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[IN] [1121577] 印度求购内存条(DDR3 AND DDR4 RAM 32GB & 64GB) (03-11)
  Hello, One of my client needs DDR3 and DDR4 RAM , 32GB and 64GB, for servers. Kindly quote your prices and MoQ. The qty will vary and depends on the rates. The material is required in Turkey. Regards
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[IN] [1121556] 印度求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (03-11)
  Hello , can you email us your model specs for below inquiry - We are looking for 2 styles of TWS earbuds with charging case - (1) Basic Model - 5$ Range - BT 5.0 / JL Chipset (2) High End Model - ...
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相关买家: 蓝牙耳机; bluetooth earphone;
[EG] [1121555] 埃及求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (03-11)
  what about the bluetooth earphone? does it have warranty agent in egypt?
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相关买家: 蓝牙耳机; bluetooth earphone;
[FR] [1121554] 法国求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (03-11)
  Hi, could you send me your complete product catalog and price list for F9 TWS Earbuds with 2000mAh Charging Box, please? Thanks.
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相关买家: 蓝牙耳机; bluetooth earphone;
[IN] [1121552] 印度求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (03-11)
  Hello, Please Share your Entire Product Range and pricelist for OEM to Email
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相关买家: 蓝牙耳机; bluetooth earphone;
[US] [1121550] 美国求购游戏耳机(gaming headset) (03-11)
  Hello. Can you send us a detailed quotation providing pricing, lead time, shipping information, and recommended packaging for Wired game Headphone, Wired computer headsets. Can you also provide samp...
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相关买家: 游戏耳机; gaming headset;
[LT] [1121476] 立陶宛求购显卡(video card) (03-05)
  Hello,We are company in Lithuania, Europe, who is interested in your company's products, such as GPU RTX 3060 TI and etc. We would like to find our main distributors for GPU in Lithuania, maybe get so...
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相关买家: 显卡; video card;
[IN] [1121440] 印度求购英伟达(NVIDIA GeForce) (03-11)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for a supplier how can provide us with a High Ticket Product; Exactli New Original Brand Products ( NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 FE GPU ) . I need it from USA or UK. Hope ...
相关买家: 英伟达; NVIDIA GeForce;
[BR] [1121405] 巴西求购打印机(printer) (03-10)
  INquiry about AJ-1600A(S) large format printer AJ-1600A(S)
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相关买家: 打印机; printer;
[PE] [1121398] 秘鲁求购图像扫描仪分析仪(images scanner analizer) (03-10)
  I am a customs officer from Peru. We need information about a images scanner analizer. And your authorized representative in Peru. My email is Thank you!
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相关买家: 图像扫描仪; images scanner analizer;
[US] [1121311] 美国求购显卡(RTX 3090) (03-05)
  Hello.I am looking for RTX 3090.Please give the best price.
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相关买家: 显卡; RTX 3090;
[RW] [1121286] 卢旺达求购SIS软件(sis cat software) (03-10)
  How much software s.i.s cat I want buy software sis cat
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[IR] [1121267] 伊朗求购数码浴室秤(Digital Bathroom body scale price list and catalog) (03-10)
  Dear Sir Hi Please send me catalog and price list BR Mahdi
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相关买家: 数码浴室秤; Bathroom body scale;
[CH] [1121266] 瑞士求购区块链矿机(innosilicon a10) (03-10)
  Hi , i need 20 pieces of A10, contact me please on my email.
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相关买家: 区块链矿机; innosilicon;
[NO] [1121228] 挪威求购蚂蚁矿机(bitmain atminer s19 110t) (03-10)
  Hi, we would like to purchase 10.000 piece/year of Bitmain Antminer S19 PRO 110t Asic Sha256for our european customers.You can contact me at: .
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相关买家: 蚂蚁矿机; bitmain atminer;
[JP] [1121210] 日本求购区块链矿机(8 GPU mining case) (03-10)
  Hello,I would like a quote for 8 GPU mining case shipped to Mariannelund, SWEDEN , Quantity 400 each. Please ensure power supply can handle 8 each, Nvidia 3060TI GPU. Sea freight OK.
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相关买家: 区块链矿机; mining case;
[UK] [1121157] 英国求购显卡(graphics cards) (03-09)
  I'm looking for a company to dropship the items to me. I sell them on eBay send orders to you .you send me the items and I send them to my customers. win win for everyone
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相关买家: 显卡; graphics cards;
[CA] [1121146] 加拿大求购笔记本电脑(Laptop) (03-09)
  AUTHENTIC BRAND NEW FOR A-ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV 15.6 UHD Core i7 ,256 SSD, DDR 4GB,Windows10, Laptop Price CA$255.86one piece,ship free to Canada.What is Totla price in March student sale even...
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相关买家: 笔记本电脑; Laptop;
[IN] [1121145] 印度求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (03-09)
  We would like to buy some units of your true wireless earphone with customized dimensions. Please let us know if this is possible, and the cost involved.
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相关买家: 蓝牙耳机; bluetooth earphone;
[IN] [1121140] 印度求购摄影摄像器材(photography equipment) (03-09)
  Hi I am looking for photography equipment for sell in Indonesia, please leave me email.
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相关买家: 摄影器材; photography equipment;
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