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[BD] [1165828] 孟加拉国求购化工(PP & LLDPE) (05-27)
  Dear Sir, We want to import PP & LLDPE. Please send us your product details & prices. Thank you.
[IN] [1165805] 印度求购塑料袋(Plastic Bag) (05-26)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Transparent PP Bag. Kindly send us your best prices. Thank you.
相关买家: 塑料袋; Plastic Bag;
[HK] [1165747] [有图]中国香港求购聚合物(Teflon PFA345X resin raw material) (05-26)
  Dear, we need PFA345x resin raw material, our company is a manufacturer specializing in processing of Teflon laboratory consumables, like reagent bottle/volumetrice flask/washing bottle/microwave dige...
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相关买家: 聚合物; Teflon; resin raw material;
[CA] [1165742] 加拿大求购D301树脂(D301 Macroporous Weak Base Anion Exchange Resin) (05-26)
  I am looking for pricing for D301 resin for a plant that will be commissioned in the beginning of 2023. Please see ***.
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相关买家: D301树脂; Exchange Resin;
[IN] [1165739] 印度求购废薄膜(film scrap) (05-26)
  Dear Good Day ! Thanks for your email. Kindly share the LLDPE Film scrap pictures and Prices.
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相关买家: 废薄膜; film scrap;
[UA] [1165696] 乌克兰求购原材料(Plastic Raw Materials) (05-26)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in buying primary Polyethylene Granules like LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE, MLDPE. Today we need about 100 tons. The monthly demand for LDPE, LLDPE, MLDPE and HDPE is between 1...
相关买家: 原材料; Plastic Raw Materials;
[ZA] [1165655] 南非求购向日葵卵磷脂(Sunflower Lecithin) (05-25)
  Good Morning We are very interested in Sunflower LecithinPlease give us a quote for Organic and ConventionalWe need 5000 KG organic and 5000kg conventionalFinal destination is Durban South africa yo...
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相关买家: 向日葵卵磷脂; Sunflower Lecithin;
[US] [1165626] 美国求购金云母/高温硅树脂(MSC MORKSTAR CORP phlogopite mica/high temperature silicone resin) (05-25)
  a.) The product is a phlogopite mica paper with high temperature silicone resin: b.) Thickness: .015" (.38mm) x 1.125" width x 40.5"lenght c.) quantity per year 150,000/strips OR 12,500/per month....
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相关买家: 金云母; 高温硅树脂; phlogopite mica; silicone resin;
[IN] [1165615] 印度求购聚酰胺(about: Polyamide 6) (05-25)
  we can buy 20-500mts/m of nylon 6 monfilament garde rv 3.3 cif indian port
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相关买家: 聚酰胺; Polyamide;
[PK] [1165611] 巴基斯坦求购糖精钠(about: Sodium saccharin) (05-25)
  Dear Sir, Good Day! Reference to above mentioned subjects, you are requested to please provide us best possible quotation for below mentioned 慽ndus pharma? API: sodium sacchrin 20.40 mesh ...
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相关买家: 糖精钠; Sodium saccharin;
[BR] [1165604] 巴西求购汽车尿素(automotive urea) (05-25)
  Hello! I kindly inquire about importing automotive urea to Brazil, for use in the production of ARLA 32 (a pollution reduction agent used in Brazil). Our demand is for approx.. 200 tons/ month of aut...
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相关买家: 汽车尿素; automotive urea;
[VN] [1165589] 越南求购EPS(EPS) (05-25)
  Xin chào, tôi quan tam đến sản phẩm của bạn Chất Lượng Cao EPS Khối Phế Liệu, Trắng Và Sạch, tôi muốn...
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相关买家: EPS;
[PK] [1165587] 巴基斯坦求购再生塑料(LDPE Plastic Scrap) (05-25)
  LDPE Plastic Scrap Category: Recycled Plastic Quantity: 10000 Ton/Tons Details: Importers Country : Pakistan Quantity : Already Mentioned Payment Term : COD/Bank LC Product Name : LDPE Plasti...
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相关买家: 再生塑料; LDPE Plastic Scrap;
[VN] [1165573] 越南求购氢氧化铵(Ammonium Hydroxide) (05-25)
  I am looking for ammonium hydroxide for a process plant that will be commissioned in early 2023. Subject: chemical pricing to update the financial model for a project to be constructed next year in ...
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相关买家: 氢氧化铵; Ammonium Hydroxide;
[MY] [1165562] 马来西亚求购沸石粉(Zeolite Powder) (05-25)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Zeolite Powder & granular Please share your price per ton for container 20f and 40f Thank you.
相关买家: 沸石粉; Zeolite Powder;
[MY] [1165549] 马来西亚求购LLDPE薄膜废料(LLDPE Film Scrap) (05-25)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for LDPE LLDPE clean film scrap that is readily available in Malaysia. Please advice. Thanks.
相关买家: LLDPE薄膜废料; LLDPE Film Scrap;
[UK] [1165546] 英国求购废塑料(waste plastic) (05-25)
  Dear Sir / Madam, Our company specializes in recycling of waste plastic reels / rolls and granules. We can pay a good price for all types of mixed plastic rolls (unprinted rolls), mixed granules...
相关买家: 废塑料; waste plastic;
[IN] [1165349] 印度求购石膏粉(Gypsum powder & board) (05-23)
  Hi, We are Gypsum powder & board importer & trader in Indian. And looking to import the Egypt Gypsum. Our monthly requirement 40 to 50 containers. quality- 200 mesh (70-74 micron), Initial settin...
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相关买家: 石膏粉; Gypsum powder; Gypsum board;
[KR] [1165327] 韩国求购醇酸树脂(Alkyd Resins MSDS Request Mail (DEERSi) (05-23)
  Hello. My name is Kim from DEERSi (formerly: Daihan Ink) in Korea. Our company is using Alkyd Resins 1720 and 1730 for Metal Ink. The MSDS we currently have was written in 2015, and we need the la...
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相关买家: 醇酸树脂; Alkyd Resins;
[JP] [1165325] 日本求购回收聚合物(Recycle Polymers ex Japan) (05-23)
  Dear Sirs, SUBJECT : RECYCLE PLASTIC FROM JAPAN We are pleased to introduce our self a Japanese company based in Osaka, exporting different Recycle Polymers like :- 1. PVC FILM, NATURAL ...
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相关买家: 回收聚合物; Recycle Polymers;
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