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127074 [US] 美国求购便携式充电器(portable battery charger)

2 Products I Seek

1)  External/Portable (Battery) Charger4iPad/iP4, shd hold strong charge, min 3000, pref w dual USB & has AC plugs directly into wall 2 chg the device

Should be able to charge the device while 2 iPhones, or 1 iPad and 1 iPhone charge through the device simultaneously.

Looking for a device close to as powerful (4000) as the ZAGGsparque 2.0 but smaller and sturdier.  The ZAGG holds 4 full iPhone 4 charges, which is probably more than you really need.  I have a 5 or 6 of that model if you want to check one out.

I could accept 2.5 full charges of the iPhone 4, if the item is reasonably priced.  That would be just under half of the iPad, which is enough to keep somebody going for a while.

One of the USB ports should charge extra fast--more power-to handle the iPad and to QUICKLY charge an iPhone 4.  MUST NOT *** TO IPAD TO CHARGE IT - except via USB and the proper charging cable (but not one of those crappy batteries that ***es directly into the iPad or iPhone).

2)  Also looking for a sturdy device not necessarily able to charge the iPad, but able to charge the iPhone 4 more than one full time,  1 - 2 charges of the iPhone 4, maybe that is around 1800 to 2200 or so, but that is AFFORDABLE AND SMALL and easy to charge up and holds its charge for a couple days.  In other words, I just want my customer to have more than enough power to completely recharge his iPhone 4 JUST ONE FULL CHARGE IS ENOUGH, if he IS IN AN AIRPORT running out of power, or something.  TO CHARGE MUST *** TO IPHONE VIA USB CABLE -- the iPhone cable, NOT those crappy batteries that *** to the iPhone to do the charging.

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