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[IR] [1162670] 伊朗求购二手设备(Lunan zxx6350za) (04-24)
  Preferly unused machine
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相关买家: 二手设备;
[IN] [1162665] 印度求购椰卷饼干机(coconut roll biscuits machine) (04-24)
  Hello, I am looking to get these coconut rolls to USA in my brand name by importing the maker machines to South India for production . What is the best price you can offer? Do you support customizatio...
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相关买家: 椰卷饼干机; coconut roll biscuits machine;
[ZA] [1162643] 南非求购发电机(Generators) (04-24)
  Dear Sir, we are looking for suppliers worldwide that can supply products cash on delivery into south Africa 1) Smartphones, Cellphones 2) Computers, Laptops, Notebooks 3) Sound Systems, TV'S, ...
相关买家: 发电机; Generators;
[YE] [1162605] 也门求购氧气生产线(Oxygen Production Line) (04-23)
  Dear person in charge. We are in need of the following : Oxygen (O2) Production Line Purity: ≥ 93%, flow rate: 45m3/h, (pressure:150barAutomatic filling system). Production location 3200m above s...
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相关买家: 氧气生产线; Oxygen Production Line;
[AZ] [1162586] 阿塞拜疆求购塑料钮扣生产机械(plastic button production machinery) (04-23)
  hi.We want to purchase plastic button production machinery. Polyester button 11mm Polyester button 15mm Polyester button 17mm Polyester button 20mm Polyester button 25mm Please sent me your cata...
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相关买家: 塑料钮扣; plastic button production machinery;
[IN] [1162567] 印度求购母线折弯机(Busbar bending machine) (04-22)
  We are the largest importers in India dealing in Heavy Duty Machinery. Please quote for the best possible price for Busbar bending cutting and punching machine.
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相关买家: 折弯机; Busbar bending machine;
[KW] [1162555] 科威特求购吸料斗挖泥船(Suction Hopper Dredger) (04-22)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in purchasing a brand new or USED suction hopper dredger for our operations in Kuwait. Please give us your best quote along with the specification and broucher of the dred...
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相关买家: 吸料斗挖泥船; Suction Hopper Dredger;
[AF] [1162545] 阿富汗求购玉米磨粉机(corn grinding mill) (04-22)
  Do you have a corn starch plan?
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相关买家: 玉米磨粉机; corn grinding mill;
[LK] [1162539] 斯里兰卡求购锚链(ANCHOR CHAINS) (04-22)
  assure regular imports for above ANCHOR CHAINS items and manufacturers please contact us
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相关买家: 锚链; ANCHOR CHAINS;
[US] [1162529] 美国求购电梯(Elevators) (04-22)
  Hello I have a professional client that owns a hotel in the USA. I need quotes on 4 -4ftx4ft high quality elevator for customers to use in hotel. Can you please provide me with your elevator details.
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相关买家: 电梯; Elevators;
[SG] [1162523] 新加坡求购太阳能电池板破碎机(solar panels crusher) (04-22)
  Hello, My company is looking for two crushers which are able to crush solar panels. Here are the details: • Solar panels will be 100mm x 100mm size • Solar panels are a mix of glass, pl...
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相关买家: 太阳能电池板破碎机; solar panels crusher;
[KG] [1162460] [有图]吉尔吉斯斯坦求购饲料研磨机和卧式搅拌机(New coming best Choice feed grinder and horizontal mixer) (04-21)
  New coming best Choice feed grinder and horizontal mixer Hello, My name is Alisher. I live in Osh city, Kyrgyz republic. I am looking for a small feed production line for chickens (WITHOUT pellet ma...
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相关买家: 饲料研磨机; 卧式搅拌机;
[US] [1162450] 美国求购脉冲(Pulses) (04-21)
  Dear Sir, We are looking forward buy Pulses and Cereals 2x20 feet container weekly basis Cif rice jebel ali port. Kindly send us your best prices. Thank you.
相关买家: 脉冲; Pulses;
[PY] [1162426] 巴拉圭求购注射器生产机(syringes machion) (04-21)
  Dear sirsmy name is Jefferson, I am the director of the company farmatex Brazilian SA, we are distributors of medical supplies in Brazil and we also have the manufacture of masks, caps and sneakers in...
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相关买家: 注射器生产机; syringes machion;
[AR] [1162421] 阿根廷求购巧克力机(chocolate production line) (04-21)
  I am interested in the chocolate production line, from cocoa and from butter and chocolate liquor.What do you have to offer me?Thank you
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相关买家: 巧克力机; chocolate production line;
[IN] [1162417] 印度求购压缩机(Compressor) (04-21)
  What is the price for compressorCapacity(W) 110 ADW43h, Capacity(W) ,134 , Capacity(W) Compressor Models No.T1110 TO T1115 BUT not supplier Direct company Drill, Long tame.
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相关买家: 压缩机; Compressor;
[IN] [1162416] 印度求购抛光雕刻机(polishing engraving machine) (04-21)
  whats the max engraving area? can it work on rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine, pyrite, ruby, sapphire etc?i'm at , whatsapp videos.
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相关买家: 抛光雕刻机; polishing engraving machine;
[IN] [1162412] 印度求购注塑机(plastic machine) (04-21)
  Dear Sir, We are in urgent requirement of Plastic Injectin Moulding Machine of 800 ton for manufacturing Eco-friendly School Desk Top Bench ( single and double seating ) & modular furniture. pol...
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相关买家: 注塑机; plastic machine;
[TJ] [1162402] 塔吉克斯坦求购医院垃圾焚化炉(Waste Incinerator for hospital) (04-21)
  Capacity: 0.4 up to 1.35 cubic meter 1. 0.4 cubic meter – 1 pce 2. 0.7 cubic meter – 3 pcs 3. 1.0 cubic meter – 4 pcs 4. 1.35 cubic meter – 4 pcs Technical Standards: - Incinerator type: Contr...
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相关买家: 医院垃圾焚化炉; Waste Incinerator;
[JO] [1162399] 约旦求购润滑油灌装机(filling machine 8-12 nozzle for lubricants) (04-21)
  Hello, Im looking for filling machine 8-12 nozzle for lubricants. It should have conveyor belt. Please contact me for further details. Thanks,
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相关买家: 润滑油灌装机; filling machine;
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