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[US] [1052163] 美国求购车床(lathe machine) (09-23)
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is from US. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Dear We need to Buy a Lathe Machine like the specification in annex Please any doubt contact us by WeC...
Remaining views: 22
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[US] [1052110] 美国求购旋涡流量变送器(Vortex flow transmitter) (09-20)
  Flow rate range gas (steam): 2.0 ~ 78m / s; liquid: 0.2 ~ 7.8m / s Pressure rating PN25, PN40 Medium temperature Low temperature type: -40 ° C ~ 120 ° C Standard type: -40 ° C ~ 250 ° C High tempe...
Remaining views: 24
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[HU] [1052103] 匈牙利求购机床齿轮(Machine gear) (09-20)
  Material carbon steel Outline cylindrical gear Modulus 14Mmm Number of teeth 56 Gear height 6.2mm Tooth width 9.8mm Tooth shape spur gear Gear tooth external gear
Remaining views: 20
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[DK] [1052094] 丹麦求购自动包装机(Automatic packaging machine) (09-19)
  Film width Max.250mm Bag length 65~190mm 120~280mm Bag width 30~110mm Film roll diameter Max.320mm Packing speed 40 ~ 230 bags / min Power specifications 220V, 50/60HZ, 2.4KVA
Remaining views: 19
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[NL] [1052072] 荷兰求购高频强磁吸盘(High frequency magnetic chuck) (09-20)
  Main features of high frequency magnetic chuck   1, using a fully sealed structure, good moisture resistance.   2, through computer optimization design, reasonable structure, light weight,...
Remaining views: 23
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[PK] [1052039] 巴基斯坦求购擦鞋机(shoe polishing machine) (09-20)
  Hi, Looking for good quality shoe polishing machine with tan and black colors. Huette machine is preferable with good warranty and smooth longer function.
Remaining views: 24
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[IN] [1052001] 印度求购软凸轮盘(Softcam key) (09-20)
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is mugilan from India. I would like to looking for softcam.key (cccam Account) I would like to subscribe few Indian paid channel. Kindly send list of channels and price list. s...
Remaining views: 24
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[KE] [1051982] 肯尼亚求购海藻干燥杀菌机(seaweed drying sterilization machine) (09-20)
Remaining views: 22
Related buyers: 杀菌机; sterilization machine;
[PK] [1051973] 巴基斯坦求购纺织机械备件(TEXTILE MACHINERY SPARE PARTS) (09-20)
  Hi Sir/Madam. we are looking for open end spare parts like Rotor cup, separator, ceramic navel, LR/SR insert and many other spare parts for textile machineries.
Remaining views: 23
Related buyers: 纺织机械备件; TEXTILE MACHINERY SPARE PARTS;
[KH] [1051966] 柬埔寨求购纸锥机(paper cone machine) (09-20)
  ROUND STAINLESS STEEL PIPES GRADE: 201/202/304/316L/409/410/430
Remaining views: 24
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[DK] [1051948] 丹麦求购设备(instruments) (09-19)
  we are looking for package machine with good quality .
Remaining views: 23
Related buyers: 设备; instruments;
[US] [1051938] 美国求购两片式球阀(Two-piece ball valve) (09-19)
  Nominal pressure 1.6-6.4MPa Applicable stability range -20~232°C~350°C Applicable medium Water, oil, gas and some corrosive liquids Thread type G. NPT. BSPT. BSP. DI259/2999
Remaining views: 23
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[IT] [1051926] 意大利求购炉子(furnace) (09-19)
  we want to purchase the vacuum furnace ,if you are supplier with good quality ,please contact us,thank you.
Remaining views: 23
Related buyers: 炉子; furnace;
[CH] [1051922] 瑞士求购机械产品(mechanical products) (09-19)
  we have inquiry for the mechanical products .
Remaining views: 20
Related buyers: 机械产品; mechanical products;
[MX] [1051891] 墨西哥求购双筒激光测距仪(Double cylinder laser range finder) (09-19)
  9 major features of the product: Point-to-point straight line distance 2. Horizontal distance 3. Single point measurement 4.2 point height measurement 5. Pitch angle measurement 6. Azimuth angle...
Remaining views: 24
Related buyers: 测距仪; range finder;
[US] [1051888] 美国求购旋涡流量变送器(Vortex flow transmitter) (09-19)
  Type of spiral vortex flowmeter, Measuring range is 0.1-1000m3/h, Accuracy level 1.0, Nominal diameter DN15-300mm, Suitable for medium gas, Working pressure ≤ 10MPa.
Remaining views: 24
Related buyers: 流量变送器; flow transmitter;
[HU] [1051887] 匈牙利求购智能电磁流量计(Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter) (09-19)
  Flanged PTFE lining: DN6~DN1200 Pipe type rubber lining: DN40~DN3000 Insert type: DN100~DN3000, special customizable DN32~DN80 Flow direction Positive, negative, net flow Range ratio: 150:1 Rep...
Remaining views: 24
Related buyers: 流量计; flowmeter;
[DE] [1051885] 德国求购机械防水橡胶圈(Mechanical waterproof rubber ring) (09-19)
  Product name rubber O-ring, round shape, material silicone, product specifications 18*2mm
Remaining views: 22
Related buyers: 橡胶圈; rubber ring;
[IQ] [1051881] 伊拉克求购内螺纹由壬(Internal thread) (09-19)
  Alias by 壬, Use pipe fittings, The diameter of the hole is 25-200mm, The drilling depth is 200m, Drilling angle is 180°, Dimensions 30-240mm, Vertical shaft speed 2000, Drill pipe diameter 3 in...
Remaining views: 24
Related buyers: 内螺纹; Internal thread;
[IT] [1051877] 意大利求购双驱模温机(Double drive mold temperature machine) (09-19)
  Product alias water type oil mold temperature machine two in one mold temperature machine Product use mold temperature machine can make mold temperature control more uniform, improve product molding ...
Remaining views: 23
Related buyers: 模温机; emperature machine;
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