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[IT] [1179556] 意大利求购激光打标机(Laser marking (cutting) machine) (09-28)
  Good evening, We are looking for a machine with special features. I hope you are a manufacturer because we already collaborate with Chinese dealers by importing many machines but we need a manufactu...
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相关买家: 激光打标机; Laser marking machine;
[IT] [1179554] 意大利求购胶印机(offset printer) (09-28)
  I need to know the humidification system of this equipment, CIF price to Puerto Rio Haina
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相关买家: 胶印机; offset printer;
[IT] [1179553] 意大利求购太阳能组件(20W Solar Panel) (09-28)
  Hello, we need a 20W solar panel with exact dimensions 535x345x25 mm. We would place orders for 10 pcs a time. Do you have it? Thank you and kind regards,
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相关买家: 太阳能组件; Solar Panel;
[IT] [1179552] 意大利求购密封件(ricambi pompe interpump) (09-28)
  Hello I am a big distributor of your products, you can send me Photo + size + prices? Thanks
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相关买家: 密封件; ricambi pompe interpump;
[IT] [1179551] 意大利求购医用手套(Medical Examination Latex Hand Gloves) (09-28)
  Goodmorning All! My name is Eliana, i work For , you can check our B2B onlineand our website.We are currently looking for a reliable supplier of Latex Gloves in way to do a Bulk Order. can you please ...
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相关买家: 医用手套; Medical Gloves; Examination Gloves; Latex Gloves; Hand Gloves;
[FR] [1179550] 法国求购木屑颗粒(Hard Wood and Pine Wood Pellets) (09-28)
  Bonjour, je vous contacte aujourd'hui car nous sommes ala recherche d'un fournisseur de Pellets. Notre CDE serait de 500T pour commencer, nous payions en L/C. Merci de votre rponse Cordialement
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相关买家: 木屑颗粒; Hard Wood Pellets; Pine Wood Pellets;
[DE] [1179549] 德国求购发电机(generator) (09-28)
  Hi, what costs at a 40 KVA generator, incl. DDP delivery after Germany 97232 giebels city. If you have any questions, can me like by Whats App
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相关买家: 发电机; generator;
[DE] [1179548] 德国求购汽车充电器(Electric Vehicle Charger) (09-28)
  Hello,for a series solution, we are searching a long-term available charger with a) CE certification, b) type 2 and c) Schuko or Blue Cee connector. The charger must have the ability to charge only wi...
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相关买家: 汽车充电器; Electric Vehicle Charger;
[DE] [1179547] 德国求购松木颗粒(ENplus A1 Pine Wood Pellet) (09-28)
  Hallo , ich interessiere mich für diese Produkte. Hemp pellets please offer me a price per Tone. how many tones fits in a 40 feet container?? Wie hoch sind die Versandkosten?
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相关买家: 松木颗粒; Wood Pellet;
[DE] [1179546] 德国求购橡木柴(Oak Firewood) (09-28)
  Hi there, I am interestet to buy for 100' up to 200' Euro firewood for my company in Germany Sachsen(Adress: Rödlitzer Str.2a, 09350 Lichtenstein-Sachsen, Germany). I need oak, Spruce, Beech, Bir...
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相关买家: 橡木柴; Oak Firewood;
[UK] [1179544] 英国求购巴士(coach bus) (09-28)
  We would like to purchase two intercity buses for our project in Tanzania Please send me more information and prices for the bus with front engine and right hand drive configuration We look forward...
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相关买家: 巴士; coach bus;
[IT] [1179542] [有图]意大利求购木质床(genuine leather king size beds) (09-28)
  Hi,please confirm price for 6 beds / 12 bedside tableProduction time transport cost to Italy
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相关买家: 木床;
[IT] [1179541] [有图]意大利求购铝制沙滩躺椅(Aluminum beach loungers) (09-28)
  Good morning,I am interested in price for 2000 pieces as *** sunbeds.We want the cot without a roof is it possible?Other information such as container cost in Italy.Delivery time?Terms of payment?than...
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相关买家: 沙滩躺椅; beach loungers;
[IT] [1179540] 意大利求购沙发泡棉(foam Foam for sofa) (09-28)
  Hi I want a quotation for foam Foam for sofa in different denths, I will give you the total size and density that I need. 14 linear meters x 0,70 MT wide and total height 20cm compound as follows: S...
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相关买家: 沙发泡棉; foam Foam;
[IT] [1179539] 意大利求购A4纸(a4 paper 75 gsm) (09-28)
  A4 Photocopy Paper Premium Quality Paper 75 gsm. Best CIF price inclusive delivery to warehouse in Sassuolo (MO) ITALY. Thank you for your offer.
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相关买家: A4纸; a4 paper;
[IT] [1179538] 意大利求购木屑颗粒(Fir Pine Beech wood pellets) (09-28)
  Good morning I am from Raven Solutions, and I am looking for a good quality Enplus A1 pellet to resell in Italy.I need to check quality before start to order, so in this phase I am principally interes...
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相关买家: 木屑颗粒; wood pellets;
[IT] [1179537] 意大利求购木屑颗粒(Top Grade Wood pellets) (09-28)
  Hello i need to buy 1 tons of Pellet Total, you have whatsapp? Please can you discuss about price and quantity by whatsapp? My number is. I hope to have your news as soon.Regards
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相关买家: 木屑颗粒; Wood pellets;
[PK] [1179535] [有图]巴基斯坦求购购物袋(shopping tote bags) (09-28)
  Do you support customization? What is the best price you can offer? i need one million pieces. waiting for your rep to get back ASAP.
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相关买家: 购物袋; shopping tote bags;
[IN] [1179533] 印度求购RONMACK缝纫机双驱动数显拉马(RONMACK s***g machine double drive digital puller) (09-28)
  Hi Grace,can this be *** to JACK stiching machine? Do you support customization? I am looking for this. you may connect with me on my
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[IN] [1179532] 印度求购插管(fistula Cannula) (09-28)
  Hello Sir/Mam,Greetings, Hope you are doing well!! We have a requirement of Fistula Cannula 15G, 16G, 17G. Our Annual Consumption is mentioned below for the various sizes. Kindly share us quotation wi...
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