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[DE] [1106492] 德国求购非瑟酮(fisetin) (11-07)
  Dear Sir or Madam, Please send me an offer for 1kg fisetin 10% purity,98% door to door, shipping with FedEx. First of all, I would like the specification and nutritional values from you. If the goods...
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相关买家: 非瑟酮; fisetin;
[ID] [1106477] 印尼求购润滑脂(Grease compound for drill pipe .drill colour .) (11-07)
  25 pail CX231 Grease compound for drill pipe .drill colour . Regards Hendra
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相关买家: 润滑脂; Grease compound;
[IN] [1106476] 印度求购化工(Dimethyltetradecylamine mechanical products) (11-07)
  I'm very interested in your products; could you send me some detail reference information? Dear Sir, We intend to buy the following raw material chemicals in fcl lots for our clients. You are reques...
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相关买家: Dimethyltetradecylamine;
[TN] [1106473] 突尼斯求购橡胶(rubber) (11-07)
  I want to know more about your company also the brand can you make. Please send me a catalogue & prices.
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相关买家: 橡胶; rubber;
[BD] [1106464] 孟加拉求购机舱喷雾(aircraft cabin spray) (11-07)
  We require to purchase 500 pcs urgently for aircraft cabin spray and same should be WHO approved.
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相关买家: 机舱喷雾; aircraft cabin spray;
[IN] [1106452] 印度求购塑料(Plastic Raw Materials) (11-07)
  Dear Sir, We would like to have quotes for 02 FCL in start for HDPE from TASNEE, CFR ALGER . Please get back to us ASAP. Thanks & Best Regards.
相关买家: 塑料; Plastic Raw Materials;
[AE] [1106442] 阿联酋求购高密度聚乙烯/塔斯尼(HDPE / TASNEE) (11-07)
  Dear Sir, We would like to have quotes for 02 FCL in start for HDPE from TASNEE, CFR ALGER . Please get back to us ASAP. Thanks & Best Regards.
相关买家: 高密度聚乙烯; HDPE;
[AU] [1106435] 澳大利亚求购高密度聚乙烯(HDPE Polyethylene) (11-06)
  Dear Sir, We require HDPE pe 63 80 and 100. Please let us know if you can provide it. Thank you.
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相关买家: 高密度聚乙烯; HDPE Polyethylene;
[BY] [1106421] 白俄罗斯求购PET废片(PET flakes) (11-06)
  Good morning. Interested in the possibility of delivery, to Poland, Pet-flakes of the following characteristics Grade: Recycled flakes, hot wash. PET flakes must be sorted by one color. Color: 100%...
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相关买家: PET废片; PET flakes;
[US] [1106396] 美国求购二氧化钛(TITANIUM DIOXIDE) (11-06)
  ear Sir/Madam, Greetings to your company. Trust you are well; Below is what is needed TITANIUM DIOXIDE CAS#: 13463-67-7 RUTILE GRADE QUANTITY: 100MT PACKAGING : 25Kg Without pallet ...
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[CZ] [1106353] 捷克求购多肽类(Peptides) (11-06)
  Hello,We are about to launch on the EU market with Peptides and Anti Age cosmetics,looking for a top quality reliable partner. Can you send pricing of allpeptides first order 1000-3000 bottles. We are...
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相关买家: 多肽类; Peptides;
[VN] [1106336] 越南求购白色HDPE片(HDPE white Drums Flakes) (11-06)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product WHITE HDPE Drums Scrap/HDPE white Drums Flakes, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.
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相关买家: 白色HDPE片; HDPE white Drums Flakes;
[SA] [1106321] 沙特阿拉伯求购破乳剂(Demulsifier) (11-06)
  Dear Sir, We are looking to buy Demulsifier type RI-35 RI -35Q RI -6000 Use For Crude Oil Treatment offer included shipment to (Baghdad - IRAQ) Thank you.
相关买家: 破乳剂; Demulsifier;
[AE] [1106290] 阿联酋求购天然橡胶(Natural Rubber) (11-05)
  Dear Sir, We have a requirement for at least 5 FCL's/month of Natural Rubber TSR, TSNR. We need your best prices. Thank you.
相关买家: 天然橡胶; Natural Rubber;
[US] [1106251] [有图]美国求购尼龙(nylon) (11-05)
  quantity: 20 Kilogram/Kilograms United States nylon PA 20 Kilogram/Kilograms , Hello, my name is Luke Cunningham. I'm the chief engineer for a U.S. based 3d printing startup, OpenFuse. We...
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相关买家: 尼龙; nylon;
[IN] [1106183] 印度求购溴化锌(Zinc bromide) (11-05)
  Quantity: 1 FCL Quality Standards: Packing: Place of Origin: Purity: Standard: : Subject: Inquiry about 7699-45-8(Factory Supply Zinc bromide)
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相关买家: 溴化锌; Zinc bromide;
[IN] [1106182] 印度求购1甲基3,5-二氨基-6-氯吡嗪羧酸盐(1 Methyl 3,5-diamino-6-chloropyrazine carboxylate) (11-05)
  Kindly quote the best competitive price for 1 Methyl 3,5-diamino-6-chloropyrazine carboxylate, Qty-500 Kg/1MT, CAS No- 1458-01-1 ,CIF- India Please mail COA and also confirm the availability of ...
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[IN] [1106181] 印度求购4,4二氨基甲基偶氮苯(4,4'-Diamino-2-Methyl-Azobenzene) (11-05)
  We need following subject material for our plant located in India. Pl check and let us have offer for 6 MT, CIF Altamira along with COA, TDS, MSDS and packing details. 4,4'-Diamino-2-Methyl-Azobenz...
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相关买家: 二氨基甲基偶氮苯;
[IN] [1106180] 印度求购催化剂(Karstedt’s catalyst) (11-05)
  Sub.: Karstedt’s catalyst Cas No. 68478-92-2 Kindly give us your best offer for 200kg , 500kg of the subject product alongwith specs, delivery schedule, COA etc.
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相关买家: 催化剂; Karstedt catalyst;
[TH] [1106135] 泰国求购能力激素合成原料(MK-2866) (11-04)
  we are based in thailand. i want to know your best price for 1kg MK-2866 and if you can courier to us in thailand?I am also looking for:1 Ostarine/MK-28662 Cardarine/GW-5015163 Ibutamoren/MK-677 4 Ste...
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