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[FR] [1132347] 法国求购手机(BV6800 pro mobile) (06-08)
  Hi do you have a product called the Black view BV6800 pro mobile and can I purchase 10 units, also what is the best of this type of product that you do?please email me your product details and price t...
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[BE] [1132166] 比利时求购基于 STM-1/OC-3 转换器的智能 SFP 千兆以太网(Smart SFP Gigabit Ethernet over STM-1/OC-3 Converter) (06-07)
  Hello, i'm looking for 50pcs of Smart SFP Gigabit Ethernet over STM-1/OC-3 Converter to connect Gigabit Ethernet LANs over wireline or wireless STM-1 or OC-3 links. Please check data sheet in ***me...
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相关买家: 千兆以太网;
[BD] [1132055] 孟加拉求购金士顿硬盘(SSD Kingston 120GB) (06-04)
  SSD 120GB Kingston
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相关买家: 金士顿硬盘; SSD Kingston;
[CA] [1131878] 加拿大求购手机(Mobile) (06-03)
  We buy mobile homes with REAL CASH OFFERS. We can buy your mobile home in as little as 10 days and in any condition. We buy mobile homes all over Northwestern Ontario.
相关买家: 手机; Mobile;
[CO] [1131699] 哥伦比亚求购Galaxi UD-2512LC(Galaxi UD-2512LC) (06-02)
  Please send me a catalogue & prices of Galaxi UD-2512LC. FOB your port. Myname is Marta Manco from Colombia. I am interested in your machine. Please contact me by wechat or by email, preferencial b...
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[SA] [1131629] 沙特阿拉伯求购手机(Mobile Phones) (06-01)
  We want to buy Iqoo 7 Mobile Phones. Pease help us in this order.
相关买家: 手机; Mobile Phones;
[IN] [1131515] 印度求购路由器(4G LTE Router.) (05-31)
  Dear Supplier, We wish to purchase Disposable 3 ply earloop face mask hospitals. Please send us a detailed quotation including prices, delivery times, mode of payment etc. Sincerely yours, Neen...
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相关买家: 路由器; 4G LTE Router;
[KR] [1130966] [有图]韩国求购无线电测向仪(Vr-Cx Radio Detector) (05-24)
  I am James KIM in Korean. We are interesting your VR-CX radio direction finder. So we need to get the technical datasheet and price information as well. Looking forward to hearing from you. Be...
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相关买家: 无线电测向仪; Radio Detector;
[PE] [1130537] 秘鲁求购红米手机(cell phone xiaomi redmi note 9) (05-20)
  Dear Misters. My name is David Alvarez Segovia from the country of PERU, Lima city I kindly appreciate the following:  Send catalog of cellular products  I want a cell phone as a...
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相关买家: 红米手机; cell phone; xiaomi redmi;
[BH] [1129355] 巴林求购手机(IPhone) (05-10)
  Good working with charger.
相关买家: 手机; IPhone;
[BH] [1129354] 巴林求购sim卡(sim cards) (05-10)
  i need blank cdma sim cards of about 500 nos to be programmed as per my requirement.
相关买家: sim卡; sim cards;
[IT] [1129212] 意大利求购通讯天线(dish antennas dual pol) (05-08)
  We need 60, 90, 120 cm, 2.3-2.7 GHz dish antennas dual pol, with radomeDo you have them? Regards
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相关买家: 通讯天线; dish antennas;
[IN] [1128902] 印度求购诺基亚手机(Nokia E7) (05-06)
  I want to purchase Nokia E7 I want to purchase Nokia E7 please connect me through my what's app no
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相关买家: 诺基亚手机; Nokia E7;
[NP] [1128552] 尼泊尔求购具有内置WiFi的4G LTE(4G LTE indoor CPE with inbuild WiFi for tender) (04-29)
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are Nepal based company looking for Procurement of 4G LTE indoor CPE with inbuild WiFi for tender. Waiting for your further response. With Regards Yeendu Tamang
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相关买家: 4G LTE;
[BR] [1128498] 巴西求购智能手机维修配件(smartphone repair parts) (04-28)
  Hello My name is Rafael Vidor and I work for Esfera International Business. We prospect companies from all over the world. Our goal is to connect companies, sellers and buyers. For the moment I am lo...
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相关买家: 智能手机; smartphone repair parts;
[AE] [1128347] [有图]阿联酋求购路由器(Bolt mifi) (04-27)
  I want The two items in the *** picture. Am wholesaler! need goods regularly. Contact only good suppliers with best prices. Looking for longtime reliable suppliers. and don't like ...
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相关买家: 路由器; Bolt mifi;
[LK] [1128056] 斯里兰卡求购金士顿内存卡(Kingston SSD Card) (04-25)
  Kingston SSD card 240GB SATA
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相关买家: 金士顿内存卡; Kingston SSD Card;
[AE] [1127909] 阿联酋求购路由器(LTE router) (04-25)
  Pl; note i am looking for the LTE router (FLTE) with carrier aggregation, cat6, QCI 128, :1000 nos.
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相关买家: 路由器; LTE router;
[AT] [1127884] [有图]奥地利求购双波段天线(dual Band Antenna) (04-25)
  Dear Susan! TRIOTRONIK is the leading Austrian importer and Distributor for Networking products. YOu cna check . We are searching for a dual Band Antenna for 2,4 and 5G with 1 Meter Cable and RSMA Con...
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相关买家: 双波段天线; dual Band Antenna;
[VN] [1127229] 越南求购金属头饰和苹果手表扣和磁铁(Metal Headwear and Apple watch buckle and magnet) (04-19)
  I would like to introduced myself is Mr Lo Who is Current Ceo of Oriental Legend from Vietnam. We are partner of big brand of Apple distribution from US, they propose us to be their partner of Laptop ...
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相关买家: 金属头饰; 手表扣; 磁铁; Metal Headwear; Apple watch buckle; magnet;
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