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[AE] [1047128] 阿联酋求购发油(Hair Oil) (08-22)
  Hello I would like to purchase various oils in bulk from you - can you please reach me.
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[PL] [1047113] 波兰求购化妆品(cosmetics) (08-22)
  buy cosmetics (mascaras, fluids, powders, lip balms and others) by Loreal, Max Factos, N.Y.C, Bourjois, Maybelline.
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[LT] [1047112] 立陶宛求购染发剂(Hair Dye) (08-22)
  Hello, we are haircare wholesalers from Lithuania, we would like to co-operate with you and buy regularly from you. Please contact us.
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[UK] [1047111] 英国求购染发剂(Hair Dye) (08-22)
  Can you send me a catalogue via pad to my email address which is thanks mohammed.
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[CA] [1047096] 加拿大求购药(Medical) (08-22)
  Dear sir , I am still much interested on both Health and Medical supplies in bulk Qty and also doing business with you. let me know as soon as possible .Advice your Health and Medical supplies...
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[TR] [1047065] 土耳其求购PVC医用软管(pvc. medical hose) (08-22)
  looking soft pvc. medical hose and so on. do you have it or can you find it?
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[US] [1046956] 美国求购鱼胶囊(Fish Capsule) (08-21)
  need 1000mg Omega 3 lemon flavo burplessr softgels 400mg EPA 300mg DHA. please provide quotation.
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[EG] [1046955] 埃及求购分离乳清蛋白(Whey Protein Isolate) (08-21)
  Dear Sir I need to buy WPI90 and WPC80 in bulk ,CIF Egypt, Could you send price quote , Regards Amir
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[AE] [1046950] 阿联酋求购蛋白质和补充剂,多种维生素(Proteins and supplements, multivitamins) (08-21)
  Dear Supplier kindly provide me with the list of protein bar brands you have along with the price list , to supply a healthy eating restaurant in AbuDhabi.What is the MOQ? What would be the delivery t...
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[ES] [1046949] 西班牙求购Kratom粉(Kratom Powder) (08-21)
  Looking for wholesale Kratom powder and wanting it shipped air.
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[ES] [1046948] 西班牙求购胶囊(SATIBO CAPSULE) (08-21)
  I would like to buy your products. please let me know how procedure.We are in Spain.
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[HK] [1046947] 香港求购减肥胶囊(Weight Loss Capsule) (08-21)
  I wonder if you guys handle the box pack of Lida, please answer asap. need big quantity is good effect.
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[FR] [1046762] 法国求购维生素C透明质酸血清(Vitamin C hyaluronic acid serum) (08-20)
  English Translation Dear All, My name is from sparkle d'Himalaya we are a French company selling body scrub and serum and we are now looking to expand our catalog with serum of hyaluronic acid and v...
Remaining views: 22
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[US] [1046698] 美国求购指甲油(nail oil lacquer) (08-20)
  Please send me the MSDS certification of this series. How long it will take if ship to Boston?
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[US] [1046584] 美国求购蓝头发造型粘土蜡(Azul Hair Styling Clay Wax) (08-20)
  Hi, Im in new York interested to sell your products in U.S.A want different types of hair waxes please send me quotation my email is each wax want 5000 pieces please.
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[CA] [1046464] 加拿大求购口罩(face mask) (08-19)
  Hi, I am interested in your product Surgical Non Woven Face Mask 2ply/3ply,please send me more details:Could you offer me the best price?What's the min. order quantity?Could you send me product sample...
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[AR] [1046456] 阿根廷求购验孕纸(pregnancy test paper) (08-19)
  I need the range AT-HCG01 10~25miu/ml pregnancy test paper 5000 bags. Please send me invoice for checking.
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[CO] [1046371] 哥伦比亚求购有机精油(100% Purity and Plant Extract Natural Variety Bergamotto Organic) (08-19)
  采购数量: 25 Kilogram/Kilograms| 发布地点:Colombia My name is Alexandra Vivero, I sell dietary supplements in the USA and need to quote the following: Bergamot extract 25kgs (to start) of Citrus Bergamia R...
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[US] [1046368] 美国求购定制颜色和是可洗的化妆工具(Customized Color and Yes Washable Makeup Tool) (08-19)
  采购数量: 3000 Pieces| 采购人: 发布地点:United States I wanted to reach out to see if you can help produce our product line. We are looking for competitive rates and quality control. Please reach out to u...
Remaining views: 25
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[AE] [1046350] 阿联酋求购健康苗条美容抗氧化剂膳食补充剂(OEMm weight loss Integrated Enzyme powder healthy slim beauty an) (08-19)
  |采购数量: 1000 Yard/Yards 采购人: 发布地点:United Arab Emirates I would like to get the price for 30,000 Sachet of " pure phaseolus vulgaris/white kidney bean extract powder" please send the best price ...
Remaining views: 25
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