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[IT] [F1124409] 意大利求购数据线(car cable) (03-30)
  We need a cable USB Type B-B, one side B male 90, second side panel mount female, as in the image of your *** store. Do you have availability of this component? Plus we need also a cable USB type A-A...
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[DE] [F1123216] 德国求购数据线(data cable) (03-22)
  we, ChromoTek, are interested in purchasing a multiple charger data cable. We need at least the following connections: USB USB-C iphone 6 android phones We are interested in 1000 pcs. And we would lik...
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[US] [F1122953] 美国求购数据线(USB 3.0 Right Angle Extension Printer Cable A Male to B male Pr) (03-19)
  We would like like a short cable, 135.5 mm measured from the end of the type A connector to the back of the right-angle B-connector. We would like to buy a sample to confirm the fit into our applica...
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[CA] [F1120139] 加拿大求购数据线(USB C to lightning cables) (03-03)
  Looking for quotes on USB c to lightning cables. Please email pricing ranges per unit as well as information about your company to
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[PL] [F1112618] 波兰求购数据线(type-c cable) (12-24)
  Hello! I'm representative of HTG tuning. We'rinterested in ordering batch of customized USB type-C cables. We'd liketo have high quality data transfer cables of length 2-3meters withregular non-mag...
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[SG] [F1112294] 新加坡求购数据线(data cable) (12-23)
  hello,we are looking for data cable as annual banquet gift,do you have this?we would like to see your catalog and price list,pls contact me directly by email.
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[US] [F1110687] 美国求购数据线(USB cable 5cm) (12-09)
  1A or 2A 50mm White USB pass test ASTM and CPSIA,pack in opp bag
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[TW] [F1110187] 中国台湾求购数据线(data cable) (12-05)
  We urgently need data cable that can transfer data from old phone to new phone. bag Packaging (1) Business term = EX-WORK 交易條件=工廠價 我們運輸公司會去取,支付廠外所有費用 (2) First we will ask our forwarder (like U...
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[IL] [F1104869] 以色列求购数据线(type-c charging cable) (10-26)
  Hello.we need 100pcs type-C charging cable, Can you send us a detailed quotation providing pricing, lead time, shipping information, Can you also provide samples?
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[ES] [F1099622] 西班牙求购数据线(Yatour) (09-07)
  Dear provider, I would like to solve a question. First of all, my mail address is. I would be able to send you whatever image you need via mail. I have a Lancia Phedra and would like to buy some prod...
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[IN] [F1085670] 印度求购数据线(USB 2.0 LED mobile phone cables) (05-28)
  I need detailed specifications for your Fashion Led USB-C cable flat charge cable 1m. Please also provide me with the price, CIF/place. 1000 Units
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[VN] [F1073062] 越南求购数据线(CABLES) (03-04)
  Our company dealing with the cables business, pls contact.
[US] [F1055023] 美国求购牛仔布数据线(Denim data cable) (10-12)
  Product name Denim data cable, wire outer denim, output current 2.1A, wire length: 1 meter, product color blue / black, product material aluminum alloy + environmental protection TPE
[US] [F1053663] 美国求购数据线(DATA CABLE) (09-27)
  Dear Sir/Madam, Use:Video Game Player,MP3 / MP4 Player,Mobile Phone,Magnetic Charging Cable,Camera,Computer USB Type:Type-C , IOS , Andorid Product name:Magnetic Charging Cable Function:Charge + ...
[IT] [F1053662] 意大利求购数据线(USB cable) (09-27)
  Use:Video Game Player,MP3 / MP4 Player,Mobile Phone,Camera,Computer USB Type:Micro-USB Product name:LED Light USB CABLE Application:Laptop, PC, Computer ,monitors Certificate:USA, ROHS Color:Blac...
[CZ] [F1053660] 捷克求购数据线(USB charger cable) (09-27)
  Use:Video Game Player,MP3 / MP4 Player,Mobile Phone,Camera,Computer USB Type:Micro-USB Product name:Voice Control Dancing LED Light USB CABLE Application:Laptop, PC, Computer ,monitors Certificate...
[RU] [F1047312] 俄罗斯求购数据线和电池(cable and battery for phones) (08-23)
  Big buyers are looking for a Russian baby fair in September cable and battery for phones
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[TZ] [F1021454] 坦桑尼亚求购数据线(5V 2A cables) (03-06)
  Please send me a quotation for this product Portable 5V/2.1A Micro USB Data Cable Mobile Phone Accessories, thanks! Looking forward to your quick reply. Best Regards
[US] [F1014909] 美国求购数据线(USB 3 Type A fiber optic cable AOC) (01-07)
  Cable Length:2.5m USB Type: 3.0 (8c) Data rate:5.0 Gbps Gender:Type A Male to female Power Supply:+5 V

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