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[US] [1200843] 美国求购双角刷(Dual angled brush) (06-09)
  Hi there, I am looking for full customization on a dual angled brush with spoolie. I have a sample to send but want custom color. Please email me at - I do not like *** chat. Thank you!
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相关买家: 双角刷; Dual angled brush;
[US] [1200842] 美国求购冰箱贴(Custom Pvc Fridge Magnet) (06-09)
  I am interested in 2,000 magnets with my company's logo for the magnet:
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相关买家: 冰箱贴; Pvc Fridge Magnet;
[EE] [1200841] 爱沙尼亚求购莫桑表圈(moissanite watch bezel) (06-09)
  Hello!Are you offering dropshipping options (ship on demand)?We want to add this product to
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[US] [1200840] 美国求购储存卡(Memory Card) (06-09)
  Do you have a pricelist of all your San.Disk and Kingsto.n products with wholesale prices? We would buy over 10.000 units. Please send to
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相关买家: 储存卡; Memory Card;
[EG] [1200839] 埃及求购点焊机(DC welding machine price spot welders) (06-09)
  Good day i would like to quote for 1 set please forward the quotation to
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相关买家: 点焊机; DC welding machine;
[CA] [1200838] 加拿大求购工业吸尘设备(Industrial vacuum cleaner) (06-09)
  Hey I would like to know the price and time of delivery.Do you have a catalog with all products, because we need more stock... Thank you
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相关买家: 工业吸尘设备; Industrial vacuum cleaner;
[CA] [1200837] 加拿大求购照相亭(photo booth with camera and printer kiosk) (06-09)
  Hey - Our business will be expending into this space and offer rentals of similar products for events etc. We need to purchase a couple of samples before order a set for each target city. Are you able...
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相关买家: 照相亭; photo booth;
[TR] [1200836] 土耳其求购15千瓦的电动卡车(electric truck with 15 kW) (06-09)
  Hi, do you produce small electric truck with 15 kW electric motor. In order to avoid Homologation tests, we need 15 kW truck. (L7e)Please send me your comments
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相关买家: 电动卡车; electric truck;
[IT] [1200835] 意大利求购夹心板材(two wall panels mod) (06-09)
  request for two wall panels mod. "BugHunter DAudio BDA-5" for functional test at the price of $1700+1700 + shipping.. payment with paypal...we will deal with other material later if they work well..f...
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相关买家: 夹心板材; two wall panels;
[PT] [1200834] 葡萄牙求购多头五轴旋转木材成形刀(Multi Head 5 Axis Rotary Wood Shaper Cutter) (06-09)
  Dear,it is possible produce th emachine for working lengh 600mm ? how much is machine with shipping to Portugal, Lisbon Port. wait your reply,
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相关买家: 木材成形刀; Wood Shaper Cutter;
[TR] [1200833] 土耳其求购木材干燥窑(Wood Drying Kilns) (06-09)
  Hello, We are epoxy table manufacturer ET we want to kiln our wood slabs in Turkey and looking for kiln drone. My questions: 1. is it suite for solid wood slabs? 2. Our wood slabs are Max 3.50mt. ...
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相关买家: 木材干燥窑; Wood Drying Kilns;
[NZ] [1200832] 新西兰求购教学实验科学包(Teaching Experiment Science Kits) (06-09)
  Hi . I am looking for DIY Lemon Powered Clock School Teaching Experiment Science Kits for Kids.Please send me your catologues.
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相关买家: 教学实验科学包; Teaching Experiment Science Kits;
[IN] [1200831] 印度求购白板(whiteboard) (06-09)
  Buyer is looking for 'smart board'. Specification: interactive smart boards Purpose: Reselling
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相关买家: 白板; whiteboard;
[IN] [1200830] 印度求购白板(whiteboard) (06-09)
  Buyer is looking for 'interactive whiteboard'. Product Name : Interactive White Board Quantity Required:1 Nos
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相关买家: 白板; whiteboard;
[IN] [1200829] 印度求购白板(whiteboard) (06-09)
  Buyer is looking for 'interactive whiteboard'. Quantity Required:1 Pieces Requirement Type:One time
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相关买家: 白板; whiteboard;
[PK] [1200827] 巴基斯坦求购墨盒(Twjj Cartridges) (06-09)
  Used in faucets for hot and cold water flow
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相关买家: 墨盒; Cartridges;
[PH] [1200826] 菲律宾求购液体墨盒(Refillable E-Liquid Cartridge) (06-09)
  I am looking for supplier for empty e-liquid cartridges its device must be rechargable type c
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相关买家: 液体墨盒;
[SA] [1200825] 沙特求购纳米胶带(Nano Tape) (06-09)
  Unique size: Length 3m/16.5FT, width 30mm, thickness 1mm. Holds up to 1 KG(2.2 LBS)on a smooth surface, this double-sided tape can stick to almost any smooth, easy to disassemble without damaging surf...
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相关买家: 纳米胶带; Nano Tape;
[IN] [1200824] 印度求购复印机碳粉盒(Copier Toner Cartridge) (06-09)
  Looking for copier toner cartridge manufacturer
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相关买家: 复印机碳粉盒; Copier Toner Cartridge;
[SY] [1200823] 叙利亚求购M-T53II(M-T53II) (06-09)
  I need gears for Epson mt53II thermal printer
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