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[US] [1059250] 美国求购皮卡汀尼导轨支架(picatinny rail mount) (11-01)
  Dear Sir/Madam, We need a picatinny rail for an inert (non firing) training tool. We could use two rails but we would prefer to have one single rail. I'm looking for products with the following spe...
Remaining views: 23
相关买家: 皮卡汀尼导轨支架; picatinny rail mount;
[IN] [1059229] 印度求购小型木工雕刻机(mini wooden engraving machine) (10-31)
  Hi, supplier We are interested in this mini wooden engraving machine that you show in your website. Can you send us more details about this machine? Thank you.
Remaining views: 23
相关买家: 木工雕刻机; wooden engraving machine;
[IN] [1059225] 印度求购二手大型起重机(second- hand large crane) (10-31)
  Hi, supplier, How are you? We are looking for used large crane foro ur factory. Please send us the best price. Thanks
Remaining views: 23
相关买家: 二手起重机; large crane;
[AU] [1059221] 澳大利亚求购工具(tools) (10-31)
  I am an electrician and refrigeration mechanic so any tools including test equipment is the requirement.
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 工具; tools;
[IN] [1059217] 印度求购不锈钢折弯机(stainless steel bender) (10-31)
  I am looking for stainless steel bender.
Remaining views: 21
相关买家: 折弯机; bender;
[IN] [1059216] 印度求购铝铸造(Aluminum Gravity Die Casting) (10-31)
  Aluminum Gravity Die Casting is a repeatable throwing process utilized for non-ferrous combination parts, a permanent mould casting method, where the melted metal is poured from a vessel of ladle into...
Remaining views: 19
相关买家: 铝铸造; Aluminum Casting;
[IN] [1059210] 印度求购工具包(tool bag) (10-31)
  We would like to source tool bag. Reliable sources from worldwide are welcome to quote their best prices. All payments will be discussed.
Remaining views: 22
相关买家: 工具包; tool bag;
[FI] [1059170] 芬兰求购空气压缩机(air compressor) (10-30)
  We require the following specification Air Compressor. Please send us your offer at the earliest. SPECIFICATION. 1. Nominal Pressure 8/10 bar g 2. Valume Flow 0.6-1 m3/min or 10-15 L/sec 3. ...
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 空气压缩机; air compressor;
[VN] [1059157] 越南求购压缩机废料(Compressor scrap) (10-31)
  We need compressor scrap in bulk quantity minimum need 1ton.
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 压缩机废料; Compressor scrap;
[BG] [1059131] 保加利亚求购锯机(saw machines) (10-30)
  Good morning, This is Thomas from Bulgaria. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Type : Circular Saw Use : Woodworking Style : Vertical kindly directly all message/quota...
Remaining views: 23
相关买家: 锯机; saw machines;
[IR] [1059052] 伊朗求购履带挖掘机(kumatso excavator pc220-7) (10-31)
  Hi I am Mohaddeseh saharkhiz, purchasing officer of Ebrahimi Trading group based in tehran Iran . I am intrested to start business with you We need a kumatso excavator pc220-7 please send me yor...
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 履带挖掘机; kumatso excavator;
[IN] [1059012] 印度求购米粉设备(rice powder machine) (10-31)
  I like small scale unit starting in Kerala making chillypowder and rice powder I need full details in prize any things(single phase and three phase) Bennny Varghese
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 米粉设备; rice powder machine;
[IN] [1059009] 印度求购二手数控折弯机(used cnc bending machine) (10-31)
  Hi, sir How are you? Can you send me the price of this used cnc bending machine?
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 二手数控折弯机; used cnc bending machine;
[IN] [1059006] 印度求购二手大型空压机(used large air compressor) (10-31)
  Hi, We want to purchase used large air compressor. If you can give us the best price, we can consider to make cooperation with you. Please give us your best price. Thanks
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 二手大型空压机; used large air compressor;
[IN] [1059004] 印度求购二手大型雕刻机(used big engraving machine) (10-31)
  Hi supplier, We need more details about these used big engraving machine, please send us more details like quotation, specification, shipping fee, ect, thank you.
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 二手大型雕刻机; used big engraving machine;
[IN] [1058997] 印度求购二手磨床(used grinding machine) (10-31)
  Dear supplier, How are you? We are looking for used grinding machine from China. Can you give us the best price? Thanks
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 二手磨床; used grinding machine;
[IN] [1058996] 印度求购工业等离子切割机(industry plasma cutting machine) (10-31)
  Hi, supplier We are interested in this industry plasma cutting machine, can you send us the quotation, specification, ect? Thank you
Remaining views: 22
相关买家: 工业等离子切割机; industry plasma cutting machine;
[IN] [1058955] 印度求购工业激光切割机(industry laser cutting machine) (10-31)
  Hi, supplier, We are interested in this industry laser cutting machine, please send us more details, thanks.
Remaining views: 20
相关买家: 工业激光切割机; industry laser cutting machine;
[IN] [1058944] 印度求购大型打孔机(big hole puncher machine) (10-31)
  We are interested in this big hole puncher machines that you sell in your website, can you send us the best price? Thank you.
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 大型打孔机; big hole puncher machine;
[IN] [1058940] 印度求购工地拖车(factory trail car) (10-31)
  Hi, We are looking for the factory trail car in our factory. Can you send us more details about this factory trail car?
Remaining views: 24
相关买家: 工地拖车; factory trail car;
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