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[NG] [1053878] 尼日利亚求购喷漆枪(Spray Gun) (10-08)
  We are interested in product Please send a quote via E-mail . Thanks and best regards.
Remaining views: 24
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[US] [1053877] 美国求购空气加油机(Air Nailer Flooring Nailer) (10-08)
  Hello, I need parts for my RP9800A floor nailer, can you help? or know someone who can get parts?
Remaining views: 24
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[US] [1053875] 美国求购喷漆嘴(Graco paint sprayer nozzles) (10-08)
  I want to know the cost for 50 airless spray tips. I would like (15) .417, (15) 515 (20 517 - total of 50 min.
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[IN] [1053873] 印度求购自动木柄机械(Automatic Wooden Handle Machinery) (10-08)
  I want purchased wooden handle turning machine plz send me machine details and price.
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[UK] [1053845] 英国求购塑料片模切机(Plastic sheet die cutting machine) (10-08)
  The precision of the machine is high: the four-column and three-plate structure is adopted. The vertical precision of the movable plate is controlled by four precision guide bushes, and the parallel p...
Remaining views: 24
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[IN] [1053840] 印度求购UV数码印刷机(UV digital printing machine) (10-08)
  Digital press type flatbed printer Printing color printing Printing speed 12-15 square / hour Printing format 2500*1300mm Substrate thickness range 100mm Resolution 300*2400 Dimensions 4500*1700...
Remaining views: 23
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[US] [1053837] 美国求购仓储货架(Storage shelves) (10-08)
  Type fluent Material aluminum alloy Number of layers 4 Column thickness 1.2mm
Remaining views: 22
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[PL] [1053831] 波兰求购气动风机(Pneumatic fan) (10-08)
  Coal Pneumatic Fan Product Features FQC type mine pneumatic extraction type axial flow local ventilator (hereinafter referred to as pneumatic fan) is a new product developed by our company. The produ...
Remaining views: 24
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[HU] [1053803] 匈牙利求购液压球阀(Hydraulic ball valve) (10-08)
  This valve is suitable for switching on and off in the hydraulic system pipeline. The main valve is made of high quality forged steel and the surface is blackened or chrome plated. The appearance is b...
Remaining views: 20
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[TW] [1053794] 台湾求购蝶阀(BUTTERFLY VALVE) (09-30)
  Sample Purchase|采购数量: 1 Pieces 发布地点:Taiwan, China We are professional manufacturer of electric actuators and solenoid valves. Now we are looking for the co-operation ship with butterfly valves. Your...
Remaining views: 19
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[PE] [1053781] 秘鲁求购流量计量泵功能计量泵(0-15L/h flow and metering pump function dosing pump) (09-30)
  采购数量: 1 Acre/Acres| 采购人: 发布地点:Peru Good morning, please send information of the dosing pumps, I would like to request a quote for expoprtacion to LIMA PERU Start commercial relations with your repr...
Remaining views: 24
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[HU] [1053723] 匈牙利求购机床床身铸件(Machine bed casting) (09-27)
  Sand casting type chemical hardening sand type Special casting type lost foam casting Surface treatment, rust and corrosion protection Material HT250 Molding process gravity casting Tolerance 5mm
Remaining views: 17
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[RO] [1053668] 罗马尼亚求购金属颗粒输送设备(Metal particle conveying equipment) (09-27)
  Delivery capacity 8-10t/h Power 4KW Type chain Conveying distance 5-10m Dimensions 1.1*5m Weight 900kg
Remaining views: 24
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[AU] [1053635] 澳大利亚求购upvc窗户制作工厂(upvc window making plant) (09-27)
  I need to buy a complete upvc window making plant. What sort of equipment do you have and what are the specifications and price. Reply to for faster communication. Note I need a cheap and low volume ...
Remaining views: 23
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[PK] [1053627] 巴基斯坦求购液化石油气厂(lpg plant) (09-27)
  Hello Good Day, We are looking for the spare parts of 22mm BTU LPG/SNG Plant. A complete list is available with us; please contact so that we can share.
Remaining views: 24
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[CU] [1053620] 古巴求购柴油泵试验台(diesel pump test bench) (09-27)
  Hello Have a good day We need a small diesel pump test bench, also nozzle checker, can offer your best price Regards
Remaining views: 24
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[US] [1053608] 美国求购PVC输送带(PVC belt) (09-27)
  Need quote on 100 meters x 1820mm for PVC 200 Black C x FS Thickness: 13/64" Covers: C x FSMin. Pulley Diameter 6"Temperature Range: 0F/180F Approx. Weight Lbs. P...
Remaining views: 24
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[IN] [1053598] 印度求购包装机械(packing machine) (09-27)
  I am going to start with importing packing machine and to create my own customer base I want to import packing machine Could you please send me more information about your machine ?and inform me abou...
Remaining views: 24
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[TR] [1053583] 土耳其求购易开盖生产线(easy open end production line) (09-27)
  Dear Sirs, We are food production and packaging company in Turkey. We are looking for manufacturer of full EOE Can line in two different sizes as like the following: 1. EOE can for Tomato Paste D...
Remaining views: 22
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[BD] [1053555] 孟加拉国求购二手纺织机械(Textile Used Machines) (09-27)
  We want to buy Textile Used Machines.
Remaining views: 23
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