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[ES] [1200517] 西班牙求购***担架纸(disposable stretcher paper) (06-07)
  Good morning Sherry Huang, I am Víctor, physiotherapist and distributor of medical supplies in physiotherapy clinics in the city of León (Spain). I'm interested in starting to distribute disposable st...
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相关买家: 一次性担架纸; disposable stretcher paper;
[ES] [1200516] 西班牙求购无线智能激光切割机雕刻机(wireless Smart Laser cutter Engraver) (06-07)
  I wanted information about this product, since what I need would be to make small laser prints on sunglasses lenses (normally polarized) or on acetate.They are small details, or very small prints, do ...
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相关买家: 激光切割机雕刻机; cutter Engraver;
[ES] [1200515] 西班牙求购真空收纳袋(vacuum storage bags for clothes) (06-07)
  Contact me by whatsapp please. Very interested in the product.
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相关买家: 真空收纳袋; vacuum storage bags;
[IT] [1200514] 意大利求购视频处理器(video processor) (06-07)
  HI.I'm interasted in the video processor.Send me the best price and how much shipping costs for number of 2 me on WhatApp Thank you.
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相关买家: 视频处理器; video processor;
[IT] [1200513] 意大利求购金属床(Double Loft Metal Bed) (06-07)
  Apartment Loft Bunk Bed European Style 1.5 m Bedroom Furniture Luxury Frame Simple Design Bed Frame Hotel Double Loft Metal Bed 150*190 BlackHello, is it possible to buy one of this product? It will...
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相关买家: 金属床; Metal Bed;
[IT] [1200512] 意大利求购割草机(grass trimmer) (06-07)
  Hello; we are interested at your grass trimmer for italy, bulgaria and Australia; we see also a Snowblower on the truck; please send us a best quote for 50 pieces to start.Thanks.Kind regards.
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相关买家: 割草机; grass trimmer;
[IT] [1200511] 意大利求购***无纺布手术服制造机(Disposable Non-woven Fabric Surgical Suit Making Machine) (06-07)
  Hi,My name is Dario and we are a reseller with an down company called DENSO ENGINEERING and a service company with JC-ELECTRONICS ITALIA.For a customer of mine, I need a complete TECHNICA...
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相关买家: 无纺布手术服; Disposable Surgical Suit;
[IT] [1200510] [有图]意大利求购等离子表面处理机(plasma surface treatment machine) (06-07)
  Hi, This is from Italy .I am looking to replace a plasmatreating system Because out current Corona system is getting old.Out of many system trial, the one we had worked very well because it was not ve...
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相关买家: 等离子表面处理机; plasma surface treatment machine;
[RO] [1200509] 罗马尼亚求购汽车千斤顶(Car Jack) (06-07)
  Good day,My name is , I represent Romania.I am interested in the folowing product code TRF30703 - 2 pcs.Please send me a price offer and delivery time to Romania ZIP 077160Looking forward for your rep...
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相关买家: 汽车千斤顶; Car Jack;
[AR] [1200508] 阿根廷求购雨衣(poncho) (06-07)
  Good afternoon:My name is, I work at the purchase department of the company , established in Argentina. We have been in the self-discharge hoppers for agricultural use market for 94 years,We are inter...
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相关买家: 雨衣; poncho;
[RO] [1200507] [有图]罗马尼亚求购壁炉门(Different types ash box fireplace door) (06-07)
  Dear Sir/Madame,My name is Oana Dumitrache, I am purchasing analyst for Honest General Trading Romania.Our Company, HONEST GENERAL TRADING SRL, is one of the most importantdistribution companies in Ro...
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相关买家: 壁炉门; fireplace door;
[IT] [1200506] 意大利求购行李带(Suitcase Belt Luggage Strap) (06-07)
  Hello, we are interested in distributing this item in Italy and Europe ( DIY stores ) with for Custom ABS POM Password TSA Lock Weight Weigh Buckle Adjustable Fix Rope Nylon Travel Case Suitcase B...
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相关买家: 行李带; Suitcase Belt; Luggage Strap;
[IT] [1200505] [有图]意大利求购扁平电缆金属护套(flat cable metal cover) (06-07)
  Hello , I'm Davide from Italy, we are searcing for a new products family a cover for the last part of the flat cable. The flat is crimped with a CONN SOCKET 50POS IDC GOLD. I'm attacing some photos (i...
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相关买家: 扁平电缆; 金属护套; flat cable; metal cover;
[IT] [1200504] 意大利求购旋转泵(Rotary Pump) (06-07)
  Hi , please let us know the technical specifications of the mini gear pump , is it a gear pump or a vibration pump , we need details to define a possible product for some 10.000 regular volume orders,...
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相关买家: 旋转泵; Rotary Pump;
[AR] [1200503] 阿根廷求购打印机耗材(M2053885 Original) (06-07)
  Good morning, I represent the firm Argentina. We are distributors of Ricoh machines and spare parts among others. I needed to procure M2053885 for Ricoh. I try to make the payment but it tells me that...
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相关买家: 打印机耗材;
[DE] [1200502] 德国求购杯托(Tumbler Cup Holder) (06-07)
  I want to buy 8 from this one. Address is Hojen 2 - 87490 Haldenwang Germany. How much is shipping and how long is shipping time?
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相关买家: 杯托; Tumbler Cup Holder;
[TR] [1200500] 土耳其求购洗碗机(small dishwasher) (06-07)
  hello my dearI'm interested in your product, can you do a study on the feature and price to my e-mail address?i reach from turkey
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相关买家: 洗碗机; small dishwasher;
[PK] [1200499] 巴基斯坦求购燃油(Jet Fuel) (06-07)
  Dear Sir, We are seeking assistance for supply of the following products: Jet Fuel A1 EN590 10 PPM Diesel / D6 FOB Rotterdam Awaiting for your response. Thank you.
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相关买家: 燃油; Jet Fuel;
[UK] [1200498] [有图]英国求购无线门铃(Wireless DoorBells) (06-07)
  Hi Supplier: We're UK importer, i am from China office for sourcing. Now we're looking for some doorbells, see *** pictures, if you have the same or similar models, please send me a photo quotation ...
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相关买家: 无线门铃; Wireless DoorBells;
[BH] [1200497] 巴林求购羊肉(Frozen Lamb) (06-07)
  Dear Sir, We need to buy Frozen Lamb & Mutton. Please contact us for further details. Regards.
相关买家: 羊肉; Frozen Lamb;
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