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[US] [F1122472] 美国求购吉他(Electric Guitar Parts) (03-16)
  Hello, Do you make electric guitar parts? (switches, knobs, pots...) Thanks! We'd also be interested in your full product catalog. -Ben
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[FR] [F1118226] 法国求购霓虹灯吉他设计(Neon Light guitar design) (02-08)
  Hi,Please is it possible to get for testing 10 pieces of this product with shipping to France. Best regards.
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[NL] [F1108429] 荷兰求购吉他(Ukulele Beginner Kit) (11-20)
  EEP CALM & SPIEL DIE UKULELE – Entdecken Sie den einzigartigen, melodischen Klang der Hawaii-Inseln mit unserem Elite-Ukulele-Starter-Pack! Jetzt können Sie sich die Ukulele mit unserem all-inclu...
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[PK] [F1105212] 巴基斯坦求购原声吉他(Acoustic Guitar) (10-28)
  We are interested in your product Acoustic Guitars in 38 to 41Inches of good material.Pl reply immediately as my mail
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[PL] [F1094829] 波兰求购吉他(guitar) (07-31)
  We are one of the largest music shops in Poland, Europe. We are introducing our own ukulele/guitar brand We are looking for a partner that will supply us with good ukulele (good quality/price ratio)...
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[HK] [F1091494] 香港求购吉他(guitar) (07-06)
  I am looking for godin guitars , can you help me with my need. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please send me FOB price on godin guitars! Thanks
[US] [F1082423] 美国求购吉他(guitar wireless system) (05-07)
  I’m interested in your product Wholesale Hot Sell High Quality Guitar Wireless System I look forward to your reply.
[CZ] [F1078509] 捷克求购吉他(Custom Guitar) (04-12)
  Custom Guitar FOB 5.00 USD Please provide us with your best prices and designs through the following email : We look forward to your reply. Thanks & Regards
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[US] [F1071853] 香港求购吉他(guitar) (02-21)
  I am responsible for sourcing part at, we are importer and distributor have been selling audio/video and home appliance products under our own brands (iLive, GPX, Memorex etc) in USA market more than...
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[US] [F1027359] 美国求购吉他(guitar picks 500 .5mm and 500 8mm) (04-16)
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is TimLewis from US. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Mustard Yellow guitar picks with my logo on one side and email address on the other side.
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[NO] [F1020131] 挪威求购电吉他和声学吉他+配件(electric and acoustic guitars + accessories) (02-26)
  Low price electric and acoustic guitars + accessories.
[UK] [F1009323] 英国求购古典吉他弦(classical guitar string) (10-29)
  I am looking for bulk packs of classical, normal tension guitar strings. I do not want the retail packaging, just bulk strings. If I order 1) 50 sets or 2) 100 setsAugustine Black Normal or Low...
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[AU] [F1006225] 澳大利亚求购吉他(Guitar) (09-17)
  Hi I need Electric Acoustic Guitars. Item will need to be supplied with: 41” Electric Acoustic Guitar – With 4c process logo on front Guitar stand 15w amplifier - with 1c logo on mesh Guitar Str...
[US] [F1004701] 美国求购吉他(guitar) (08-30)
  采购数量: 1 Bags| 采购人: 发布地点:United States I am Alicia from City Global,USA.Could you please help to quote Mariachi Guitar? Please see the details below and provide us with shipping specs and productio...
[IN] [F1003286] 印度求购吉他(Timber Tones Coconut Palm Guitar Picks) (08-17)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Timber Tones Coconut Palm Guitar Picks, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.
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[CA] [F997762] 加拿大求购吉他(B/O touch guitar with music) (06-28)
  Dear , I am really interested about your paper guitar. Noted that it is now US$ 4-5/pc. I would like to know the size W x D x H of this Guitar? We're planning to have our own design for you to pro...
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[KR] [F997675] 韩国求购吉他(original Package and original Mounting Style: voice recognition) (06-28)
  采购数量: 600 Pieces| 采购人: 发布地点:South Korea Can I purchase IC S-8254AAPFT-TB-U, 16 PIN, TSSOP, SEIKO 600pcs? Please let us know the delivery date and price if available Muse inc in South Korea
[US] [F994234] 美国求购吉他(Manhogany Neck Material and Basswood Body Material guitar) (05-21)
  采购数量: 3 Unit/Units 采购人: 发布地点:United States I'm looking for a new supplier of guitars. I currently run , the world's largest autographed guitar dealer. I'd like to try out 18 black and 18 red of ...
[UK] [F988067] 英国求购吉他(guitars) (03-08)
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is Kierontang from UK. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Could you pls send me your guitars list? We need purchase some for our new business. One siz...
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[RU] [F948426] 俄罗斯求购吉他组合(Yamaha THR5 Guitar Combo Amp) (11-17)
  I live in Moscow, Russia. What is the price of the product, and how long is delivery?

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