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[TH] [1077873] 泰国求购辣椒粉(Chilli powder EU grade) (04-07)
  Dear Sir, We are biggest instant manufacturer in Thialand. As you know india country is locked down. We are in uregnt need of chilli powder EU grade ASAP. Please advise if you have this kind of pr...
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相关买家: 辣椒粉; Chilli powder;
[HK] [1077872] 香港求购耐高温粉末涂层胶带(high-temperature resist powder coating masking tape) (04-07)
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are searching a supplier which can supply high-temperature resist powder coating masking tape. Our parts is Aluminum die casting base. The surface finish is powder coating. some pos...
相关买家: 粉末涂层胶带; masking tape;
[TH] [1077871] 泰国求购食品(Dried soup) (04-07)
  I would like to order dried soups , Please contact me. Thnks! JIRA
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相关买家: 食品; Dried soup;
[ES] [1077870] 西班牙求购RJ45工业连接器(about: RJ45 industrial connector) (04-07)
  I need some units please have a way to send some examples. Best regards Enrique Mus
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相关买家: RJ45工业连接器; RJ45 industrial connector;
[US] [1077868] 美国求购活性炭(Activated Carbon Meida role) (04-07)
  Hi, We are in need to make face masks to prevent our factory workers from Dust and Diesel Smoke pollutants. We need activated carbon type fabric material/media ( like ACF-Activated Carbon Filter or DA...
相关买家: 活性炭; Activated Carbon;
[IN] [1077867] 印度求购望远镜(numbers of Binoculars) (04-07)
  This is in reference to our requirement of 60 numbers of Binoculars. Request you to quote your best price & provide brand and model details as per below technical specifications: ?The prism of the Bi...
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相关买家: 望远镜; Binoculars;
[PL] [1077866] 波兰求购箱包,行李箱,手提箱(bags, luggages, suit cases) (04-07)
  Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Piotr and im New Trade Director of company Genlog Europe Ltd. We are the fastest growing up polish fishing company. And according that we are looking for the new suppl...
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相关买家: 箱包; 行李箱; 手提箱; bags; luggages; suit cases;
[TR] [1077865] 土耳其求购钢管(LINE PIPE BULK MATERIAL) (04-07)
  To whom it may concern, My name is Cigdem Sen and working as purchase engineer at Everest Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.. My company is a foreign trade company, which is based in İstanbul-Turkey. Our c...
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相关买家: 钢管; LINE PIPE;
[US] [1077863] 美国求购化妆品(cosmetic) (04-07)
  We are a cosmetic component company. We injection mold components, hot stamp and assemble for the Cosmetics Industry. Do you spray paint components and are you interested in this type of business? The...
相关买家: 化妆品; cosmetic;
[IN] [1077862] 印度求购口罩机器(face mask making machine) (04-07)
  Dear Sir,Please send us all information on your face mask making machine.
相关买家: 口罩机; face mask making machine;
[LT] [1077859] 立陶宛求购三层口罩(ffp3 mask) (04-07)
  hello, we need big amount10 000 of ffp3 mask. How fast can you shipp and what paying terms do you use?
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相关买家: 三层口罩; ffp3 mask;
[US] [1077857] 美国求购口罩(face masks) (04-07)
  Dear Sir/Ms My company Health Products Express, Inc is interested in ordering face masks from your company. Please send us information with pricing on your products. Thank You
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相关买家: 口罩; face masks;
[IN] [1077856] 印度求购包装产品及设备(Packaging Products & Equipment) (04-07)
  Dear sirs We are one of the leading suppliers of foam ahesive tapes in india with having a base in south india. we are looking for specilly surface protection tape, shirink film, masking tape, doub...
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相关买家: 包装产品; Packaging Products;
[UY] [1077855] 乌拉圭求购口罩(Face Mask) (04-07)
  I want to import to Montevideo, Uruguay 1.000.000 of Face Mask as un urgent. thanks in advance for you quick quotation. Carolina.
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相关买家: 口罩; Face Mask;
[IN] [1077854] 印度求购N95口罩(N95 respirator) (04-07)
  dear sir we requier 25000 pice N95 respirator with FDA aproved certificate or NOISH CERTIFCATE AND 3 LAYER FACE MASK ETO STERLISED 5 LAKH PICE PLEASE GIVE FOB BOMBAY RATES THANKING YOU ASHOKK KUN...
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相关买家: N95口罩; N95 respirator;
[US] [1077849] 美国求购一次性口罩(Disposable face mask for air pollution) (04-07)
  Can you recommend a disposable face mask that would provide reasonable protection against city (Beijing) air pollution? Thanks
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相关买家: 一次性口罩; Disposable face mask;
[ID] [1077848] 印度尼西亚求购呼吸器和空气呼吸器(SCBA & Airline Respirator) (04-07)
  Pls advise us for Safety Equipment : - SCBA - Airline Respirator - Respirator Mask ( Fullface & Halfmask ) - Breathing Compressor
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相关买家: 呼吸器; 空气呼吸器; SCBA; Airline Respirator;
[IN] [1077847] 印度求购塑料板(various Plastic Sheets) (04-07)
  Attn. Sales Manager Could you please forward us contact details of sourcing / Purchasing team of your Company. We thank you in advance for your early action. We are glad to introduce ‘Specialty Polyfi...
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相关买家: 塑料板; Plastic Sheets;
[US] [1077844] 美国求购口罩(Face Mask) (04-07)
  Do you have a face mask that will filter out fumes from lead? I have a large project that I am soldering with lead solder. Thanks. Susan Ramaeker
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相关买家: 口罩; Face Mask;
[TR] [1077838] 土耳其求购沙滩伞(beach umbrella) (04-07)
  looking for a beach umbrella and interested in your product can you send me more details about the product
相关买家: 沙滩伞; beach umbrella;
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