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[IT] [F1200392] 意大利求购木屑颗粒(Pine Wood Pellets 15kg Bags, (Din plus / EN plus Wood Pellets A1) (06-06)
  Material:Mixed Wood Wood pellets:Pine Wood Pellet Ukraine Name:ENplus A1 Pine Wood Pellet Wood Type:100 % Pine Wood Application:Heating System Shape:Stick Density:1100-1300KG/M3 Min Diameter:6m...
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[IT] [F1191032] 意大利求购木屑颗粒(wood pellets) (02-10)
  We request more information about the purchase of 10 tons of wood pellets 6 mm EN pus A1. Price, delivery in Italy (if possible), other details. Thank you
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[FR] [F1186091] 法国求购木屑颗粒生产线(Wood pellet production line) (12-05)
  We are looking for a pellet production line. Capacity 1.3 to 1.8 Ton/hourIt should contain:- pellet machine with feeding/conditioning- feeding silo- pellet coolerThe input material is woodsaw of 10% h...
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[SK] [F1185578] 斯洛伐克求购木屑颗粒(Top Quality Din Wood Pellets) (11-30)
  Dears,my name is Martin Ukrop and I am representing one small company in Slovakia, central Europe. I would like to ask you about wooden pellets.Could you please send me some list of products, pricelis...
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[TR] [F1183422] 土耳其求购木屑颗粒(Wood Pellets) (11-08)
  Hilooking for 50,000 tons of pine pellets per monthsize 6-8 cmKcal 4500 and aboveA1 and Enplus Certificate for EuropeDestination CIF Germany - Bremen or CIF Italy - Genoa portin 15 kg packages with co...
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[IN] [F1182350] 印度求购木屑颗粒(wood pellets) (10-28)
  Dear Max, Kindly quote for wood pellets , qty 10,000 MT per month required CIF Catania Port, Italy. Kindly also send the test report, specifications and product pictures.Regards
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[IT] [F1182154] 意大利求购木屑颗粒(Wood Pellet) (10-26)
  Dear Sirs, we would need up to 5000 ton/month of EN A1 pellet for 1 year (12 months). They should be shipped to the port of Catania (Italy). Please specify up to what quantity you could provide us. Wo...
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[IT] [F1182153] 意大利求购木屑颗粒(wood pellets) (10-26)
  Hi my name is My Company is: . has been in business for over 25 years, we need to buy at first 25 Tons of product, but we glad try it whit 2 - 5 Tons first. we dont have a target Price we are in sear...
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[BE] [F1181516] 比利时求购木屑颗粒(wood pellets) (10-20)
  Hello, Can you me an offer for pellets in bags of 15kg. Delivery 1700 Dilbeek Belgium.
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[IT] [F1181438] 意大利求购木屑颗粒(Wood Pellets) (10-20)
  Hello,My name is and I am the sales manager at . We’re looking for long-term cooperation with your company.We are inquiring about your product ( Wood Pellets) and would like quotation for the followin...
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[IT] [F1181137] 意大利求购木屑颗粒(Wooden Pellet) (10-17)
  Hello,my name is and I'm logistic manager in Leggi srl, an italian industrial company.I would like to have a quotation for 100.000 kgs of that pellet and a sample of 60 kgs below the order,I kindly w...
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[TR] [F1180973] 土耳其求购木屑颗粒(pellet wood) (10-14)
  We need wood pellet 1000 tons which has a1 certificate to Turkey. Please provide me price include shipping. waiting offers. you can also write me on wp
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[FR] [F1179550] 法国求购木屑颗粒(Hard Wood and Pine Wood Pellets) (09-28)
  Bonjour, je vous contacte aujourd'hui car nous sommes ala recherche d'un fournisseur de Pellets. Notre CDE serait de 500T pour commencer, nous payions en L/C. Merci de votre rponse Cordialement
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[IT] [F1179538] 意大利求购木屑颗粒(Fir Pine Beech wood pellets) (09-28)
  Good morning I am from Raven Solutions, and I am looking for a good quality Enplus A1 pellet to resell in Italy.I need to check quality before start to order, so in this phase I am principally interes...
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[IT] [F1179537] 意大利求购木屑颗粒(Top Grade Wood pellets) (09-28)
  Hello i need to buy 1 tons of Pellet Total, you have whatsapp? Please can you discuss about price and quantity by whatsapp? My number is. I hope to have your news as soon.Regards
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[IT] [F1178757] 意大利求购木屑颗粒(Wood pellets) (09-22)
  Good day! We are wholesalers in South Tyrol and are looking for a partner for the following products: - Wood briquettes, preferably light-colored wood, weighing 10/12 kg (Nestro or PiniKay Biketts) ...
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[CL] [F1178224] 智利求购木屑颗粒(Wood Pellets) (09-19)
  We are searching for a strong & reliable supplier to supply the entire Chilean market good quality Wood Pellet for Home Heating (household biomass stoves and boilers) for wood pellets ENPlus B or simi...
[PT] [F1178223] 葡萄牙求购木屑颗粒(Wood Pellets) (09-19)
  Hello, I am a pellet dealer in Portugal, and we are looking for a supplier, I would like to know the cost of transport here and the price per pallet (I suppose 1 pallet is 1 ton).I was thinking of or...
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[CL] [F1176757] 智利求购木屑颗粒(Wood Pellets) (09-05)
  What is the best price you can offer for 1 Ton ?. Im a distributor from Chile and we want start the pellet commercialization. if we move forward, how can we get a sample ?? Kinds regards. If you wa...
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[FI] [F1176658] 芬兰求购木屑颗粒(Pure Pine Wood Pellets) (09-03)
  HelloI am interested to buy 50 tons / week. Can you get back to me with price and all the other details

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