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[BR] [F1224464] 巴西求购数据线(cable USB-C) (03-21)
  Hello, I'm looking for cable USB-C version 3.2 of 1.5 m PD100W. (USB-C to USB-c) I need quote to 30,000 units and other quote to 100,000 units. Are ther any certification this cable? Any proof FO sp...
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[ES] [F1221929] 西班牙求购数据线(USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10GB) type A to type C angled) (02-23)
  Hello, I am looking for USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10GB) type A to type C angled cables. Of different measures 0.2M, 0.5m. .. With connectors similar to the *** picture. For the moment I would need 20und. Of each...
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[IN] [F1220312] 印度求购数据线( Type-C connector Fast Charging Cable) (01-26)
  Dear supplier, I am keen on sourcing your Type-C connector Fast Charging Cable Type C to USB a Cable Quick Charge Data Cable Usb 2m 1m. Is it possible to get samples? And what would be the price? T...
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[PK] [F1220183] 巴基斯坦求购数据线(data cable) (01-25)
  Hello,I am interested in your usb cables ,what is the minimum order quantity?
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[IT] [F1220099] 意大利求购数据线(data cable) (01-24)
  45W samsung charger with cable (type C), i want the packaging of the photos, i dont mind which one, i want to buy, so the factory that give me the better price i will buy right now, price aprox is 2 U...
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[US] [F1220098] 美国求购数据线(data cable) (01-24)
  We are looking for the below product: 540 cable Magnetic USB 3 in 1 fast charging cable,what is the price for 100 pieces?
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[UK] [F1220087] 英国求购数据线(data cable) (01-24)
  Hi, I'm interested in this 2 in 1 cable. can you send me full price with post to leeds United Kingdom What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost?
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[PL] [F1220085] 波兰求购数据线(data cable) (01-24)
  I want to buy 1 M USB To 8 Pin Lighting Charging Cable For Apple,I need 100 pieces,what is the shipping cost to Poland?
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[US] [F1220084] 美国求购数据线(data cable) (01-24)
  Hello, a pleasure to meet you. I am interested in this product usb to iphone cable but i have a question.What will be the shipping price if I need 100 units?
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[LY] [F1220007] 利比亚求购数据线(data cable) (01-23)
  I need type c usb cable with plastic bag package,5000 units,when can you ship?How much is shipping cost to Foshan?
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[CA] [F1220006] 加拿大求购数据线(data cable) (01-23)
  white cable,usb c to usb c , 6ft and 10ft, for OEM supply. cable needs to be of excellent quality, voltage drop must be very little. I will buy a few sample to test, and then I will buy in batches...
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[BJ] [F1219922] 贝宁求购数据线(data cable) (01-22)
  I want to import cheap usb cable micro,type c ,iphone ,each 50pcs,send me best price
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[US] [F1219920] 美国求购数据线(data cable) (01-22)
  Would you take 15 dollars for shipping for 150 TYPE C, 100 MINI and 100 ios cables (350 total)? How long will it take to ship to usa?
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[DE] [F1219919] 德国求购数据线(data cable) (01-22)
  We need USB Type C cable 100 watt,50 Piece/Pieces,our budget is <1000 USD, Please send me an offer.
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[TW] [F1219814] 台湾求购数据线(data cable) (01-19)
  Dear Sir/Madam: This is Matthew Huang from AHOKU Taiwan, a project representative. We request a cable with (i) USB type C, (ii) type A, (iii) lighting, and (iv) a micro USB plug on the same cabl...
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[MA] [F1219724] 摩洛哥求购数据线(data cable) (01-18)
  We are interested in this product,micro usb data cable,how long is it?is it fast charging?what is the packaging?
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[CA] [F1219646] 加拿大求购数据线(data cable) (01-18)
  We want to order Type A Male to Type B Male 2.0 printer cable,our quantity is 100pcs
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[IN] [F1219528] 印度求购数据线(data cable) (01-17)
  Hello,I am interested in 100W PD type c to type c cable,can you ship to India?What is the shipping cost?
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[CA] [F1219524] 加拿大求购数据线(data cable) (01-17)
  I am interested in micro usb cable,I want to buy 110pcs ,do you have ready goods?
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