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[CA] [1190099] [有图]加拿大求购定制压铸汽车(custom diecast cars) (02-01)
  Hi, I run, one of the largest car media websites in the world, reaching over 10 million people a month. We design our own car renders, which we would like to bring to real life via diecast manufacturi...
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[US] [1190098] 美国求购钢拱涵管(Culvert Steel Arch Culvert Pipe) (02-01)
  Hello, I am interested in obtaining information and pricing on your culvert systems. I am looking to source underground shelter culvert with diameter span WIDTHS of approximately 3.6576 meters, 4.267...
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相关买家: 钢拱涵管; Culvert Pipe;
[US] [1190097] [有图]美国求购油漏斗(oil funnel) (02-01)
  Dear WHO MAY BE INTERESTED, My name is Miguel Narvaez from MATCH STORE LLC, I represent a U.S Whosale Company, we sell Home products in general and we are now looking to expand our catalog with Garag...
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相关买家: 油漏斗; oil funnel;
[KR] [1190096] [有图]韩国求购酒店椅子(Solid Wd Louis Chair) (02-01)
  Dear Sir. We are finding *** item. Item: Wooden chair,table Quantity: Chairs=300pcs , Table=90pcs Size: Same as pic Packing: Individual safety packaging Price: (1) Incase of LCL : Yiwu or Weiha...
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相关买家: 酒店椅; Louis Chair;
[CO] [1190095] [有图]哥伦比亚求购香水瓶(Clear frosted spray bottle) (01-31)
  Hello, interested in 50ml.1. As soon as I can cost the logo's 5x2 cm in black, for 5000 units? 2. As soon as is the cost vials 5000 units made? 3. As soon as is the cost shippment with im stall s incl...
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相关买家: 香水瓶; Clear frosted spray bottle;
[US] [1190094] 美国求购棒球帽(Baseball Cap Hat) (01-31)
  Hello There, I am looking for 1000 caps with a logo. Can you please send me sample of your caps. This is our website, we need our logo (need to keep it same the logo color). What color of the cap do y...
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相关买家: 棒球帽; Baseball Cap Hat;
[US] [1190093] 美国求购运动袜(Cushion Crew Socks) (01-31)
  Hi, I am the CEO of Can you make me a sample of these socks in black with my logo on them? I will order thousands
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相关买家: 运动袜; Cushion Crew Socks;
[US] [1190092] 美国求购锂离子电池(3.7V 6000mah Lithium Polymer Battery) (01-31)
  Hello, we like to check with you for the best quotation with good quality of lithium battery @ 5000 mAh at the quantity of 20000 PCS. Please send me the quotation at. Thank you.
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相关买家: 锂离子电池; Lithium Polymer Battery;
[FR] [1190091] 法国求购8人可折叠鱼游戏桌(8 player foldable fish game table) (01-31)
  Hello,,SARL LODY LTD.Mr Hebrard Loic, French from Toulouse, president director of an outdoor amusement park.I'm writing you because we would like to know more about your product. Pls, do you have a PD...
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相关买家: 游戏桌; game table;
[US] [1190090] 美国求购摩托车CG125节流阀燃气电缆(motorcycle CG125 throttle gas cable) (01-31)
  PLease send me details of the packaging and how soon can you ship, will need initially a small order shipped fast to review quality..200 pieces shipped to USAD
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相关买家: 摩托车; 节流阀燃气电缆; motorcycle; throttle gas cable;
[HK] [1190089] 中国香港求购木制相框(BABY FIRST YEAR FRAME) (01-31)
  Dear,I am from Hong Kong Northvale. Our clients looking forward baby first year frame. Please quote price base on 100pcs. Please also send clear photo with quotation. Quotation please send to our Be...
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[ES] [1190088] 西班牙求购托盘(Pallet collars) (01-31)
  I need price for 1000 Pallet collars. I need pricing for two options 1) with export fumigation 2) without export fumigation.Please send your quotes to and you can contact me on Thank you.
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相关买家: 托盘; Pallet collars;
[DE] [1190087] 德国求购披萨自动售货机(outdoor kiosk pizza vending machine) (01-31)
  Hello ! We are looking for a machine for heating and selling ready-made deep freeze pizza to put up OUTSIDE. Do you have machines on display in Europe ? Thank you ! Best
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相关买家: 披萨自动售货机; pizza vending machine;
[AE] [1190086] 阿联酋求购空调压缩机(compressor) (01-31)
  Dear Sales, Kindly quote your best price for the below items along with datasheets/warranty/stock availability/lead time. We need delivery @ our office- Dubai, UAE. Make: York | Model: YDHE-70VDD | ...
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相关买家: 空调压缩机; compressor;
[JO] [1190085] [有图]约旦求购洗涤剂原料(Detergent Raw Material) (01-31)
  Detergent Raw Material (chemical )For Cleaning material & disinfectants . See ***ment .
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相关买家: 洗涤剂原料; Detergent Raw Material;
[AU] [1190084] 澳大利亚求购用于赛车运动的粘接硅胶隔热片(Adhesive Silicone Heat Shield Sheets for Motorsport) (01-31)
  Hi ,We are a motorsport retailer in Australia and are looking to import some heat sheilding. Im interested in you sheets with silica and silicone adhesive backing. GoldSilver CarbonCan I ask what siz...
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相关买家: 硅胶隔热片; Adhesive Silicone Heat Shield Sheets;
[UK] [1190083] 英国求购肥皂(Luxury Oud and blackseed soap) (01-31)
  Soap with eco friendly packaging customisable to my logo on my website 100 each item if there different items.
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相关买家: 肥皂; Luxury Oud; blackseed soap;
[BR] [1190082] [有图]巴西求购太阳能组件(Solar Panels) (01-31)
  Dear,I’m, a Brazilian trading company. Please make us your best FOB quotation for these 3 models of solar panels according to the *** PO.If the quantity is less than your MOQ, quote your MOQ.Please, i...
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相关买家: 太阳能组件; Solar Panels;
[CA] [1190081] 加拿大求购汽车方向盘(Custom Steering Wheels) (01-31)
  Hello, I own a company in Canada that supplies auto interior upholstery and trim. Would you be able to send catalogue information and pricing on your custom steering wheels to . I would be interested...
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相关买家: 汽车方向盘; Custom Steering Wheels;
[SE] [1190080] 瑞典求购219个分体式链轮(219 split sprockets) (01-31)
  Hi, Can you please send me a price list including freight shipping to Stockholm Sweden Looking to purchase gokart 219 sprockets golden andodizing different tooth/size, but mainly around the 70...
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相关买家: 分体式链轮; split sprockets;
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