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[US] [1165801] [有图]美国求购马克杯(mug) (05-26)
  Please send me a quotation 100-250 pcs for color changing mugs. I have *** a file below for reference. Thank you!Address: 40 South Main Street Magnolia, Delaware 19962 USA
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相关买家: 马克杯; mug;
[MY] [1165799] 马来西亚求购玻璃刮板清洁器(window squeegee cleaner) (05-26)
  Product Name: Window Cleaner Material: PP,Silicone,Sponge, Aluminium Size: 50L * 25-27W * 10D Weight: 200g - 250g Product colour: Blue or Green Packaging : head tag (sleeve - cover the head), Pr...
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相关买家: 玻璃刮板清洁器; window squeegee cleaner;
[UK] [1165796] 英国求购沐浴海绵(Exfoliating Bath sponge) (05-26)
  Dear Sir, Madam, My name is Jordan, and I am contacting you on behalf of my company, ANTWITT LTD. Our company sells bathing/ shower products on Amazon, and we're interested in expanding our product li...
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相关买家: 沐浴海绵; Exfoliating Bath sponge;
[US] [1165781] [有图]美国求购宠物舔舐垫子(DOG LICK PAD) (05-26)
  Hello, My name is Gregory Theobald and I am the Purchasing Director for (TE Enterprise /Pet Supplies) retailer in Missouri –USA. (Please excuse if you already received this order request before. *...
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相关买家: 宠物舔舐垫子; DOG LICK PAD;
[ES] [1165780] 西班牙求购玻璃灯罩(glass lamp shade) (05-26)
  Hi, We'd looking for a supplier to produce a custom glass lamp shade. Find *** 2D drawings. Finish you be opal matt. Is this something you could do?I would like to understand process and costs.My emai...
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相关买家: 玻璃灯罩; glass lamp shade;
[RO] [1165777] [有图]罗马尼亚求购冰桶(ice bucket) (05-26)
  Hello. How are you? I'm interested in this Home Stainless Steel Ice Bucket & Wine Chiller with Tongs & Lid - Double Wall Insulated, 3 Liter - Silver. we have our own brand and we want to add this prod...
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相关买家: 冰桶; ice bucket;
[IN] [1165754] 印度求购蚊帐(mosquito net) (05-26)
  We have a order of 40' HQ Container Mosquito nets for window,what is your fob price and leadtime?
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相关买家: 蚊帐; mosquito net;
[IN] [1165656] 印度求购可生物降解和可堆肥的卫生巾(BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPO STABLE SANITARY PADS) (05-25)
  I am Jayanthi, from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India. I am in the process of setting up a new business for Sanitary Pads. I prefer to start with Bamboo and Corn Fiber Sanitary Pads. Kindly shar...
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相关买家: 卫生巾; SANITARY PADS;
[BR] [1165608] 巴西求购搅拌咖啡杯(stirring coffee mug) (05-25)
  we would like to quote 4000 pcs of the auto stirring mug please send all the detail about price, time do delivery, price fob. thanks
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相关买家: 咖啡杯; coffee mug;
[ES] [1165592] 西班牙求购加仑水杯(gallon water bottle) (05-25)
  Hello. What's the cost to purchase 1000 5 gallon water bottles? Also do you export to Jamaica?
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相关买家: 水杯; water bottle;
[OM] [1165550] 阿曼求购排气重力空气百叶窗(exhaust gravity air louvre) (05-25)
  Machine used air ventilation gravity louver grille aluminum we are looking for an exhaust gravity air louvre for electrical equipment installed in an outdoor installation.
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相关买家: 百叶窗;
[BR] [1165539] [有图]巴西求购砧板(extra large bamboo wood cutting board) (05-25)
  Hi! Can we send to you my logotype? Product Name: extra large bamboo wood cutting board with organice juice groove
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相关买家: 砧板; wood cutting board;
[AE] [1165506] [有图]阿联酋求购木制衣架(wooden suit hanger) (05-24)
  Hi,we have some enquiry for the wooden hangers, can please provide the wooden hangers which all type you have and please message me in
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相关买家: 木制衣架; wooden suit hanger;
[ES] [1165459] 西班牙求购促销水杯(promotional water bottle) (05-24)
  Dear supplier, Before placing an order, I’d like to know more about your Promotional plastic water bottle. Have to know the india price and shipping charges to india. Sincerely yours, Sakthivel Sh...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 促销水杯; promotional water bottle;
[US] [1165444] 美国求购家用手套(BBQ gloves) (05-24)
  I am interested in BBQ gloves. I want to know more details.
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相关买家: 家用手套; BBQ gloves;
[US] [1165441] 美国求购宠物手套(pet gloves) (05-24)
  I am interested in gloves for pets. I want to know more details.
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相关买家: 宠物手套; pet gloves;
[AU] [1165389] 澳大利亚求购家庭用品(household items) (05-24)
  Hi I'm looking for household items, please send me your catalog,thanks
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相关买家: 家庭用品; household items;
[CH] [1165359] [有图]瑞士求购太阳伞(Umbrella) (05-24)
  Hello, We would be interested for your light super mini Japanese pocket 5 fold umbrella for sun (grey, black) with our logo (***) in white (or black depending the color of the umbrella). We would li...
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相关买家: 太阳伞; Umbrella;
[BD] [1165293] 孟加拉国求购地毯(Carpet) (05-23)
  Dear Sir, We request offers for the following: 1. Prayer Carpet : Acrylic fiber 1800grams/Sqm 1 2mx30m 2. Prayer Carpet : 1.2mx30m polypropylene 1200grams/sqm 80shots/50shots 3. Wall to wall ...
相关买家: 地毯; Carpet;
[UK] [1165268] 英国求购粘胶捕蝇器(sticky glue trap) (05-23)
  Hi, I am interested in you sticky glue trap for moths, but I need it to work with Clothes Moths (Tineola bisselliella).If you are able to supply such a trap, could you please quote me for 10000 pieces...
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相关买家: 粘胶捕蝇器; sticky glue trap;
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