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[IN] [1123241] 印度求购6米伸缩桅杆(6m telescopic masts) (03-22)
  Hi,I need this retracting 6m telescopic masts as per my drawing. Please contact me at.
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相关买家: 伸缩桅杆; telescopic masts;
[AE] [1123236] 阿联酋求购研磨机(pepper salt grinder with borosilicate glass bottle) (03-22)
  dear team, We are one of the market leaders in GCC for nuts, spices and dry fruits in GCC. we are looking for grinders 100ml to 500ml in plastic , ceramic or steel etc. Bottles in glass/ pet. kindly s...
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相关买家: 研磨机; pepper salt grinder;
[CO] [1123233] 哥伦比亚求购阴极铜(copper cathodes 99.99%) (03-22)
  Dear Sir, we want to buy cathodes in EXW basis. I have already my two end buyer ICPO in hands and we are interested in a reliable and direct seller supplier (not chain of brokers) that can sell accord...
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相关买家: 阴极铜; copper cathodes;
[JM] [1123218] 牙买加求购不锈钢水瓶(stainless steel outdoor water bottle) (03-16)
  Hi looking for stainless steel outdoor water bottleAround 7000 pcs in white with brandingplse contact me at
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相关买家: 不锈钢水瓶; water bottle;
[LK] [1123177] 斯里兰卡求购废铁(iron) (03-20)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Iron /rebar scrap for sale, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. I'm looking for scrap rebar only. Please let me know; How much for 1 ...
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相关买家: 废铁; iron;
[LK] [1123031] [有图]斯里兰卡求购咖啡和茶工具(Stainless Steel Coffee Capsule) (03-19)
  hi Do you send directly to amazon FBA in the proper amazon recomended packing? Product name:Durable Refillable Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Capsule Logo:Customize Logo Acceptable Usage:Brewing C...
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相关买家: 茶具; Coffee Capsule;
[IN] [1123021] 印度求购磁铁(magnet) (03-19)
  we have a requirement of magnet for motor,quantity is 10000pcs
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相关买家: 磁铁; magnet;
[QA] [1123016] 卡塔尔求购油桶(Oil Barrels) (03-19)
  Dear Sir, We have a requirement of 210l Barrels for Oil. Kindly contact us for further details & discussion. Thank you.
相关买家: 油桶; Oil Barrels;
[OM] [1122969] 阿曼求购独轮手推车(Wheel Barrow) (03-19)
  Wheelbarrow, material: Steel, capacity: 150kg Double layer heavy gauge steel Extra layer of support to lift heavy materials Solid heavy duty wheel 150 kg -200 kg capacity The materials thickness ...
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相关买家: 独轮手推车; Wheel Barrow;
[NO] [1122965] 挪威求购铝型材(Aluminum profiles for solar energy producer) (03-19)
  I am enclosing a foto of profiles. There are fotos of 2 of each sizeone amall and one smaler. We have one bigger size also total of 3 profiles. All prifiles are exactly almost the same like. Now i...
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相关买家: 铝型材; Aluminum profiles;
[RU] [1122963] 俄罗斯求购线控平针(WIRE HAND DRIVEN FLAT KNITTING NEEDLES) (03-19)
  Hello, I am looking for WIRE HAND DRIVEN FLAT KNITTING NEEDLES,VO 91.66 G 0014,150 000 .
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[RU] [1122960] [有图]俄罗斯求购带有塑料手柄和抹泥刀的刮板(Scrappers with plastic handle and Trowels) (03-19)
  Dear Sirs, My name is Maksim. I work in SATURN company - big DIY retailer in Russia. Please, find introduction letter of SATURN in ***ment. I can send more detailed presentation of SATURN (8,8Mb) by ...
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相关买家: 刮板; Trowels;
[CL] [1122959] 智利求购母猪分娩的板条箱(sow farrowing crates) (03-19)
  Good morning. My name is Sebastin Martnez from Chile. I need to quote 800 unid of the cage pig. I m working in Maxagro the second company in the pig production in Chile. Thank.
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相关买家: 板条箱; sow farrowing crates;
[CH] [1122957] [有图]瑞士求购塑料方块(plastic cubes) (03-19)
  Dear Sirs We are looking for plastic cubes with printing of emergency signs. The cubes have different sizes. We have made a fact sheet in PDF. Please find *** If you have any further questions, plea...
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相关买家: 塑料方块; plastic cubes;
[TR] [1122945] 土耳其求购铝板(aluminum sheet plate 5754 o h111) (03-19)
  Hi, I would like to know the price for Aluminium sheet price list aluminum sheet plate 5754 o h111. I am interested in buying 150 Metric Ton/Metric Tons. Hello, I am looking for a aluminium plate s...
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相关买家: 铝板; aluminum sheet plate;
[BR] [1122942] 巴西求购博世力士乐(REXROTH) (03-19)
  Good Evening Ms. How are you doing. Can you offer these item below: 01 - Rexroth PPC-R22.1 controlador 1N-N-NN-P1-N 01 - Rexroth HNF01.1A-F240-E0051-A-480-NNNN - IndraDrive Servo Drive. 01 - R91...
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相关买家: 博世力士乐; REXROTH;
[IN] [1122940] 印度求购锂电池(Li-ion Battery Cells) (03-19)
  We are looking for good quality Li-ion Battery Cells (LFP,NMC,NCA) with high no. of cycles, Battery pack architecture assembly design and Battery management system (BMS) to be used in 2 and 3 wheeler ...
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相关买家: 锂电池; Li-ion Battery Cells;
[IN] [1122939] 印度求购AP-15铝制线性隔膜气泵(AP-15 Aluminium linear diaphragm air pump) (03-19)
  Hi we would like to test this product AP-15 Aluminium linear diaphragm air pump for medical for an equipment we are making, can we buy 10 pieces for that possible?Please Email me on .
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相关买家: 隔膜气泵; air pump;
[TR] [1122909] 土耳其求购垫圈(Shim Washers , Spring Pin , Snap Ring) (03-18)
  Hello Dear Please contact with me by ****the following address. I will share my inquiry about shim washers,Snap Rings and Spring Pins
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相关买家: 垫圈; Shim Washers; Spring Pin; Snap Ring;
[NL] [1122906] 荷兰求购烧烤炉(Outdoor Beefmaster BBQ Grill) (03-18)
  Party Outdoor Beefmaster BBQ Grillgood afternoon can you make me a quotation for this gril.we are a big compagny who deliver to major retailers .please send me quatation with cmb packing number of it...
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相关买家: 烧烤炉; BBQ Grill;
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