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Printing and publishing [1000条. 页码 50/50]    

[LV] [731902] 拉脱维亚求购纸夹(Paper Folder) (05-22)
  We are interested to buy paper folders, A5, A6 format 20-30 mm thick with custom printed cover.
Remaining views: 19
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[IL] [730994] 以色列求购数字印刷材料(Digital Printed Poster Material) (05-13)
  Digital Printed Poster Material SEEKING TO PRINT OUR OWN DESIGN POSTERS ON 100% polyester satin white color #8 material ONE SIDED 200GRM OR 250 GRM EACH PC *** TO BLACK LIST AT TOP AND BOTT...
Remaining views: 20
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[US] [730984] 美国求购横幅(Banner) (05-13)
  Banner Stands To Hang 7ft Tall And Upto 4 Ft Banners BANNER STANDS TO HANG 7FT TALL AND UPTO 4 FT WIDE BANNER INITIAL QTY 25
Remaining views: 20
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[SI] [730431] 斯洛文尼亚求购印刷机(Printing And Cutting Machine) (05-08)
  Digital Printing And Cutting Machine-160cm Dear Company from Slovenia would like to import digital printing and cutting machine. Wide till 160cm. Regards Mitja Ostrbenk Manager
Remaining views: 20
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[TR] [730253] 土耳其求购OPP膜(OPP Film) (05-06)
  OPP Film OPP row material 28 micron antistatic dust proof printable CIF Istanbul
Remaining views: 20
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[TR] [729817] 土耳其求购印刷机(Printing Machine) (04-30)
  We Want To Buy Label Printing Machine we are machinery dealer-we want to buy label printing machines from china
Remaining views: 19
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[UK] [729565] 英国求购热转印耗材(Sublimation Products) (04-27)
  Sublimation Products My Company is expanding from retail through on-line sales. We are mainly concentrating on Sublimation Heat Press machines and Sublimation consumables, eg; Inks, Mugs, Paper, T ...
Remaining views: 20
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[BE] [729085] 比利时求购徽章(Printed Badge Buttons) (04-24)
  Printed Badge Buttons We'd like to receive information regarding the printed badge buttons (quantity, prices, delivery) for a european company based in Belgium. Regards Eric NANA
Remaining views: 16
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[HK] [728861] 香港求购日历(Calendar) (04-23)
  Calendar Looking for wall calendar in English printing for 2009 Gloss finishing 30 cm x28 cm 16 months
Remaining views: 18
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[CA] [728354] 加拿大求购标签(Label Raw Material) (04-21)
  Pressure Sensitive Label Raw Material (Liner, Adhesive, BOPP Polypropylene) Hi I am looking for suppliers to supply raw material to make pressure sensitve labels. email: Thanks ...
Remaining views: 20
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[US] [727867] 美国求购荧光棒(Peel & Stick Light) (04-17)
  Peel & Stick Light Tack Substrate Products Wall decal substrate printing
Remaining views: 20
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[US] [727859] 美国求购印刷书(Book Printing Service) (04-17)
  Book Printing Service Children's book printing
Remaining views: 16
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[MY] [727076] 马来西亚求购广告展示(Modern Advertising Display) (04-13)
  Modern Advertising Display Am planning to create advertising displays in a few storeys for an upend building therefore I would need to find attractive display material to encourage advertisers to pla...
Remaining views: 18
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[BR] [726417] 巴西求购丝网印刷机器(Automatic Round Screen Printing Machine) (04-10)
  Please send us technical information and prices of the screen printing machine. We have intention to distribute this products in Brazil and/or South America countries. Regards
Remaining views: 19
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[SY] [725699] 叙利亚求购印刷机器(Six Color Flexographic Printing Machine) (04-08)
  Dear Messrs; we are seeking for six color flexographic printing machine suitable for printing such packing materials as polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bag, glass paper, etc with minimum width of...
Remaining views: 20
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[IN] [725396] 印度求购印刷版(Printing Plate) (04-05)
  Product And Price Information Printing Plate We take the pleasure in introducing ourselves as a leading importer and dealer in the graphics arts business in India for over 35 years. We enjoy the pat...
Remaining views: 20
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[US] [725376] 美国求购书(books) (04-05)
  I Am An Author Of A Book And I Am Looking For Someone To Make Copies Of This Book. am an author of a book with 400 pages. Actually it is a journal with a soft cover 6X9 glossy. I am also inte...
Remaining views: 17
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[IL] [725206] 以色列求购印刷材料(printing material) (04-03)
  dear ser please send me the price list of the painting drow includind the printing material and size including min order quantity painting on paper or canvas please if you can send me list inclu...
Remaining views: 19
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[KY] [725023] 鳄鱼岛求购书籍(Children's Books And Puzzle Books) (04-01)
  Children's Books And Puzzle Books I own a dollar store where I make good sales with children's books and puzzle books. I want to make these products the main ones to sell and eventually to open a chi...
Remaining views: 18
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[US] [724889] 美国求购连环漫画册(Comic Book) (03-30)
  Need Comic Book Dropshipper I cater to comic collectors and run a large ebay biz. Looking to expand and need dropship in high volume
Remaining views: 19
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