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[US] [1122640] 美国求购热敏标签打印机(thermal shipping labels printers) (03-17)
  Can I use our own shipping account with FedEx to ship any orders from you company.?I would like to purchase 500 thermal shipping labels printers. Thank you,
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相关买家: 热敏标签打印机; thermal shipping labels printers;
[US] [1122576] 美国求购深水摄像机(Underwater deep water well inspection camera) (03-17)
  We are interested in your Underwater deep water well inspection camera 360 degree rotation underground borehole inspection camera Kindly quote one system complete with the winch and controllerWe also ...
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相关买家: 深水摄像机; Underwater camera;
[US] [1122528] 美国求购区块链矿机(GPU miners) (03-17)
  Do you guys currently have any GPU miners already in stock? If so, could I get the contents and prices sent to. Also, what methods of payment do you accept and what is your average lead/shipping tim...
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相关买家: 区块链矿机; GPU miners;
[ES] [1122400] 西班牙求购耳塞和耳机(earbuds and sports/electronics products) (03-16)
  Hello my name is and I'm the Product Manager of Originbuds. , we have a new investor and we want to have a catalogue of earbuds and sports/electronics products, this is our website:, Ne...
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相关买家: 耳塞; 耳机; earbuds;
[US] [1122350] 美国求购内存卡(Memory Card) (03-16)
  Looking for 8GB / 16GB 32GB Pro Duo Memory Cards Please offer costing for 500 - 1000 Quantity of each
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相关买家: 内存卡; Memory Card;
[PT] [1122185] 葡萄牙求购区块链矿机(Asic Innosilicon A10 5G 6G A11 7G Eth Miner) (03-15)
  Hello friend, my name is I am from Portugal, and due to last years events, I had to finish my company and cut losses.Still, life must go on. So I came to you to see if we can do business.My long term...
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相关买家: 区块链矿机;
[FR] [1122154] 法国求购相机(camera) (03-15)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product. I would like some more details. I look forward to your reply.
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相关买家: 相机; camera;
[IT] [1122104] 意大利求购数码相机(Digital Camera) (03-15)
  Salve, sono interessato a questo prodotto vostro Yi camera M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera/Digital Single Lens Reflex, vorrei sapere ulteriori particolari. sto aspettando la vostra risposta.
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相关买家: 数码相机; Digital Camera;
[KE] [1122098] 肯尼亚求购相机(camera) (03-15)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Mirrorless Digital Camera,Duas Lentes Prime LCD Minimalista Vers, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.
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相关买家: 相机; camera;
[BR] [1122097] 巴西求购相机(camera) (03-15)
  Hi dear, do you still have this available? How many? Also can you ship this to my China address? Are you on TaoBao or 1688?
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相关买家: 相机; camera;
[SE] [1122008] 瑞典求购显卡(graphic card) (03-14)
  hi my name is Martin I am interested in graphic card rtx 3090, what is the price of ten pieces. I am from Slovakia and I want buy something from Europe (you know... custom duties) my mail is and my p...
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相关买家: 显卡; graphic card;
[AE] [1122002] 阿联酋求购监控摄像机(camera system) (03-13)
  pls offer me price fo this. is my company site I want to add your camera to my range to sell to my dealerstnksGopal Pai
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相关买家: 监控摄像机; camera system;
[CL] [1121992] 智利求购机顶盒(tv box) (03-09)
  Hola, Me interesa su producto Comprar 50 20 4k Amazon Fire TV Stick Streaming 4k reproductor de medios Alexa remoto firestick, ¿podría enviarme mas información? Me interesa saber el precio por ...
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相关买家: 机顶盒; tv box;
[IL] [1121977] 以色列求购充电器(LiIon chargers) (03-13)
  Hello, We are looking for LiIon chargers (1S, 5200mAh battery pack) . It is not clear how do you detect over temperature condition. Do you measure battery thermistor?Can you email a detailed spec shee...
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相关买家: 充电器; LiIon chargers;
[UA] [1121960] 乌克兰求购air pods壳(air pods cases) (03-13)
  Hi! We are a seller from Ukraine. I am asking for your catalog cover for air pods)
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相关买家: air pods壳; air pods cases;
[US] [1121897] 美国求购显卡(Graphics Card) (03-12)
  Hi I am interested in the 3070 and 3080. What are the prices of each. I will need around eight of them. Where do you ship from. Are these new and original authentic. What is the shipping cost by air f...
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相关买家: 显卡; Graphics Card;
[KE] [1121879] 肯尼亚求购数码相机(camera) (03-12)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Original Digital Camera with single /double lens, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.
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相关买家: 数码相机; camera;
[CA] [1121766] 加拿大求购游戏耳机(gaming headset) (03-12)
  Hi, We are a Canadian company in premium gaming electronic industry and our major market is US and Europe. We design, develop our own product in Canada, and subcontract to China for manufacturing....
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相关买家: 游戏耳机; gaming headset;
[US] [1121762] 美国求购蓝牙耳机(bluetooth earphone) (03-12)
  I need detailed specifications for your Air Pods. Please also provide me with the price, CIF/place.
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相关买家: 蓝牙耳机; bluetooth earphone;
[IR] [1121651] [有图]伊朗求购华硕笔记本电脑(ASUS laptop) (03-09)
  Buy ASUS, Acer and other brand laptops. 14 inches, 15 inches, i5/i7, 4G/256G and above.
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相关买家: 华硕笔记本电脑; ASUS laptop;
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