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[PH] [1049197] 菲律宾求购升降货梯(hydraulic cargo lift) (09-03)
  Dear suppliers, this is from Philippine. My company is looking for hydraulic cargo lift for our factory. Could you send me the details? Plz send it to my
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[US] [1049193] 美国求购液体涡轮流量计(Liquid turbine flowmeter) (09-03)
  What's the best price for the liquid turbine flowmeter? Can you ship to Houston? Look for your reply.
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[US] [1049190] 美国求购电梯(elevator) (09-03)
  We sourcing the elevator with the fire protection Class A to Class B necessary. Please make a quotation and send it to me. Best regards,
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[HU] [1049187] 匈牙利求购空气能热泵(Air heat pump) (09-03)
  May I know if you can meet our requirement? Shell material: stainless steel Running noise: 60-70db
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[UK] [1049184] 英国求购炉子(furnace) (09-03)
  we are sourcing the lab product ,for an example furnace
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[US] [1049176] 美国求购潜水泵(submersible pump) (09-03)
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is HasanKhalafAbdulwahid from IQ. We are running a tools project in ME area. We would be very grateful to you if you could provide us the quotation of the following parts on u...
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[US] [1049162] 美国求购隔膜计量泵(Diaphragm Metering Pumps) (09-03)
  No need to irrigate water, the suction stroke is up to 7m; Smooth flow, good performance, allowing the maximum particle diameter to reach 10mm; The head and flow can be adjusted by the gas valve to ...
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[US] [1049145] 美国求购压缩机(compressor) (09-03)
  Dimensions (length x width x height): 3300*1900*1950mm Rated power: 30Kw Working principle: volumetric type Compressor power: 100,000 Specification: ZR61KC structure type screw type
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[US] [1049142] 美国求购机械切割器(Mechanical cutter) (09-03)
  Please quote the mechanical cutter. Also we want to know more information about the products and your company. Thanks,
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[US] [1049130] 美国求购柴油机(Gas Oil Diesel) (09-03)
  Gas Oil Diesel, D2, D6, JP54, JP-A1, M100, EN590.
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[DE] [1049115] 德国求购机械产品(mechanical product) (09-03)
  we are looking for the mechanical products used in the product line .
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[LT] [1049106] 立陶宛求购设备(equipments) (09-03)
  hi ,i need the industry products about vacuum series,if you have relative equipments,please contact .
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[HU] [1049097] 匈牙利求购踏板调压阀(Pedal pressure regulator) (09-03)
  Nominal diameter: mm 6 Flow characteristics: 0.05MPa Pressure characteristics: 0.02MPa Leakage: 150Nml/min Pressure regulation range: 0 ~ 0.8MPa These are the our request
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[US] [1049091] 美国求购减速电机(Geared motor) (09-03)
  Please send me the basic parameters of the geared motor. Our purchasing office is planning to buy a lot of that. Contact me by email as soon.
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[US] [1049090] 美国求购手持式焊接设备(Handheld welding equipment) (09-03)
  Input power supply Three-phase 380V 50-60Hz Voltage range 350-430V Input oscillation frequency 25-40KHz load duration Control panel PLC cooling water pressure 0.1-0.18Mpa Main unit volume 580mm×250...
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[HU] [1049088] 匈牙利求购液压阀(Hydraulic valve) (09-03)
  Basic parameters Material: aluminum alloy Nominal diameter: 6-25mm Nominal pressure: 42MPa Type: Cartridge valve Connection form: thread flow direction commutation Drive mode: electromagnetic
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[HU] [1049085] 匈牙利求购公路沥青铣刨齿(Highway asphalt milling) (09-03)
  1. Cap-shaped carbide tip for removing asphalt layers 2. Held in the tool holder bore with a shank diameter of 20 mm 3. Generation identification Noted that we are finding the manufacturer not trad...
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[HU] [1049083] 匈牙利求购静电喷枪(Electrostatic spray gun) (09-02)
  Output current: 0.8A Residual oil content in compressed air: max0.01 cubic meters Output current: max0.15mA Valve control voltage: 24VDC Air flow: max19 cubic meters Short circuit current: max0.2...
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[HU] [1049082] 匈牙利求购真空泵(Vacuum pump) (09-02)
  Need the technical data sheet including Suction diameter, discharge exit diameter, power, flow rate, speed, shaft power, material. If you still have any question please inquiry me. Thank you
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[HU] [1049080] 匈牙利求购离心机(Centrifuge) (09-02)
  Need the centrifuge has the specifications: Type: Flat centrifuge Drum diameter: 800mm Drum rotation speed: 1200
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