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[AE] [1179873] 阿联酋求购防水 RFID 腕带(waterproof RFID wristband) (09-30)
  we are looking for waterproof RFID tag and lock please send the information asap
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相关买家: RFID腕带; RFID wristband;
[US] [1179872] 美国求购***(e-cigarettes) (09-30)
  Elfbar 1500 puffs Vapor,100pcs
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相关买家: 电子烟; e-cigarettes;
[SA] [1179871] 沙特求购锄头(QUALITY CROCODILE HOE) (09-30)
  hi, would please share your catalog along side the prices for Saudi Arabia, required quantity 2 40ft containers monthly. please share it at
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相关买家: 锄头; CROCODILE HOE;
[TW] [1179870] [有图]中国台湾求购手动轮椅(Manual Wheelchair) (09-30)
  Dear Sirs, we are interesting the wheelchair for kids and export to Russia marketing, please find *** file that is the foto. pls let us know whether you can produce them and reply to my
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相关买家: 手动轮椅; Manual Wheelchair;
[UK] [1179869] [有图]英国求购镜头盖(camera body cap) (09-30)
  Micro Four Thirds Camera Body Cap (not lens cap). Either no text or ability to add custom logo on the front.
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相关买家: 镜头盖; camera body cap;
[IN] [1179868] 印度求购卫生巾(Sanitary Pad Napkin) (09-30)
  i required Sanitary Pad Napkin for reseling my whatsapp
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相关买家: 卫生巾; Sanitary Pad Napkin;
[UK] [1179867] 英国求购凝胶冷却围巾(gel polymer cooler head wrist neck cooling scarf) (09-30)
  Hi,Can you please send me a sample of the neck cooling scarf?Can you also make a hat with a neck cooling flap on the back?I can send imagesthanks
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相关买家: 围巾; cooling scarf;
[AR] [1179866] 阿根廷求购首饰配件和部件(925 Sterling Silver Jewelry) (09-30)
  Howdy I need price ROLO chains in Roll, a Roll few meters have? I am from Buenos Aires , Argentina.
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相关买家: 首饰配件; Sterling Silver Jewelry;
[MX] [1179865] [有图]墨西哥求购掌上游戏机(palm game player) (09-30)
  Hello, Could you please let me know What is the shipping cost? and What is the best price you can offer? thank you
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相关买家: 掌上游戏机; palm game player;
[SK] [1179864] 斯洛伐克求购遮阳篷(Polycarbonate Balcony Canopy Aluminum Patio Covers) (09-30)
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相关买家: 遮阳篷;
[PL] [1179863] [有图]波兰求购掌上游戏机(palm game player) (09-30)
  Sup 400 Game In 1 Mini,we need 200pcs
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相关买家: 掌上游戏机; palm game player;
[KW] [1179861] 科威特求购厨房***套装(Kitchen Cutting Foods) (09-30)
  Hello,I work for based in the UK.We are looking for a manufacturer for our new bamboo knife set that is coming out. Can you make custom steel bamboo handle knifes for our new product?Tha...
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相关买家: 厨房刀具套装; Kitchen Cutting Foods;
[UA] [1179860] 乌克兰求购HX-L20M31 LVDS TO MIPI桥板转换器(HX-L20M31 LVDS TO MIPI bridge board converter) (09-30)
  Dear KaraWe are UTAS Company, manufacturer of medical equipmentI would like to purchase for testing the following items?HX-L20M31 LVDS TO MIPI bridge board converter with LVDS input and MIPI output - ...
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相关买家: 桥板转换器; bridge board converter;
[ZW] [1179859] [有图]津巴布韦求购合成绝缘子(composite insulators) (09-30)
  Hi dear! Do you have Composite insulators? If yes, please can I have the quotation with CIF Harare? Can you do it? 88kv composite insulators x 1500 132kv composite insulators x 1500 330kv composite...
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相关买家: 绝缘子; composite insulators;
[UK] [1179858] 英国求购投影屏幕(projector screen) (09-30)
  Hi, please advise best cost to supply and end by courier 92 inch alr Floor rising screen. Must be compatible with UK mains powe and come with UK mains plug. Thank you!
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相关买家: 投影屏幕; projector screen;
[VE] [1179857] 委内瑞拉求购定制金属孔眼(Custom Metal Eyelets) (09-30)
  Hello Lily, I want to personalize the buttonholes with the name of, AND, IF POSSIBLE, THE LOGO OF THE COMPANY. THANK YOU I WAIT FOR YOUR ANSWER. Do Permites customization? How much time takes the free...
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相关买家: 金属孔眼; Metal Eyelets;
[US] [1179856] 美国求购投影屏幕(Electric Projection Screen) (09-30)
  Electric Projection Screen, Hi,I'm interested in this product.What is the shipping cost? How long will it take to ship to my country?we want 20pcs
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相关买家: 投影屏幕; Electric Projection Screen;
[US] [1179855] 美国求购投影屏幕(projection screen) (09-30)
  150inch Home cinema Fixed Frame PET T-prism alr Projection Screen Wall Mounted,could we get a sample?
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相关买家: 投影屏幕; projection screen;
[DE] [1179854] 德国求购投影屏幕(projection screen) (09-30)
  Good morning,I would like to order the vivid storm 100 inch s electri c projector screen
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相关买家: 投影屏幕; projection screen;
[CL] [1179853] [有图]智利求购投影屏幕(projection screen) (09-30)
  Hello, I am interested in these products. Product Name:Motorized floor rising Projector Screen
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相关买家: 投影屏幕; projection screen;
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