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[IN] [1127752] 印度买家求购谷物磨粉机(grain grinding mill) (04-23)
  what_output_machine_you_need_(t/h) 1 ton per hour full_name Sunil Patel what_materials_you_want_to_process any grain
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相关买家: 谷物磨粉机; grain grinding mill;
[IN] [1127750] 印度买家求购辣椒磨粉机(red chili grinding mill) (04-23)
  what_output_machine_you_need_(t/h) 10 full_name Tejas Pawar what_materials_you_want_to_process red chili
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相关买家: 辣椒磨粉机; red chili grinding mill;
[PK] [1127749] 巴基斯坦客户求购制药磨粉机(Ultrafine and Flaker Machines for our Guar Gum Powder Plant) (04-23)
  We need an Ultrafine and Flaker Machines for our Guar Gum Powder Plant, We seek your quotations for the same as soon as possible, Warm Regards
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相关买家: 制药磨粉机; Flaker Machines;
[TH] [1127720] 泰国求购割草机(Lawn Mower) (04-23)
  Please contact me Lawn Mower Thailand
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相关买家: 割草机; Lawn Mower;
[TR] [1127694] 土耳其求购液压马达(orbit hydro motor) (04-23)
  we are seraching for new supplier,similar products for the giben below...please quote :860207000700708Danfoss Hidrolik Motor Vmr 250 (11136678)860207000700709Danfoss Hidrolik Motor Vmr 160 (11136676)8...
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相关买家: 液压马达; orbit hydro motor;
[US] [1127644] 美国求购面食机(pasta maker machine) (04-23)
  hello pls offer us yours competitive price for your pasta maker machine model KLP-100 pls send us video for this machine and tell us more information details about production per hour and how man...
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相关买家: 面食机; pasta maker machine;
[KR] [1127640] 韩国求购钻孔机(Electric Pillar Metal Sheet Drill Press Machine) (04-22)
  Hello, this is SungJin FA Co., Ltd from Korea, and we are very interest in your Electric Pillar Metal Sheet Drill Press Machine could you provide PM2016 machine catalog? and quotation on following...
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相关买家: 钻孔机; Drill Press Machine;
[IT] [1127636] 意大利求购园林拖拉机(Garden Tractor) (04-22)
  Trattori 15-18-20-22-HP prezzi con aratro-fresa porto cagliari Italia temi consegna e metodi di pagamento
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相关买家: 园林拖拉机; Garden Tractor;
[SG] [1127629] 新加坡求购饼皮机(Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine) (04-22)
  Dear Sir, i am interested on this machine for samosa and spring roll sheet making size of 8x8inch, 10x4inches sheetkindly quote to
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相关买家: 饼皮机; Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine;
[PT] [1127608] [有图]葡萄牙求购液压压石机(Hydraulic Stone Press) (04-22)
  Hello, I am interested in this product EM02 - Hydraulic Stone Press, please offer the best price with more product details.
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相关买家: 压石机; Hydraulic Stone Press;
[IN] [1127558] 印度买家求购香料研磨机(spiece grinding mill) (04-22)
  full_name Bijoy Das what_output_machine_you_need_(t/h) spieces powder @ packete making machine
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相关买家: 香料研磨机; spiece grinding mill;
[CY] [1127557] [有图]塞浦路斯求购限位开关(limit switch) (04-22)
  Good day Please advise if you can offer for *** Info below and *** Both hydraulic connections are 3/8”. Best Regards Stelios Demetriou | CUSTOMER SUPPORT OFFICER
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相关买家: 限位开关; limit switch;
[PK] [1127556] 巴基斯坦客户求购麦子磨粉机(wheat grinding mill) (04-20)
  what_output_machine_you_need_(t/h) .25 full_name Shafiqe Ur Rehman what_materials_you_want_to_process wheat
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相关买家: 麦子磨粉机; wheat grinding mill;
[IN] [1127555] 印度买家求购麦子磨粉机(wheat grinding mill) (04-22)
  what_output_machine_you_need_(t/h) . 5 full_name Afees Muhammed what_materials_you_want_to_process wheat and rice
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相关买家: 麦子磨粉机; wheat grinding mill;
[PK] [1127535] 巴基斯坦客户求购磨面机(wheat flour mill) (04-22)
  I need wheat flour mill. (Please quote)
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相关买家: 磨面机; wheat flour mill;
[IN] [1127534] 印度买家求购磨面机(flour grinding mill) (04-22)
  what_output_machine_you_need_(t/h) 2/h full_name Anand Kashid what_materials_you_want_to_process greding & floor mil
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相关买家: 磨面机; flour grinding mill;
[IN] [1127526] 印度求购汽车升降机(2 post lift) (04-22)
  Need of "2 post lift" of 1 quantity to India, kindly send me the quatation of models to my mail ID
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相关买家: 汽车升降机;
[IN] [1127519] 印度求购100吨RTG起重机(100 Ton Tyre mounted crane) (04-22)
  1. 100 Ton capacity, 2. 50 meter height 3.Tyre mounted crane
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相关买家: 起重机; mounted crane;
[UK] [1127516] 英国求购家禽设备和发电机(polutry and generator) (04-22)
  Poultry Equipment and Generator 100kVA
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相关买家: 家禽设备; 发电机; polutry; generator;
[BR] [1127510] 巴西求购潜水泵(Submersible Water Pump) (04-22)
  My name is Julio and I'm from Brazil. I work at a foreign trade advising company named WBrazil Trader. And I have a client that wants to import the Submersible Water Pump The Specifications of the...
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相关买家: 潜水泵; Submersible Water Pump;
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