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Chemical Industry [1000条. 页码 18/50]    

[AE] [1050493] 阿联酋求购丙烯聚合(C3H8)(Propylene polymerization(C3H8) (09-11)
  We need Propylene polymerization(C3H8) 3.4Ton If you can supply please contact us.
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[HK] [1050492] 香港求购液氨(liquid ammonia) (09-11)
  item: liquid ammonia quatity: 25000mt per month quality: packing: payment: LC price: CIF India contact us.
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[HK] [1050490] 香港求购化工(Potassium chloride) (09-11)
  We are interested in product "Potassium chloride". Please send a quote via E-mail. Our require is blow: 1.MOP White Standard K2Oa�¥60%,KCLa�¥95% 2.Package per ton bags 3.payment term...
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[IR] [1050488] 伊朗求购聚氯化铝水处理剂(Polyaluminium Chloride Water Treatment Chemical) (09-11)
  Hello Dear Sir This is Taha Hoseini from Soda shimi co Iran, I need 1000 ton PAC. hope to hear from you soon.
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[MY] [1050487] 马来西亚求购碳化硅(Silicon Carbide) (09-11)
  Salam and Hi, May i have the quotation of silicon carbide. Thanks for the cooperation. Following are my contact email: Thank you
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[SA] [1050486] 沙特阿拉伯求购苛性钠(caustic soda prills) (09-11)
  we are ALSHERIAN INTERNATIONAL TRADING EST.. would like to inquire prices for caustic soda prills. please email me at for further information ASAP PLEASE. THANK YOU.
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[ZA] [1050485] 南非求购活性碳(Activated Carbon) (09-11)
  Hi, I need activated carbon beads or pellets. Sizes 3mm to 5mm.It is for gas adsorption.
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[HK] [1050483] 香港求购碳黑(Carbon black) (09-11)
  hi, do you produce carbon black second grade or carbon black defects at cheaper price?We are in urgent need.Have you export to China before?Send mail to miss Happy.
Remaining views: 25
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[US] [1050481] 美国求购多元醇(polyol) (09-11)
  I am proficient at using nearly anything polyurethane. Can you tell me more about this 6884 RU polyol ? What would it be used for ? Flex foam, elastomer, coating ?
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[KE] [1050480] 肯尼亚求购十二烷基醚硫酸钠(SLES) (09-11)
  Hi , Could you give us your very best fob / cnf mombasa price for sles 70% on , We would like to import 3-4 containers every month and 2-3 containers of labsa every month too. Thank you Deepak sood.
Remaining views: 25
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[GE] [1050479] 佐治亚州求购十二烷基醚硫酸钠(SLES) (09-11)
  Hello Dear Officer I`m interested in SLES. would you please contact with me as soon as possible.
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[NG] [1050478] 尼日利亚求购酒精(Methanol) (09-11)
  Dear Sir, I need Methanol 98% with approximatelly 6000 - 10000 liters per month. With respect, Orkhan
Remaining views: 25
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[AU] [1050477] 澳大利亚求购脱漆剂(Paint Stripper) (09-11)
  Hi, Would it be possible to get a sample. Do we have to order 100 liters or are we able to get less. We are located in Sydney Australia.
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[IN] [1050476] 印度求购羧甲基纤维素(Carboxymethyl Cellulose) (09-11)
  Dear Sir, This is Sean, Korean in India. I am a wallpaper importer in India. I need glue for wallpaper for my dealers. Please kindly send your proposal to me.
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[EG] [1050475] 埃及求购四鑫消泡粉(SIXIN Powdered Antifoam) (09-11)
  hello my names mohamed i have company detergen i need antifoam powder 20 ton plz send to me price /ton my email.iam from egypt.
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[US] [1050440] 美国求购无水硫酸钠99.2%(Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous 99.2%) (09-10)
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is Md. Mohiuddin from Bangladesh I'm looking for products with the following specifications: My company name is M/S. alfatex( Trading company). I need Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous ...
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[HU] [1050433] 匈牙利求购环保内墙乳胶漆(Environmentally friendly interior latex paint) (09-10)
  Shelf life is 24 months, surface drying time is 0.5 hours, water resistance is good, hiding power is strong, drying time is ≤1.5h, water-based paint is divided according to solvent type, brushing area...
Remaining views: 25
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[PH] [1050408] 菲律宾求购丙烯酸涂料(Acrylic Sealer) (09-10)
  Hi, Pls tell me more about your sealers. My purpose is to use for my imitation stones/ stone veneer products. I need a wet look finish and also matte if available. thanks
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[US] [1050394] 美国求购碳黑(Carbon Black) (09-10)
  Hello, I am interested to purchase 25 tons of No.1 copper wire scrap and tubing scrap. This will required in USA. Please contact me at . Please provide me an FOB price.
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[UA] [1050392] 乌克兰求购碳黑(carbon black) (09-10)
  We are looking for carbon black N-220, N-330, N-550, N-650. Monthly 500 Tons. FOB odessa. Can i learn your rates? Here is my mail and mobile.
Remaining views: 23
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