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[US] [1164095] [有图]美国求购金器钛餐具(Golden Ware Titanium Flatware) (05-10)
  hello, there!It is Jamshid representor from and I want to build long-term relationship with your company. We sell products online and found your product is very qualitative and demandable. If you can...
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相关买家: 餐具; Flatware;
[US] [1164094] 美国求购触摸屏液晶显示模块(touch screen LCD display module) (05-10)
  Hi This is, located in Los Angeles, California. I am looking for touch screen LCD display module, 1200 x 800, 8", Do you have an adaptor board to convert the display output to HDMI and USB for touch s...
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相关买家: 触摸屏; 液晶显示模块; touch screen; LCD display module;
[MY] [1164093] 马来西亚求购泛光灯(Floodlight EX-BLP80) (05-10)
  Good day Please provide quotation as below item Floodlight, Electric,Mode: EX-BLP80, LED 80W, 100/240VAC. Size: 300x215x150mm Qty: 10pcs
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相关买家: 泛光灯; Floodlight;
[TH] [1164092] 泰国求购光纤抛光机(Request price for Optical Fiber Polishing Machine KCO-PM3600) (05-10)
  Dear : Sales Our customer would like to buy your product 1. Optical Fiber Polishing Machine KCO-PM3600 for q'ty 1 2. FC-UPC-24 q'ty 1 3. SC-UPC-24 q'ty 1 4. SC-APC-24 q'ty 1
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相关买家: 光纤抛光机; Optical Fiber Polishing Machine;
[MK] [1164091] 马其顿求购水泥纸袋制袋机(about: Automatic Cement Paper Bag Making Machine) (05-10)
  Dear Sirs, I am interested into your machine for cement paper bag with valve. please contact me, Best regards, Marjan Monevski Plasteks
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相关买家: 水泥纸袋制袋机; Cement Paper Bag Making Machine;
[HK] [1164090] 中国香港求购石膏板(plasterboard) (05-10)
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are interested in your plasterboards. Would you be interested in producing OEM brand ? Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards Asar Cheng Greenbuild Marketing Services Co...
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相关买家: 石膏板; plasterboard;
[RU] [1164089] 俄罗斯求购注射器(syringes) (05-10)
  We have a desire to purchase company syringes: Huaian City Hengchun Medical Product Co., Ltd please inform us of the prices and terms of delivery for 3-component syringes. Approximate volume for ...
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相关买家: 注射器; syringes;
[IN] [1164088] 印度求购PCU颗粒(about: PCU granule) (05-10)
  We want the price for the PCU granules, and can it be available in different colors also. Secondly can we use it on Vertical Injection Machines used in India.
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相关买家: PCU颗粒; PCU granule;
[CH] [1164087] 瑞士求购甜甜圈盒(donut Box) (05-10)
  Hi,Can you contact me on whatsapp? I would like more information about your product, i'm selling online cookies and I need boxes like yours, just need a different color and add my own logo.I would lik...
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相关买家: 甜甜圈盒; donut Box;
[DE] [1164086] 德国求购绷带/止血带(Bandage / Tourniquet) (05-10)
  Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,please send me an offer for 250pcs israeli bandage and 250pcs tourniquet. When could it deliver and how much does shipping to Germany cost?Thanks very regards
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相关买家: 绷带; 止血带; Bandage; Tourniquet;
[MY] [1164085] 马来西亚求购不锈钢装饰(Decoration Stainless Steel) (05-10)
  I need the following decorative stainless steel; Description Chinese Description 厚度 Remark ( mm ) G304 Platinum Silver Bead Blasted with AFP G304白銀打砂防指紋 1.5 AFP ( Anti Finger Print ) G304 Bro...
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相关买家: 不锈钢装饰; Decoration Stainless Steel;
[GE] [1164084] 格鲁吉亚求购显卡(graphic card) (05-10)
  Hi we are official reselling company of miners we want to resell your gpus on website maybe we can build a partnership ? if you give me good product for good price all add some extra and start selling...
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相关买家: 显卡; graphic card;
[HU] [1164083] 匈牙利求购金属相框(metal photo frame) (05-10)
  Hi! Please send your metal photo frame catalogue for the following email please: Many thanks
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相关买家: 金属相框; metal photo frame;
[PA] [1164082] [有图]巴拿马求购PU泡沫(soft pu foam packing polyurethane foam insert) (05-10)
  Hello, we would like to quote this product put in Panama, 12x12x25 cm, 20x20x30 cm and other larger sizes, thank you what's the price best that you can offer? What is shipping cost?
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相关买家: PU泡沫; soft pu foam;
[NL] [1164080] 荷兰求购烧烤工具(BBQ Grill Tools Set) (05-10)
  Good day, Please advice your best price for totaal 500 Sets, With my Company logo And delivery costs to Rotterdam, NL.Thank you
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相关买家: 烧烤工具; BBQ Grill Tools Set;
[PL] [1164079] [有图]波兰求购透明太阳镜盒(Transparent Sunglasses Case) (05-10)
  Hello :-) !We like too order sample of Transparent Sunglasses Case, with custom logo (in additon our logo). Pleasle send invoice for sample to our e-mail adress : Data for invoice:Name: Kitulec Shop K...
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相关买家: 太阳镜盒; Sunglasses Case;
[US] [1164078] 美国求购镜子(Colored Mirror) (05-10)
  hi i would like to u sent sampledo you have size 5x7 in ? border sharp or smooth? can you sent sample ?
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相关买家: 镜子; Colored Mirror;
[UK] [1164077] 英国求购男士卫衣及帽衫(Stitching Hoodies) (05-10)
  Hi , I'm interested in this products. Would love to order and get my logo put across the chest in either print or rhinestones. Ill add the logo and can we see if this is achievable, thank you!The top ...
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相关买家: 男士卫衣; 帽衫; Stitching Hoodies;
[AU] [1164076] 澳大利亚求购定量给料器(Doser machine) (05-10)
  Hi, Interested in the Doser machine, to fill up concrete sleepers, We use 13mm aggregate 40 mpa concrete and we need to fill one every 6-8 seconds (0.04m3) Would your doser work? Can you provide: Pric...
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相关买家: 定量给料器; Doser machine;
[US] [1164074] 美国求购卡套(PSA Grading Card Holder) (05-10)
  I have a small requirement I would like to have added to my order. It's the smallest detail but to me it is important because I have to protect my PSA 10 cards from forgery. Can you please email me ba...
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相关买家: 卡套; PSA Grading Card Holder;
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