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[UK] [1119335] [有图]英国求购粘合剂及密封剂(Hot Melt Transfer) (02-24)
  Product name:EVA hot melt adhesive film Item NO.:BH3 Color:Translucent Thickness:0.05~0.25mm or customized Width:140cm or customized Temperature:70-90 degree C MOQ:50yards Package:Roll Package ...
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相关买家: 粘合剂; 密封剂; Hot Melt Transfer;
[UK] [1119331] 英国求购磷酸钙镁(Calcium Magnesium Phosphate) (02-24)
  Dear Sir, Our requirement is Calcium Magnesium Phosphate. Ca0 20 % maxs Magnesium 5 % maxs Phosphate 10 % maxs Destination : Jakarta, Indonesia Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
相关买家: 磷酸钙镁; Calcium Magnesium Phosphate;
[IN] [1119322] 印度求购尿素(Urea) (02-24)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Urea N 46 Quantity-500mt Origin- Indian origin, Bangladesh, Srilanka origin Payment term:100% SBLC Please quote your best price with all the details including SG...
相关买家: 尿素; Urea;
[IN] [1119289] 印度求购苛性钠(Caustic Soda) (02-24)
  Dear Sir, We need the Caustic Soda 5 Kilos to Namibia. Please contact us on WhatsApp for more details. Thank you.
相关买家: 苛性钠; Caustic Soda;
[PK] [1119278] 巴基斯坦求购塑料颗粒(Plastic Granules) (02-24)
  We are inquiring if you sell PP Granules. If you sell please give us the price per Kg.
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相关买家: 塑料颗粒; Plastic Granules;
[IN] [1119270] 印度求购塑料(Plastic Raw Materials) (02-24)
  We are looking forward to import Polypropylene Granules and Chips. Please send us your product details & prices.
相关买家: 塑料; Plastic Raw Materials;
[PK] [1119266] 巴基斯坦求购胶水(Glue) (02-24)
  We are in search for BP26 Glue and other Chemicals relevant to paint manufacturing. Looking forward for further coordination with you.
相关买家: 胶水; Glue;
[IN] [1119256] 印度求购塑料颗粒(Plastic Granules) (02-24)
  We require Japan Polyethylene Corporation Granules kS340T. We need it for CIF delivery to Kolkata port, India.
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相关买家: 塑料颗粒; Plastic Granules;
[SA] [1119250] 沙特阿拉伯求购聚丙烯(Polypropylene) (02-24)
  We are looking for Polypropylene. Malt 25 25 kg bag 50.000 tons shipping to Eygpt .and my cousine ask for this order. We would be pleased if you can send us your offers.
相关买家: 聚丙烯; Polypropylene;
[PK] [1119236] 巴基斯坦求购化工(Chemicals) (02-24)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for purchase of the following Chemicals which are basically metabolites to perform some selective experiments in molecular biology R&D. Alcoifosfamide 1,7-Dimethylgua...
相关买家: 化工; Chemicals;
[SA] [1119225] 沙特阿拉伯求购马来克司聚乙烯(Marlex PP Raffia) (02-24)
  Dear Sir, We want to import Marlex PP Raffia 3 MFI HGX-030SP. Qty : 120ton/month Please send us the CFR Djibouti price. Regards.
相关买家: 聚乙烯; PP Raffia;
[IN] [1119222] 印度求购废油(Used Cooking Oil) (02-24)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Waste Oil / Used Cooking Oil with FFA above 16%, min. Qty : 1m MT per month Destination : port Chennai Please revert along with all the related details. Thanks...
相关买家: 废油; Used Cooking Oil;
[SG] [1119179] 新加坡求购碳酸钠(sodium carbonate) (02-24)
  Dear Sir, How are you? We are in search of a new supplier this is due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown which affected our previous suppliers they are not in business at the moment. We would ...
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相关买家: 碳酸钠; sodium carbonate;
[BR] [1119178] 巴西求购废塑料(LDPE (film, scrap or granule) (02-24)
  Hi.My name is Sena. I am from Brazil. I am interested in LDPE (film, scrap or granule).Then, I would like a sample of your products. Please, contact me to discuss about price, qty and samples.
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相关买家: 废塑料; LDPE;
[IN] [1119171] 印度求购三羟甲基氨基甲烷(TROMETHAMINE) (02-24)
  Dear Sir, Our Customer has requirement for 1000 KGS of TROMETHAMINE (CAS NO # 77-86-1) Please let us have your most competitive quote based CIF C1.22% Sea Vizag DA 90 Days DULY PROVIDING THE FOL...
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相关买家: 三羟甲基氨基甲烷; TROMETHAMINE;
[UZ] [1119170] 乌兹别克斯坦求购三羟甲基氨基甲烷(Tris HCl) (02-24)
  1) All items must be reagent quality(purity) (ACS) 99%+ 2) Delivery by courrier mail with full set of required export documents under original name of reagents 3) For big quantities shipment terms is ...
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相关买家: 三羟甲基氨基甲烷; Tris HCl;
[HK] [1119167] 香港求购环孢菌素(Cyclosporin A) (02-24)
  經理,您好! 下列产品,请报给DDU Hong Kong优惠价格及质量(包括有效期及贮存条件),包装和交货期: Cyclosporin A 99.0% USP CAS # 59865-13-3 Quantity: 150g Suramin hexasodium 99.0% CAS # 129-46-4 Quantity: 10g / 25g / 50g...
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相关买家: 环孢菌素; Cyclosporin A;
[BR] [1119166] 巴西求购碳酸钠(sodium carbonate) (02-24)
  Dear Sir/Madam,INQUIRY we got your contact from your company website. MAVRON SERVICES LTD is an international sole business firm from São Paulo Brazil. We have interest in purchasing your pro...
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相关买家: 碳酸钠; sodium carbonate;
[RU] [1119165] 俄罗斯求购轻质油(light cycle oil) (02-24)
  Dear sir Are you a buyer or buyer’s representative of petroleum and petro-chemical product of Russian origin and interested in any of Russian product either in spot deals or CIF. We at SOCIETY WITH L...
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相关买家: 轻质油; light cycle oil;
[IN] [1119160] 印度求购醋酸(Glacial acetic acid) (02-24)
  How are you?? We understand that you are strong in Glacial acetic acid. Request you to please quote your most rock bottom offer for 1 fcl, Glacial acetic acid, drum packing ,cif sea ns,l/c 90 d...
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相关买家: 醋酸; Glacial acetic acid;
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