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[FR] [1147297] 法国求购645 E3B型柴油机(EMD 645 E3B Engine) (11-17)
  We need Engine EMD 645 E3B please contact us with your all techinal information
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 柴油机;
[UK] [1147296] 英国求购deutz道依茨SBV12M628发动机(Deutz SBV12M628 engine) (11-17)
  Looking for a Deutz SBV12M628 engine in good condition.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 发动机; engine;
[NL] [1147295] [有图]荷兰求购SGT600燃气发生器(SGT600 gas generator) (11-17)
  Looking for new or used SGT600 gas generator (and power turbine) maximum 80.000 EOH DLE combustion chamber with bypass system installed gas or dual fuel with B2 rotor.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 燃气发生器; gas generator;
[TR] [1147294] 土耳其求购Cat 3606 发动机缸体(Cat 3606 Engine Block) (11-17)
  We are looking for Cat 3606 Engine Block or Short Block, if anybody have it please dont hesitate to contact with us.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 发动机缸体; Engine Block;
[KR] [1147293] 韩国求购大豆粉(Soybean Meal) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Soybean Meal. We need 12500mt a month x 12months. Please get back to us ASAP. Best Regards.
相关买家: 大豆粉; Soybean Meal;
[AU] [1147292] 澳大利亚求购精制甘油(Refined Glycerine) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We would like to inquire regarding Refined Glycerine 99.7 Usp Cosmetic Grade. We intend to buy 1 - 20 ft container (approx 80 plastic drums of 250 kgz ) cif/cnf/fob to Lilongwe. Wha...
相关买家: 精制甘油; Refined Glycerine;
[UK] [1147291] 英国求购拖鞋(Rubber Soul Slippers) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We want to purchase Rubber Soul Slippers in bulk for resale in Sri Lanka. We are currently focusing on flip flops only. So please contact us and brief us on prices for wholesale purch...
相关买家: 拖鞋; Rubber Soul Slippers;
[BD] [1147290] 孟加拉国求购棕榈绿豆蔻(Palm Green Cardamom) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We request you to please quote us your best competitive price of palm green Cardamom, with the following information: Pod: Chattagonj, Bangladesh Size: 8mm Payment: LC An early re...
相关买家: 棕榈绿豆蔻; Palm Green Cardamom;
[UK] [1147289] 英国求购铜精矿(Copper Concentrate) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We are need Copper Concentrate to China. Qty : From 1000 MT per month. Can you offer some quantity to export ? Can you give us your best rate ? If yes, please contact us ASAP. Than...
相关买家: 铜精矿; Copper Concentrate;
[PK] [1147288] 巴基斯坦求购膨润土(Bentonite) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Bentonite. Can you give us your best rate ? If yes, please contact us ASAP. Thank you.
相关买家: 膨润土; Bentonite;
[VN] [1147287] 越南求购柴油添加剂(Additives for Diesel Oil) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We need the additives for Diesel Oil to reduce NOx commission. Quantity: 100,000 litters CIF: Hochiminh city, Vietnam. Please send us the document and catalog. Thanks. Long Ng...
相关买家: 柴油添加剂; Diesel Oil;
[AE] [1147286] 阿联酋求购钢板(Steel Plates) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Steel Plate ASTM A573 GR 70. Please let us know if you have Plates of Thickness 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 30, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37. Delivery : Jebel Ali Port Dubai ...
相关买家: 钢板; Steel Plates;
[JO] [1147285] 约旦求购火龙果(Dragon Fruits) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We have require for Fresh Dragon Fruit from Indonesia. Kindly quote your prices. Thank you.
相关买家: 火龙果; Dragon Fruits;
[IN] [1147284] 印度求购鳄梨(Avocadoes) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We are need 4500 Kgs by week of Avocados & Mangoes. Please quote us on FOB Rwanda. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
相关买家: 鳄梨; Avocadoes;
[IN] [1147283] 印度求购杏树(Almonds) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We would like to import various Nuts like Almonds, Pistachio, Cashew and Walnuts. Please contact us by email. Thank you.
相关买家: 杏树; Almonds;
[IN] [1147282] 印度求购液化天然气(Liquefied Natural Gas) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We have a requirement for Liquefied Natural Gas. Contract Length : 5 Years agreed period Quantity : 100,000 MT Trial, Monthly 100,000 MT x 59 months with R & E. Total Quantity : 6,0...
相关买家: 液化天然气; Liquefied Natural Gas;
[PK] [1147281] 巴基斯坦求购鹰嘴豆(Chickpeas) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, Our requirement is as follows : 1. Moong Beans 2. Chickpeas 3. Red Kidney Beans Qty : 70 tons each We require it for Jalalabad, Afghanistan Please do respond. Thank you.
相关买家: 鹰嘴豆; Chickpeas;
[BD] [1147280] 孟加拉国求购葵花籽油(Crude Sunflower Oil) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in importing the following commodities and requested us to submit an offer from a reputed supplier who will be able to make shipments regularly. 01. Commodity : Cru...
相关买家: 葵花籽油; Crude Sunflower Oil;
[ID] [1147279] 印度尼西亚求购硬脂酸(Stearic Acid) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We are looking Stearic Acid much as 30 thousand tons - 50 thousand tons per month, and a contract for 1 year. If possible. Can you give us your best rate ? If yes, please contact us...
相关买家: 硬脂酸; Stearic Acid;
[IN] [1147278] 印度求购轮重天平(Wheel Weight Balance) (11-17)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for manufacturer of Wheel Balance Weight in weights 5gm, 10gm, etc and so on. Can you provide it? If yes, please let us know. Thank you.
相关买家: 轮重天平; Wheel Weight Balance;
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