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1068017 [UG] 乌干达求购黄金(gold bars nuggets)

Attention seller we want gold bars nuggets above 100 kg month, and price must around US$ 16,000 kg. Purity above 92% au; procedure is as below Your FCO (Word format) should cover the following KEY POINTS: 1. After Seller calls Refinery owner and the parties agree, a contract (the FCO will suffice) is signed and copies exchanged by email that will be “original copies”. 2. Seller agrees to pay for all export and import expenses to the Refinery including flight expenses (pure CIF NY NY). 3. Seller Representative MUST accompany gold shipment to JFK International Airport in New York. 4. Seller must provide the Refinery info about incoming flight, including the airport, carrier, flight number and expected arrival time and date well in advance so the Refinery can meet shipment on time without waiting. 5. Buyer meets Seller Rep at specified Airport with shipment clearing gold through US Customs. 6. The Buyer after clearing gold through customs will transport Rep and shipment in an insured Limousine with security personnel to the Refinery. 7. Seller Rep will be provided nice hotel accommodation during refining at the Hilton Hotel and transport back to airport. 8. The gold is assayed and refined under the close observation of Seller Rep., and the process is videoed for legal reasons. Transfer of Ownership: After the assay is done, Seller accepts Refinery’s result, and Refinery will pay Seller via Bank SWIFT WIRE for the refined gold received within 24 48 hours. Payment to Seller is based upon the amount of refined gold received. 9. If the price is discounted more than 20 25%, the Buyer will reimburse the Seller for all export expenses (i.e. export taxes, shipping, Rep expenses and Insurance (110% of value)). 10. For Intermediary comfort, the Seller agrees to include the broker commissions in his price to the Buyer, but then the Buying Refinery agrees to pay all intermediaries out of (subtracted from) the agreed upon sale price. The net price is the sale price minus the agreed upon Seller commissions, plus export costs if stipulated. 11. Commissions will continue to be paid by the Refinery with all rolls and extensions until the contract ends. These commissions must be clearly stat Send me your fco, spa, skr pop, and commission to email.
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