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[AE] [F1184397] 阿联酋求购牙膏(Toothpaste tablets) (11-17)
  Looking for a toothpaste tablets similar ingredients to the following competitor 1. Fluoride mint toothpaste tablets 2. Non fluoride mint toothpaste tablets Total weight of needed tablets is 5 kg ...
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[PE] [F1174421] 秘鲁求购牙膏(KID TOOTH PASTE) (08-11)
  Dear RobertWe are , peruvian company of Dental products We are interested in a KID TOOTH PASTE and TOOTH PASTE PUMP with our brandI wait your prompt responseThanks
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[CL] [F1150605] 智利求购牙膏(organic toothpaste) (12-22)
  Hi all, im looking for sustainable toothpaste supplier because we are a sustainable brand. If you can make it, please send me your catalog to . Please ave your time if you can't make sustainable tooth...
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[US] [F1110016] 美国求购牙膏和牙刷(Toothpaste & Teeth Brush) (12-04)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for exclusive health care brand such as Toothpaste, Teeth Brush, Supplement products. Please contact us if you want to build long term business with us. Best Regards...
[PH] [F1101863] 菲律宾求购牙膏(Toothpaste) (09-24)
  Looking for AP24 Whitening Toothpaste.
[ZA] [F1092172] 南非求购牙膏(Toothpaste) (07-10)
  Hello, we are looking for toothpaste. Please send us your quotation for 50 and 75 ml toothpaste in tubes. Quantity: 10.000, 30.000, 50.000 and 100.000 tubes in each size Prices: FOB Myis-61131977...
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[PE] [F991540] 秘鲁求购牙膏(toothpaste) (04-23)
  enviar 1.- Composición del Producto 2.- Precio FOB 3.- Certificate de Libre Venta 4.- MSDS 5.- Analisis de Composición 6.-blanco y azul pedido :capacidad de 40 ML y 80 ML .7.-
[TW] [F983650] 中国台湾求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  We want to purchase toothpaste of different flavors and groups of people. We welcome you to provide us in this regard for further development.
[PK] [F983648] 巴基斯坦求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  We are going to introduce your Toothpaste & Brushes in Far Eastern countries. We need to know what incentive you would offer to enable us to make this venture a success. Awaiting a favorable reply.
[CM] [F983646] 喀麦隆求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  We are in need of buying quality Toothbrush & Toothpaste in large order for some projects. You should contact us for more detailed discussion through email.
[US] [F983643] 美国求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  Hello: I have been using your product for almost a year and I have to tell you it has cured my bleeding gum, receding gums and made my teeth stronger. I purchase your product from a store that is an ...
[AE] [F983642] 阿联酋求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  Buy Original Sensodyne Toothpaste, for Sensitive Teeth, Whitening, Iso-Active
[UK] [F983640] 英国求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  Dear sir, We have been contacted by one of our international client to research for a genuine supplier of your product and they are ready to purchase large quantities. Kindly get intouch with ...
[UZ] [F983634] 乌兹别克斯坦求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  Hello, We are Trading company in Uzbekistan looking for a manufacturers of 2080 toothpastes to distribution in Uzbekistan. We call cooperation with those who will give us good prices and partn...
[DE] [F983633] 德国求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  Theramed Toothpaste, in dispenser or tube all four classic versions: Original, Complete, Fresh and White Quantity: 8.000 - 24.000 pcs. monthly. Thank you! Ramon
[HK] [F983632] 中国香港求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  we are seeking Marvis Toothpase FOB/ CNF HK in bulk order, please contact us email best regards, Marco
[US] [F983630] 美国求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  I would like to purchase one order of nanocare nanosilver whitening toothpaste, and one order of nano silver antibacterial toothpaste. I don't want to purchase the children's toothpaste I accidentally...
[BG] [F983629] 保加利亚求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  e are looking into buying Sensodyne toothpaste in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are looking for long-term business relations.
[NG] [F983626] 尼日利亚求购牙膏(toothpaste) (01-16)
  Do you have colloduial silver toothpaste? Looking forward to hearing from you.. Have a nice day ~!!

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