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[PK] [1042548] 巴基斯坦求购压缩机废料(COMPRESSOR SCRAP) (07-30)
  i am keen interested in compressor scrap please send me more information. Thanks email.
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[EG] [1042487] 埃及求购全自动湿纸巾制作包装机(Automatic Wet Tissue Making Packing Machine) (07-30)
  Hello Sirs, Iam intersting in wet wipes machines, could you please send me more details and specs.
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[QA] [1042441] 卡塔尔求购热烫机(cloth stamping machine) (07-30)
  Dear Sir, Greetings from Quality Business Consulting, Doha-Qatar! Allow us to briefly introduce ourselves, Quality Business Consulting (QBConsulting) is one of the premiere business consulting company...
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[US] [1042439] 美国求购拖拉机液压齿轮泵(Tractor Hydraulic Gear Pump) (07-30)
  I am more interested in this product, please send me the product details. Mine looks like the lower left picture.We hope you can offer us the quotation within the validity period. We look forward to t...
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[ZM] [1042434] 赞比亚求购无人机(Agricultural plant protection drone) (07-30)
  Hello. Kindly send me details and price for the drones.Please contact me and send price list in time.Looking forward to cooperating with you.Thanks
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[PK] [1042428] 巴基斯坦求购植保无人机(Agricultural plant protection drone) (07-30)
  Hi.I from PakistanI am importer injection moulding machines from China.And attractive product Are you the only this device manufacture.Please send to me more information and details.
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[BD] [1042425] 孟加拉求购收割机(Rice Harvester) (07-30)
  Could you tell me where you are going to ship? How long is the arrival time? Please give me the details of your products and the FOB price of this machine. Please let me know. This is my email. Tha...
Remaining views: 24
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[IN] [1042424] 印度求购拖拉机(20 hp tractor) (07-30)
  Send complete product and ur all products details with price in indian rupees.I hope you can send us the details as soon as possible.Send To email,And whatsapp
Remaining views: 24
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[BD] [1042422] 孟加拉求购联合收割机(Reaper Binder) (07-30)
  Hi I’m Mahabubul Haque from Bangladesh and I am interest for purchase your products. Please inform me asap. I am eagerly waiting for your reply with products catalog through below email address:
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[MW] [1042419] 马拉维求购除草机(Hand held ploughing machine backpack power tiller weeding machin) (07-30)
  I hope you can send me the details of the herbicide products in time and let me know the arrival price. How many days can you provide it? Please contact me in time.
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[BD] [1042418] 孟加拉求购插秧机(Rows rice transplanter) (07-30)
  I think the Rows rice transplanter produced by your company will be very convenient for farmers, so we want to import a batch of such machines. We hope to cooperate with you for a long time. Please se...
Remaining views: 24
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[IN] [1042417] 印度求购除草机(Garden weeder) (07-30)
  Please send full information along with prize.Please send us detailed product quotation and more price details. I look forward to cooperating with you. Thank you.
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[BD] [1042416] 孟加拉求购收割机(Rice harvester) (07-30)
  I'd like to know how many rows of cutters your combine is. Do you have a list of your prices? By the way, would you please send me a detailed list of other products of your company, and I would like t...
Remaining views: 24
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[LT] [1042414] 立陶宛求购洗瓶机(bottle washing machine) (07-30)
  Output 6000 to 9000 bph Other details required as *** in Picture. Please send working vdo of your machine plus a detailed quotation to Terms of payment will be 30% deposit, 60% after inspection, b...
Remaining views: 24
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[BD] [1042408] 孟加拉求购拖拉机(Tractor) (07-30)
  Sir,Do you know the power, area and weight of this machine? Please give me these details about the product and the price of the machine.Will you send it to my mailbox as soon as possible? I look forwa...
Remaining views: 24
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[GH] [1042396] 加纳求购拖拉机(110hp tractor) (07-26)
  Hello, sir. Would you please give me the latest quotation for tractors? I see that your products are very good, but I would like to know the details of the models and parts of the machine products you...
Remaining views: 24
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[PH] [1042395] 菲律宾求购拖拉机(110hp tractor) (07-26)
  Do you have a Backhoe with Breaker equipment?Do you have a specific type of tractor? If so, can you send me the details? Please inform me of the price of your machine in time and look forward to your ...
Remaining views: 24
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[PH] [1042393] 菲律宾求购插秧机(Rice planting machine) (07-26)
  hat type of engine do you have? Do you know anything about this machine? Please send me the latest detailed quotation and details about spare parts. My email is
Remaining views: 24
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[VN] [1042389] 越南求购拖拉机(Tractor) (07-23)
  What kind of machine is your tractor? Where is your port of shipment?I am in Vietnam now.I need to do some reference.Please send me the price list and machine list.Please contact me.
Remaining views: 22
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[IN] [1042383] 印度求购碾米机(Rice mill machine) (07-23)
  Sir,my contact way is I want to import this items please send me all details with FOB price and payment terms.
Remaining views: 21
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