-31)
  Hello. I’m wanting smaller order of 200. Do you have it?
[VN] [F1065627] 越南求购火柴(safety matches) (12-09)
  Hi, I would like to know the price for Extra Long Safety Matches ,fireplace matches. I am interested in buying 2000 Hộp. Cho mình hỏi nếu mua số lượng 2000 h̕...
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[HK] [F1065624] 香港求购火柴(safety matches) (12-09)
  Hi , We are interested in your Matches. Our logo will be black color. Could you provide official quotation to my email? Meanwhile, please advise MOQ. Thanks, Susan
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[CY] [F1065623] 塞浦路斯求购火柴(safety matches) (12-09)
  I would like 150 boxes of matches, the boxes should have an option to be able to personalize the logo. Looking for economic shipping and not DHL, I want the cheapest options.
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[IT] [F1064075] 意大利求购火柴(safety matches) (11-27)
  sono interessato a questo prodotto vostro di alta qualità in legno di sicurezza fiammiferi antivento, vorrei sapere ulteriori particolari. sto aspettando la vostra risposta. Saluti,
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[US] [F1064071] 美国求购火柴(safety matches) (11-27)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Extra Long Safety Matches,BBQ& fireplace matches for export, I would like some more details: What is the best price you can offer? I look forward to your reply. ...
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[UK] [F1064065] 英国求购火柴(safety matches) (11-27)
  Hello, I have a 'less plastic' retail shop in the UK called 109 General Store. I would like to stock a variety of sizes of FSC certified matches. Please could you confirm your minimum order for fire...
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[UK] [F1064050] 英国求购火柴(safety matches) (11-27)
  Dear sir/madam Classic Fresh Foods specialise in supplying fresh produce to demanding and discerning chefs in hotels, restaurants and gastropubs in the central London area. In addition to fruit and...
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[AR] [F1063189] 阿根廷求购火柴(safety matches) (11-21)
  Hello. My name is Matias Clerici and I am from Argentina. I am trying to import household safety matches and I want to make a possible supplier’s list. I would like to know if household safety matche...
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[US] [F1063169] 美国求购火柴(safety matches) (11-21)
  I am looking for a quote for 5,000 individual matches no special packaging needed. Size 4 inches long. Tip color green.
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[US] [F1062717] 美国求购火柴(safety matches) (11-20)
  Greetings~ I would like to work with a manufacturer colored match head tips- . I would like 1500 safety matches in at least 12 different colors. Please provide the MOQ, pricing, and production time. ...
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[BA] [F1062694] 波斯尼亚求购火柴(safety matches) (11-20)
  Hi, I am interested in buying only a mathsticks and stricking paper without packaging and printing. I'm interested in all the colors you have available. Do you sell that way and what would be the p...
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[GE] [F1062693] 格鲁吉亚求购火柴(safety matches) (11-20)
  Hello, My name is Liza Nutsubidze and today I am writing referring to the wooden matches. I have a couple of questions and I will ask them separately so you could respond to each of them to ease t...
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