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[KR] [1162537] 韩国求购蓝牙模块(bluetooth module) (04-22)
  We are looking for bluetooth module meeting our seat.We produce ASS FREE SEAT, CHINESE We introduce the way how to use our Ass Free seat as follows: 1....
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相关买家: 蓝牙模块; bluetooth module;
[US] [1162533] 美国求购PCB(PCB) (04-22)
  im a big buyer to purchase any thing related to electrical circuit boards, please contact me
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相关买家: PCB;
[AE] [1162459] 阿联酋求购MAC电磁阀56C-53(MAC solenoid valve 56C-53) (04-21)
  Hello MAC solenoid valve 56C-53 I’m from U.A.E, please send your contact. I need orders some product with your company. Thankyou
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相关买家: 电磁阀; MAC solenoid valve;
[TR] [1162457] 土耳其求购速度传感器(speed sensors) (04-21)
  speed sensors Hi, I am looking for M18 diameter 1,5 speed sensor.Would you be able to give me information about these types of sensors.These sensors are used by diesel engines and these engines for ...
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相关买家: 速度传感器; speed sensors;
[TR] [1162413] 土耳其求购固定可燃LPG气体探测器报警(Fixed Combustible LPG gas detector alarm) (04-21)
  Hello there,Do the products have European Atex certificates?If appropriate, could you forward your certificates to ?Kind regards.
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相关买家: LPG气体探测器; LPG gas detector alarm;
[RU] [1162398] 俄罗斯求购扩音器(Hifi, Hi-end equipment) (04-21)
  Dear Sirs, We are interested in bying different types of hifi and hi-end euipment fo home theatres, like amplifir, processors, acoustics, cables. Also we need multiroom and smart home devices. Ple...
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相关买家: 扩音器;
[AE] [1162396] 阿联酋求购闭路电视摄像机配件(cctv camara acessories) (04-21)
  i would like to purchase cctv camara acessories please provide detail and contact me at
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相关买家: 闭路电视; 摄像机配件; cctv camara acessories;
[TR] [1162391] 土耳其求购电容器(Supply with capacitors) (04-21)
  Can you deliver your quote on parts below? M5 (metric 5) ----- 6x53pc M8 (metric 8) ----- 2x53 pcM12 (metric 12) --- 2x53pc I need metric 5, 8 and 12 of this product.
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相关买家: 电容器; capacitors;
[US] [1162380] 美国求购汽车充电器(J1772 EVSE Portable Charger connector) (04-21)
  Hi Arlian:Please quote me 500 pcs of this EV home charging cable 25ft. Thanks
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相关买家: 汽车充电器; Portable Charger connector;
[IN] [1162362] [有图]印度求购户外高压熔断器、隔离开关及其附件(outdoor high-voltage cutout fuse, isolating switch) (04-21)
  outdoor high-voltage cutout fuse, isolating switch and their accessories Hello I’m from india. please send your WeChat contact. I need orders some product with your company. i need drop cut and mat...
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相关买家: 高压熔断器; 隔离开关;
[DE] [1162351] 德国求购小型压力机三相电机(Minipress Three – phase motor) (04-21)
  Dear Sir or Madam, We kindly ask you to quote your best price for the following product (including shipping and packing costs): Req. 98350182 Minipress Three – phase motor Model : Y2-132M-4B35 ...
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相关买家: 小型压力机; 三相电机;
[BR] [1162339] [有图]巴西求购LED面板(LED PANEL) (04-21)
  Hello i am Bruno from Brazil, i′ve been business to China for 7 years. I have interest in Panel leds, same this on the picture. Its necessary to have a powerbank to use and protect to water.Please che...
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相关买家: LED面板; LED PANEL;
[UK] [1162295] 英国求购智能***(Alarm intelligent home security protection security fog) (04-20)
  Can it be triggered by both sensor and panic button ?Please watts app me
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相关买家: 智能报警器;
[IN] [1162293] [有图]印度求购开关电源(FSP200-62DLl Power Supply) (04-20)
  FSP200-62DL Power SupplyDC Input 18-36V ==15.0A Max. output opower 200W DC Output 3.3V =12.0(ORG) +5G Thanks
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相关买家: 开关电源; Power Supply;
[TH] [1162282] 泰国求购锂电池(lithium cell) (04-20)
  hi pls sent your products list to me mail
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相关买家: 锂电池; lithium cell;
[IT] [1162279] 意大利求购PDDL900(PDDL900) (04-20)
  Hi, available to purchase 32pcs of pDDL900 if in stock and ready to be delivered.Raffaele Lugli
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[IN] [1162266] 印度求购集成电路(LM25145RGYR) (04-20)
  Hi, do you have the IC part number LM25145RGYR or LM25145RGYT? We are in need of 10 nos. please respond ASAP. You can email me your quote to this email ID
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相关买家: 集成电路;
[FR] [1162232] 法国求购功率放大器(power amplifier) (04-20)
  Hello,We are interesting by your power amplifier 50W 2400-2600MHz. Could you send me the technical datasheet of this product by my professional e-mail and if possible a price for 1 pcs.Thanks in advan...
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相关买家: 功率放大器; power amplifier;
[US] [1162229] 美国求购柔性LED显示屏(Flexible LED display) (04-20)
  Please send us a quote for the product(s) i.e. number of panels necessary (individual pieces and all connectors, brackets etc) to cover a display area of 114 inches Wide x 14 inches High. Also tell us...
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相关买家: 柔性LED显示屏; Flexible LED display;
[IL] [1162192] 以色列求购电子产品(Request for a quotation) (04-19)
  Please quote 2,000 units of your PN B1202 Please quote 2,000 units of your PN B12F02
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相关买家: 电子产品;
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