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[TR] [1109444] 土耳其求购不间断电源(UPS) (11-30)
  we are looking for SVC mini UPS, can you got it?
相关买家: 不间断电源; UPS;
[VN] [1109440] 越南求购不间断电源(UPS) (11-30)
  Hello I want to find some mini ups for the camera ,can you show me some
相关买家: 不间断电源; UPS;
[NG] [1109437] 尼日利亚求购电池(battery) (11-30)
  I am Theo ohabuire, please send your 200Ah battery data sheet and price
相关买家: 电池; battery;
[BD] [1109436] 孟加拉求购不间断电源(UPS) (11-30)
  We are looking for mini ups , i am Rakib Rahman from bangladesh, could you quote with shipping cost
相关买家: 不间断电源; UPS;
[IQ] [1109429] 伊拉克求购不间断电源(UPS) (11-30)
  Can you send us your mini UPS for wifi rounter We want to buy 100pcs
相关买家: 不间断电源; UPS;
[PE] [1109428] 秘鲁求购电池(battery) (11-30)
  Hello Do you have 12V/7ah battery ?
相关买家: 电池; battery;
[IQ] [1109427] 伊拉克求购不间断电源(UPS) (11-30)
  We are Looking forward back up ups which is sina wave , please quote to us
相关买家: 不间断电源; UPS;
[CM] [1109426] 喀麦隆求购不间断电源(UPS) (11-30)
  Please send all your cataloge to us , we will chose some items to place order
相关买家: 不间断电源; UPS;
[TH] [1109425] 泰国求购电池(battery) (11-30)
  Send you best quote for the 12V/65Ah battery
相关买家: 电池; battery;
[NG] [1109424] 尼日利亚求购电池(battery) (11-30)
  Hello supplier We are looking for battery use for ups . could you give us an quote
相关买家: 电池; battery;
[PE] [1109392] 秘鲁求购汽车交流发电机(bus alternator) (11-29)
  Please quote 5 pieces of your 150A @28vdc bus alternator.Include some pictures, price, weight, external export dimensions for 5 pieces, power vs rpm curve and warranty.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 交流发电机; bus alternator;
[VN] [1109385] 越南求购锂电池(lithium battery) (11-29)
  Hi,I am looking for a reliable supplier for coin batteries for a first order of 200 or 400 CR2032 to ship in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. This order order mught be regular and increase in case business ...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 锂电池; lithium battery;
[MY] [1109370] 马来西亚求购太阳能充电控制器(Solar Charge Controller) (11-29)
  Hi Im anuar, from Malaysia. im now selling most solar product in Malaysia under my shop name MNA GAdgetz. I like to expand my variety of solar product. to include your Brand under my product list. MNA...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 太阳能充电控制器; Solar Charge Controller;
[TR] [1109321] 土耳其求购油雾检测器和传感器(oil mist detector and sensor) (11-28)
  Hi,I hope you are well.I want to learn about oil mist detector and sensor.Which applications are suitbale for oil mist detector?Can you send me the documents?Do you have similar products?What about th...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 油雾检测器; 传感器; oil mist detector; sensor;
[US] [1109302] 美国求购智能wifi电灯开关(smart wifi light switches) (11-27)
  Hello, This is Reza from Altech Electric.Could you let me know the available smart wifi light switches with EU standard and their prices?Do they come standalone, or they require a separate control uni...
Remaining views: ++
相关买家: 电灯开关; light switches;
[KZ] [1109282] 哈撒斯克坦求购不间断电源(UPS) (11-27)
  We are looking for APC UPS, do you have them ?
相关买家: 不间断电源; UPS;
[PK] [1109281] 巴基斯坦求购不间断电源(UPS) (11-27)
  We are looking for DC UPS , can you tell us more details
相关买家: 不间断电源; UPS;
[AO] [1109280] 安哥拉求购电池(battery) (11-27)
  Hello do you have 65Ah battery for UPS
相关买家: 电池; battery;
[UG] [1109279] 乌干达求购电池(battery) (11-27)
  we need 12V battery for solar system
相关买家: 电池; battery;
[CO] [1109277] 哥伦比亚求购不间断电源(UPS) (11-27)
  do you have mini DC UPS for the rounter?
相关买家: 不间断电源; UPS;
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