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[US] [1196812] [有图]美国求购化妆品瓶(Continuous Hair Spray Bottle) (04-24)
  Loved the sample we received. I am curious - how much would adding our logo to it - probably horizontally, add to the cost?
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相关买家: 化妆品瓶; Spray Bottle;
[UK] [1196809] [有图]英国求购宠物碗及喂食器(Personalised Powder Coated Dog Water Bowls) (04-24)
  I am looking for a price for 50 teal bowls with laser printing of the *** logo please? Can there be a mix of colours or all the same?What is the lead time and shipping cost? Thanks :)
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相关买家: 宠物碗; 喂食器; Water Bowls;
[US] [1196805] [有图]美国求购水瓶(Gym Silicone Water Bottles) (04-24)
  I want to know the best price you can offer for 100 units. We are a recycling nonprofit and we would want to see what our logo would look like on it. We like the multicolored collapsible bottles
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相关买家: 水瓶; Gym Silicone Water Bottles;
[ZA] [1196735] 南非求购牙刷(adult toothbrushes) (04-23)
  Looking for supplier of child and adult toothbrushes for government tender. About two million units over 3 years. Please contact me on louis "at" bfect "dot" co "dot" za so that I can send you the spe...
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相关买家: 牙刷; toothbrushes;
[RU] [1196641] 俄罗斯求购厨房定时器(Pill Digtal timer) (04-21)
  Hello Dear The management of the company in which I work has shown a keen interest in this product. It can become part of the product that we plan to release. We need them to beep every hour. Bottl...
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相关买家: 厨房定时器; Pill Digtal timer;
[US] [1196570] 美国求购消毒洗手液(50ml hand sanitizer) (04-20)
  Hello,I am looking for a supplier for 50ml hand sanitizer. I work for, a telehealth provider, and would like to use these as giveaways to customers. I would like our logo to be on the b...
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相关买家: 消毒洗手液; hand sanitizer;
[US] [1196551] 美国求购硅胶奶嘴(silicone nipple cover) (04-20)
  send your bulk price for silicone nipple cover. contact us on email below
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[KE] [1196497] 肯尼亚求购垃圾桶(Sanitary bin sensors And pedal White t) (04-20)
  Sanitary bin sensors And pedal White t Automatic trash cans
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相关买家: 垃圾桶;
[US] [1196469] [有图]美国求购智能保温杯(Smart Time Marker Vacuum Flask) (04-19)
  Please provide cost of 100 with the *** logo in one color to include shipping to US Zip Code 20721
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相关买家: 智能保温杯; Smart Vacuum Flask;
[AE] [1196449] 阿联酋求购宠物笼(Pet cage) (04-19)
  Hi, we want some OEM Cages done for Veterinary. Please send me the details
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相关买家: 宠物笼; Pet cage;
[NL] [1196439] [有图]荷兰求购宠物笼、便携包及宠物窝(animal cages bird carrier backpack) (04-19)
  Dear supplier, We are looking for the exact same bag as displayed in the picture.(you don't have to suggest any other items if you don't have this type of bag) our quantity would be 100 pcs as a fir...
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相关买家: 宠物笼; 便携包; 宠物窝;
[AE] [1196436] 阿联酋求购钢制撇沫器(Stainless Steel Skimmer) (04-19)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for buy Stainless Steel Skimmer. Please contact us asap. Thank you.
[MX] [1196341] 墨西哥求购筷子(chopsticks) (04-18)
  Hola, estoy interesado en estos productos.
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相关买家: 筷子; chopsticks;
[RU] [1196316] 俄罗斯求购竹纤维盘(Biodegradable compostable plates) (04-18)
  How much would be the cost of one piece if we order 10000 pieces? Item name:Biodegradable compostable plates Material:palm leaf Sample:Provided Freely Shape:square Label:Custom label size:10inch...
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相关买家: 竹纤维盘; compostable plates;
[IN] [1196315] 印度求购竹签(Bamboo Skewers) (04-18)
  Need following products 6" Bamboo Skewers 8" Bamboo Skewers Wooden Toothpick Share details & What's app at
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相关买家: 竹签; Bamboo Skewers;
[US] [1196303] [有图]美国求购***杯子(plastic PP injection cup) (04-18)
  5,000 Piece/sDetailed requirementsI need the same lids to fit all the cups16 20 24 and 32 ozalso can my 10000 order be mixed sizes. with same logo?
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相关买家: 一次性杯子; plastic PP injection cup;
[US] [1196294] [有图]美国求购水瓶(silicone sleeve water bottle) (04-18)
  Hello, I would like a quote for 100 750ml bottles. I want the one with no straw. A closed top. In white and black. with custom logo as ***. What is the best price you can offer? Shipping to 4800 SW 64...
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相关买家: 水瓶; water bottle;
[IN] [1196246] 印度求购玻璃餐具(Glass ware requirement) (04-17)
  I am akash Gupta Vaishno ENTERPRISES indian running kitchen glassware business Right now in china need glass turtle
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相关买家: 玻璃餐具; Glass ware;
[AR] [1196222] 阿根廷求购丙烯酸塑料杯(Minimalist design acrylic plastic tumbler wine glass) (04-17)
  Hi my friend, let me introduce myself, my name is Yanina Leiczak from Pitta, we have office in USA and Argentina. we are looking for plastic glassware and melamine dishware for restaurants and wedding...
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相关买家: 塑料杯; plastic glass;
[BE] [1196209] [有图]比利时求购饮料杯(Plastic Reusable Drinking Cup) (04-17)
  What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost? Do you support customization? Hello, My name is Ruben I am from the scouts and with our association we want to organize a party. We wou...
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相关买家: 饮料杯; Drinking Cup;
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