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[SE] [1048039] 瑞典求购三轮推车(Durable three-wheel stroller) (08-28)
  Durable three-wheel stroller that is currently sold by Pottery Barn for Kids.Looking for a similar quality product that we can sell online
相关买家: 三轮推车; Durable three-wheel stroller;
[HU] [1047962] 匈牙利求购塑料模具(Plastic mold) (08-27)
  I need the plastic mold which made of PP and PVC. These plastic mold will be used for the car assembly. Thank you very much.
相关买家: 塑料模具; Plastic mold;
[HU] [1047957] 匈牙利求购汽车轮胎(Car tire) (08-27)
  Hi, I like your products. What's the MOQ of the car tires? Your early reply will be appreciated. Thank you
相关买家: 汽车轮胎; Car tire;
[AT] [1047936] 奥地利求购汽车轮毂(Car wheels) (08-27)
  We are souring the sizes 16 inches and 17 inches. Please provide your best price. Thank you
相关买家: 汽车轮毂; Car wheels;
[HU] [1047899] 匈牙利求购千斤顶(jack) (08-27)
  Do you have a agent in Hungary? I want to purchase 500pcs of the jack at first. Look forward for your reply. Thank you Anita Nagy
相关买家: 千斤顶; jack;
[HK] [1047859] 香港求购滑动门车轮(Wheels for Sliding Doors) (08-27)
  Hi We are looking for *** wheels for glass sliding doors for shower frames. pls send us ur best lowest prices with the details based on MOQ and also for 20ft container. best regards Asia Mart Hon...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 滑动门车轮; Wheels for Sliding Doors;
[UK] [1047831] 英国求购汽车轮胎(Car Tyre) (08-27)
  40Hq Containers required regularly New tyres u.k market European standards
Remaining views: +
相关买家: 汽车轮胎; Car Tyre;
[HU] [1047770] 匈牙利求购安全气囊(airbag) (08-26)
  What's your best price for the airbag? I'll need 4600pcs. Please send email with the quotation.
相关买家: 安全气囊; airbag;
[HU] [1047752] 匈牙利求购行车记录仪(Driving recorder) (08-26)
  Is this product has the function that can providi the resolution with 720p and 1080p, 170° wide angle? Your early reply will be appreciated
相关买家: 行车记录仪; Driving recorder;
[US] [1047716] 美国求购汽车电池(Car battery) (08-26)
  Hi, we are looking for the car battery with voltage 12V and the size we need is 273*173*192mm. Thank you,
相关买家: 汽车电池; Car battery;
[UK] [1047651] 英国求购轮胎(tire) (08-26)
  Please quote for the diameter sizes: 16-20inch separately. Yours sincerely,
相关买家: 轮胎; tire;
[DE] [1047581] 德国求购发动机水泵(Engine water pump) (08-26)
  Please check the specifications as below: 1.Material: Nylon 2.Suit for VW engines Kindly to contact me if you can supply that
相关买家: 发动机水泵; Engine water pump;
[RO] [1047494] 罗马尼亚求购汽车LED灯(car led bulb) (08-24)
  Do you have CE certificate? I want the led lights with the color red, yellow, green, blue, white, amber etc Please send me the price list Kind regards,
相关买家: 汽车LED灯; car led bulb;
[HU] [1047468] 匈牙利求购PVC汽车地垫(PVC Car Floor Mat) (08-23)
  Please quote as per the size: F: 72.5*43.5cm, R:43.5*47cm I want to buy 5000 sets yours sincerely
相关买家: PVC汽车地垫; PVC Car Floor Mat;
[DE] [1047467] 德国求购超高压轮胎(UHP Tyre) (08-23)
  Do all the tyres have the warranty 60000km? Please send your manual to see all the sizes. Thank you
相关买家: 超高压轮胎; UHP Tyre;
[US] [1047419] 美国求购五金(metals) (08-16)
  Hi,Im interested in your product STEEL BOWL WITH AYAT SHIFA + LOHE QURANI, I would like some more details.I look forward for your reply.Regards,
相关买家: 五金; metals;
[VN] [1047335] 越南求购自行车刹车配件(brake cables and its bike brake hose) (08-23)
  Hello, I'm Tuan from Vietnam. I want to buy 1500 brake cables and its bike brake hose like yours. Next week I plan to go to Guangzhou to buy goods. Can I get your address and contact? Please for me
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 自行车刹车配件; brake cables; bike brake hose;
[IT] [1047317] 意大利求购汽车轮胎(tire) (08-23)
  Dear Sir/Madam I'm from , Milan, Italy. We are looking to buy some Vehicle Tire. Kindly send a message to my work email address . Regards,
Remaining views: ++
相关买家: 汽车轮胎; tire;
[SG] [1047299] 新加坡求购卡车轮胎(truck tires) (08-23)
  Please quote for the 295/80R22.5 type, tread depth: 14.5MM. I'm planning to purchase 3000pcs this month.
相关买家: 卡车轮胎; truck tires;
[VE] [1047275] 委内瑞拉求购拨动开关(Toggle switch) (08-23)
  For the toggle switch want need the product under these conditions: 1. Contact resistance: < 20MΩ 2. Insulation resistance: >500VDC 100MΩ/Minute 3. Withstand voltage: >1000VAC, 1 Minute Please co...
相关买家: 拨动开关; Toggle switch;
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